Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Sittin in the mall and wondering why

Got to go to the large font so I can see it. The curse of age, you know. Seeing all the kids out of school here and wishing school could be 24/7 sometimes. But then again, I'm not that mad at anyone and wouldn't want to curse the teachers that badly for anything. At least a few of the kids are with a parent or two. I note that many of the stores are devoid of customers though. Oh well, gotta go get some vitamin c as per dr.'s orders.

Merry Thanksgiving and a Happy CHRISTmas.


GB Hoyt said...

vitamin c? I thought you quit being a scurvy dog in 1993

The Louisiana Bayou Rat said...

Not as long as they pay me.
and I plan to make them pay me for a long long time.