Saturday, February 09, 2008

Poli-Ticks ain't the only storm

I just recently found out that a cousin of mine (first cousin once removed I think is how it goes, maybe second cousin, whatever) was in the middle of the tornadoes in Tennessee. Sam's fine physically but her dorm room and virtually everything else is gone. Bathtubs and prayers are always handy aren't they cuz.

Now back to the poli storm. As Charlie Brown would say: "Good Grief!" Looks like all the choices have gone liberal. Oh well. the Rushter and Handyman have to give it up now and work on congressional races. I hope they have fun.

Of the choices left, I'm at a blank. Like some not so recent Louisiana Gubernatorial races we are left with voting against instead of for. Depressing for conservative minded people who don't support a free ride or surrendering to foreign pressures.

Are the Ticks listening? I doubt it.

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GB Hoyt said...

slowly going the way of the buffaloe...