Thursday, July 02, 2009

Start your engines

Just a random thought that occurred to me. That happens with alarming regularity. Have you noticed the not-so-subtle erosion of rights that America is experiencing? I am now a terrorist in the eyes of the alleged government. Why, you ask. Because I have military training. I believe homosexuality as it is called these days, is a sin in the eyes of the Creator, which means no heaven for them if they are not willing to yield to God. The government views me as homophobic and intolerant. Intolerant maybe , but I am not afraid of the homosexual. I just believe that it is both sinful to have "same sex" sex as well as illogical. Because you fail to grasp the difference between a christian and a fundamentalist does not mean that I am wrong. I know I am not wrong. I am a plain old christian. I do not wish to rule the world nor do I wish to tell others what to choose. But I do want everyone to know that all choices have consequences and choices that involve God should take His views into consideration. I am willing to stand up to the consequences of believing God knows what He is doing and I will deal with whatever comes my way from that basic belief. I know it sounds cliche' but I accept and practice the "love the sinner but hate the sin" view. At least I try to, but it is difficult to love someone that blows up children in the name of a false prophet or from a faulty view of God. While killing in general is wrong to me, there are times where the actions of individuals and groups generate a necessity for such actions. Suicide is wrong but it is ok if you jump on a grenade to save your fellow man. God has the capacity to understand each and every motive of our heart and I think the true motive of our heart is something we seldom give much thought. If we did understand our own motives I think we would be terrified of what we sometimes think. Don't you think so??

To all you english teachers out there, my apologies. I have a huge sinus headache and no grammar checker for this program.

Peace ya'll

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