Sunday, May 28, 2006

Kan U Buleeve it

Well, New Orleans did it. They reelected a guy whose only talent aside from foot chewing is apparently fingerpointing. I have to wonder about the constitutionality of the election because there was no common sense applied. I wonder if he will let white chocolate in the city, or will it be hershey's dark chocolate only? People around here can only shake their heads. Of course, my home town is the only one in the state that recalled a mayor. (Shouldn't have been elected to start with, but choices were even more limited than N.O.'s.)Maybe next time around Fast Eddie and the former nazi will run. That would surely amuse me at least.

Hurricane season is near. Did you pack you emergency kit yet??????


Gravy JMM said...

Maybe you'll be blessed and have Janet Reno run for an office where you far as Hurricane kits, do they include "back-up" housing?

GB Hoyt said...

Back up housing in LA is a chevy fullsize with a camper and 4 wheel drive...