Friday, November 05, 2010

It got below 60

At which point I tend to slow down mentally and physically. You should have seen how that came out of my fingers the first time. Cousin Aaron is heading to St. Jude's soon for his radiation treatment and is I think looking more forward to being done with it than going. I know I would be. I visited a bit this AM and he is looking fine (down girls) and ready to go. So all you prayer warriors out there get busy. It's a series of treatments and schooling is going to continue while there. So pray for endurance, no headaches, and especially for healing. Also keep Woody & Melissa (sorry if I spelled it wrong, but I am cold) in your prayers as well as having a child (even if he is more young man than child) who is ill is not an easy thing to bear. And don't forget Breck and Margie either.

Ya'll get ready, winter is here........

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GB Hoyt said...

Below sixty here too, didn't turn the heater on though, instead all the chickens piled into my bed.
Fortunately, I am used to sleeping in an area the width of a 12 by.
So good morning!