Friday, January 08, 2016

Leadership is that tricky balancing act that is between the accomplishment of a task or the failure of the task. If you wonder why that thought occurs to me, just look at our condition in this country and our "leadership". Worst fail since Bush 2 violated our civil rights in the name of "security". Remember Tricky Dickie? His only crime was attempted (it failed, remember?) cover-up and he got pushed out of office. How many laws have been violated since Bush 1 and NONE of the people who have violated federal law have been prosecuted. I am no lawyer, but the word "the" has only one valid definition. No I am not going to define it for you. Look it up. If you can't spell it, print this and ask a librarian to help you. I figured that out in the 4th grade, and yes, I know I am slow compared to my classmates. More than half of the candidates for the next election should be in jail as what they perpetrated on America was criminal and dangerous whereas Martha Stewart (who I would not vote for) was guilty of a white collar crime (ergo, she made money from acquired information that was attained questionably). I wonder how John D. Rockefeller would fare in a similar situation? Would I vote for Hillary?   Maybe, if she were running against David Duke. That would be a 50-50 chance, depending on which way the quarter lands. If it lands on edge, I turn around and leave. I do believe we are facing a national "Kobayashi Maru". How sad is it? Only one of the democrats running would I give thought to select. Of the republicans, only the sad, bad, and if I gotta is what I have to consider. I'll tell you this though, if it comes down to a politician or an unscrupulous businessman, well the last three were politicians, lets try a different kind of crooked-soul heathen. As it is, the country is already ruined and we are on the brink of anarchy. 2043 may not be the truest math now, but the calculations cannot be adjusted till December of next year.

I don't know about ya'll, but I am praying for a miracle. If God says "No" then I will try to follow where He wants me to go, even if it hurts.

Sunday, December 20, 2015

For those whom might be interested, my site is in a bit of a pickle at the moment. It seems sitebuilder is not functional with W10.  That being what it is, I cannot update it till I get an older computer with 7 on it in order to update. Such is life. I have a couple of possibilities lined up, but first to build a ghost trap (imaginary computer just for hackeratzi. ) The things you can do now with computers.

Any Who (even Cindy Lou) best of the day to ye and watch out for falling meteorites.

Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Is Arizona still there??

Grandpa on the left
Being as Grandpa lived 89 years and Daddy lived 89 years am i seeing a trend? Maybe so, maybe no. 

Being diabetic I kinda lean towards no, but whatever God says is fine with me. Sometimes my mind pursues the rabbit and I have really strange questions. Does yellow taste like bananas or lemons? Does Jesse Jackson really think I could ever have any respect f0r him? Can the Saints win another game?  These  are things I sometimes wonder about in the early evening. String theory? Your math is off a bit. Quantum interconnection? You don't have the math for it yet. In all my time on the planet I still think we should turn left at Albuquerque.


Saturday, November 14, 2015

 Just sittin and listenin to The Greaser Show on KLIL.For the uninitiated it is Saturday morning and Louis is on a roll. Of course it is easy when you have lived through it all. I hadn't heard about Alan Toussant till Lou said something this morning and I agree with him that this is a loss of some magnitude to the music scene in New Orleans. He was a supporter of many of the regional and national stars. His sound and friendship is going to leave an empty chair in all the music joints down there and in many other places. I wonder if his mother in law is going to greet him with open arms this time. (or if she really was from down below )

Did you see the pictures of my newest granddaughter @ 1 year of age. Cuteness runs wild in the fam. What can I say?

And to France I say to continue to resist. It is not futile. Remember the hijacking of a few years ago? Yes, people will die. It is war. Were it our ancestors there would be a world wide war against this falseness of religion. I hear it all the time about islam being a religion of peace and it is, but the peace is the peace of the grave  if you disagree. I view myself now as a member of the ever shrinking group that is the minority no one will acknowledge. I am a white Christian american  man that cares about the widows and orphans (also know as religion that is pure in the eyes of God). I also care about the fall of this country which will be the signal that anarchy has come in force and may be the final step to a one government world. Should it arise, well, I am ready both earthly and spiritually and will defend my home till I get to my Home.

May God bless you and yours.
Keep your powder dry.
Seek God.
Love each other
Jesus is coming soon.