Monday, November 04, 2019

AAAAaaaannndd Another Thing

Another thing I have noticed lately is the difference in font selections for blogspot is somewhat strange and limiting. Why I know not. Maybe it is just me. Probably is just me. I need one between normal and large. After all, I do not think I am "normal" in the current sense of the word. And I am not "larger than life" by any means. I got out of the killing business last millennium before the new one started. I have more or less gotten out of the computer business as well because of the variables in advancement and the absurd lack of real security for the masses. I simply am a retrograde user who totally distrust any organization that wears a label, except of course the LBRA. I cannot say I fully trust it but I trust it more than other groups out there. People, is a different story. Hil C. I trust to do what will serve her best. I am not sure why Billy Bob stays married to her unless it is fear of the consequences of crossing her. One good thing is what goes 'round, comes 'round. I hope the military remembers that they are sworn to defend the constitution, not the political trash.

On birds now:

My scissor-tails have gone south or into hiding. Haven't seen them for a week now and I suspect the two cold fronts have a lot to do with it. Have seen a raptor return though. I suspect it is a kestrel but no positive id yet. Might be the peregrine but it is smaller than the one from last year. More as soon as I get a better look and hopefully a pic. 

On Snakes in the grass:

The real deals, none. Too Cool.
The trash: It is election time and too many to list.

On pies and cakes:

One thing I can always depend on is my wife (naturally) and especially when it involves cooking anything with coconut. I once made her a coconut blender pie when we were stationed in Maine. It came out good. I was amazed. I can't eat coconut without choking, but I could make a pie. 37 years later I try again. As no knifes, plates, or other objects came flying my way and she is moaning quietly I guess I did ok again. Who'd a thought it. I guess lemon or chocolate cake is next. Prepping for the 4th....


Please note: The following is random thoughts and observations of my own, based on my experiences in life, readings of historical documentation, and general scuttlebut picked up from different areas of the world. I present them as such and not documented fact, although much of it is documented in the older history books. History teaches us that expansion of one group means displacement or absorption of another group. Nature verifies this as well. Just ask Alabama about kudzu.

This is my country. One group of my people ran others out of the country way back when and were run out in turn by others. Been going on for the past 3 or 4 millennia. 

European and Nordic ancestors have been in and out of the country for better than a millineum, many of which settled here over the past 4 centuries, no, make that the past 5 centuries now. 

Just so you know, some were slave "owners" some weren't. I'd say no to that kind of foolishness but no one asked. Hasn't been an issue in my lifetime. I'm against the idea in general when we are talking about people.  

If you don't know, slavery still exist in this country and many other places in the world. Many false religions fully support and enforce slavery. Race is now only a flavor in current slave markets. Fact of the matter is that this has most always been so from ancient times. Black, white, yellow, even red have all been slaves and were the owners of slaves. The "American" that we now call native often kept slaves, although sometimes the difference could be hard to tell. North, Central and South American tribes, nations, confederations, empires and other groupings took slaves as the natural course of things as conquest and defeats were made. Same thing in the european area as well, for many centuries. The African continent has been in the same such turmoil as far back as history is written. Asia and India have had and still have their own slave markets though as with many other countries not always as an open market as it used to be. 

Slaves now are seldom bought for the agricultural purposes that they once were, as machines have replaced them and enabled the agricultural expansion to the point that we now have the capability to feed the world from a relatively small area of farmland. Now is the time of the sex slavers and similar service oriented tasking. New Orleans, Mobile, and other southern cities are no longer the centers of this illegal and immoral trade. Look rather to Los Angeles or New York for the slave blocks and not just in the chinatown areas. Slave labor hasn't died out nor shall it till judgement falls on all. 

Many people are now slaves of the government ruling over them, although the governments won't call it that, but what is the difference? Name only.   And it is not just communist countries but all countries, especially those who have a socialistic leaning. If the government is feeding you and the government is giving you "free" income, then you become dependent on the government for living unless you manage the money more wisely than my current observations indicate. You have chosen to become a servant of politics and you will be looking at starvation or criminal activity just to eat if you displease the government. 

The setup is complete now. The world will soon be disrupted by the coming anarchy that will pull today's "civilization" back to pre-dark age terror and isolationism. Look carefully at the past century. Check out this short list

National Socialist Party (Germany, 1930's)
United Soviet Socialist Republic (aka  Russia)

Both rose to power on fear and force. Do you think things will be different for us if we follow those same footsteps? How do you not see the repetitions of history? I figure to die about 2042 at 89 like my father and his father before him. 2043 will be left to you to decide, anarchy or common sense. Have fun yall.

Thursday, October 17, 2019


This in not a reference to steroids.

This is a reference to real juicing, as from fruit of the vine, specifically from muscadine grape vines. Now you know we are talking jelly (or syrup) juicing. Instead of the old way that I learned growing up which was more labor intensive I invested in a steam juicer and I have to say I like it a bunch. Different type of labor but a serious reduction of mess that needs cleaning. I'm talking about saved labor over the course of years more than pays for the couple of hundred buck you might have to lay out. In my research I found that the best price-range was between 2 and 3 hundred. Those under 2 seem to be lacking in durable construction and other quality points, and over 3 you are paying for a name or something and paying too much, unless you are semi-commercial and need volume. Also if you are a "gourmet" you have a show to put on, so I get it. If you are like me, a home user, the names aren't a guiding factor, composition of the pots is the greater concern. Given current Alzheimer research it makes sense to go with stainless steel as I have seen no recent research that indicates troubles from the material. I would consider cast iron but haven't seen it available anywhere especially at a price I'd consider. And cast iron maintenance would involve more labor than the stainless steel variety, so I think probably not unless it was (really) made in the USA and under $300, then maybe it would be given consideration. If you are wondering about what you can juice this way, I have juiced the following:

Blueberries (I think) - BIG CAUTION ON STAINS

In my future plans I am also looking at peaches, apples, and most other fruits when I can get enough of them to fill the basket. Does anyone know of a test you can get to check for arsenic or other poisons that some fruit might have in their seeds? (Old Emergency episode with peach pits: lesson learned, don't eat them.) Found some groups on faceplantbookie that discuss interesting things within the group, one of the few intelligent uses of the format.

AND COUSINS, the fourth is not that far away, so start your planning now!!! Plane tickets would make a great Christmas/Hanukkah, New Years, President's Day, MLK Day, Easter, Graduation, BIRTHDAY present, no? 


Friday, September 06, 2019

It's HOT in the shade.

Looking like triple digit temps this weekend so be ready fellow rats. Lotsa water, not beer. Reduce caffiene intake and upgrade hydrogen hydroxide intake. Minimize carbon dioxide intake as well. Don't eliminate dem eggs though, fried or scrambled is fine.