Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Heat Is On!!!!!!!!

No, not summer reruns, although they do seem to be now. I am talking temp here. Heat index exceeding 100 is common and I have to wonder if it was the same back when I was young (as in under 21). I know we had hot days, but no one was tracking heat indecies back then. If it was over 90 you stayed in the shade. Or the creek. Or the bayou.  Now the bayou is sucked dry for the cane and I don't know if you can even get to the creeks anymore. Up around Loyd Bridge you have to wrestle with the gators to get wet and Cocodrie is just as bad. The rivers are falling now as the flood is apparently over judging by the amount of news coverage it is getting. Making getting fish for the 4th a chore this year. But I'll get some from somewhere.


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