Monday, November 04, 2019

AAAAaaaannndd Another Thing

Another thing I have noticed lately is the difference in font selections for blogspot is somewhat strange and limiting. Why I know not. Maybe it is just me. Probably is just me. I need one between normal and large. After all, I do not think I am "normal" in the current sense of the word. And I am not "larger than life" by any means. I got out of the killing business last millennium before the new one started. I have more or less gotten out of the computer business as well because of the variables in advancement and the absurd lack of real security for the masses. I simply am a retrograde user who totally distrust any organization that wears a label, except of course the LBRA. I cannot say I fully trust it but I trust it more than other groups out there. People, is a different story. Hil C. I trust to do what will serve her best. I am not sure why Billy Bob stays married to her unless it is fear of the consequences of crossing her. One good thing is what goes 'round, comes 'round. I hope the military remembers that they are sworn to defend the constitution, not the political trash.

On birds now:

My scissor-tails have gone south or into hiding. Haven't seen them for a week now and I suspect the two cold fronts have a lot to do with it. Have seen a raptor return though. I suspect it is a kestrel but no positive id yet. Might be the peregrine but it is smaller than the one from last year. More as soon as I get a better look and hopefully a pic. 

On Snakes in the grass:

The real deals, none. Too Cool.
The trash: It is election time and too many to list.

On pies and cakes:

One thing I can always depend on is my wife (naturally) and especially when it involves cooking anything with coconut. I once made her a coconut blender pie when we were stationed in Maine. It came out good. I was amazed. I can't eat coconut without choking, but I could make a pie. 37 years later I try again. As no knifes, plates, or other objects came flying my way and she is moaning quietly I guess I did ok again. Who'd a thought it. I guess lemon or chocolate cake is next. Prepping for the 4th....

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