Sunday, June 01, 2008

Dogs, Hurricanes & swimming pools

The dog days of summer are here already. Is it global warming?? 91 in the shade might seem to support that, but is it man-made? I look for the heat to generate more and stronger hurricanes as nature returns to the balance. Could man cause it to happen. Some say yes, some say no, some of us know the truth but why share it with people who believe what they want to believe. Truth is lost these days with the advent of self-serving politics with no future-vision capability. Could congress look past the next election? In a word, no. Resoundly NO! Nor is the senate any better. All seek to "serve" the public by taking care of themselves with pointless pay-raises for unworthy recipients. Louisiana is a prime example. I really don't care what they're paying who in Florida. What I want to see is the whole legislature being paid what they are worth. (28 cents a day tops) Why do I view them as nearly worthless? Look at what they are spouting off about . A pay raise because there is a surplus? It is impossible to have a surplus when you have debt to pay. I advocate a freeze on all government hiring and pay-raises until there is no debt to be paid.

I don't guess I'll be welcomed to any parties in BR. Oh well, I'll get through somehow.

Already had our first Trop storm down Belize way. Look for more mudslides. A storm for the gulf coast next? Check the weather channel's tropical report for Caribbean action

Pools ready
4th is soon
whooo hooo!

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