Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Well Hey Now

Notice to EU people. I have no clue what they are talking about when it comes to this cookie thing. I cannot do your thinking for you and although I do not care if you read my blog your government might. That simply indicates to me that your government is oppressive and dangerous to free thought and free speech. If you do not see a cookie notice, Then turn your eyes and don't look at this as I am not responsible for your errors. Besides, what europe did to my ancestors drove them out of that part of the world and I personally don't mind visiting there, but do not look for me to stay. Nor do I want your "culture" over here. Just so you don't feel neglected, I don't want any of the other world cultures forcing their cultures here either. We are an established country with our own cultures now. There is more than one here to begin with. I am of the southern culture which has connections to all the others but has its own distinctive characteristics. The world attitude towards this country has degenerated over the decades and all I can say is no, we are not perfect, but we are where the average world citizen would like to be. How about this idea, change where you are to be a better place and grow there. Oooohhh.

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