Friday, September 29, 2006

It got cold

Freezing, as far as I am concerned. (Below 60) At least it gets up into the 70's and 80's still. What to say what to say what to say......

Oh well. The whole secret to world peace. There are only two ways for the world to know peace. One is to listen to the Creator. Do it His way. The other is to remove all forms of life (especially humanoid and alien) from the planet. First option is the best. No allah, no bhuda, no jones, none of the pretenders (not the group from the 50's but those who claim greatness without justification). Whether you speak of Mo (or Larry or Curley, or Shep) or any other pretender to the throne, Jesus still sits on it and always will. Remeber that. You can't force any religeon on anyone, not Christianity, islam, ishtar, molech or any type of religeon and have it last. The Creator
gave us freedom to choose to do things the right way or the wrong way. Humanity as a whole consitantly chooses incorrectly with only a remnant paying attention to the Creator's will. Not perfectly, mind you, but with obedience and desire to find the correct path to heaven.

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Clay Bethelbridge said...

I agree with you completely. Very good blog. Keep up the good work.