Sunday, October 08, 2006

Portability, not potability

I like portable. Portable boats, portable applications, portable operating systems, all of them. John (or jon, if you prefer) boats. (No motors or just electric ones) You can go places bassmaster style boat will not be able to see . e-Sword is an awesome portable bible if you can keep a charge on you laptop/pda. ( I believe) When you get down to it, only what you carry in your heart and your head are the best and truly portable things. Clothes wear out, batteries die, even polarcraft aluminum boats will eventually wear out (my take a century or two, but eventually) Make it a point to carry around the "heart of the matter" and carry in your heart what matters most, Jesus (the Christ.) Light load, lots of power, no batteries needed.

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Gravy JMM said...

What's "potability"? I'm with ya on portable stuff even though I still don't have an i-pod.