Tuesday, May 05, 2020

And the race is on and here comes pride up the back stretch

Pride indeed.
Goes before a fall.
Makes others question your priorities
Hidie Hole for your failings.
The MOST used mask in the country.
Guaranteed to give you a headache.

Am I prideful? I guess I am about some things, not so much others. And some things I seldom think about. Appearance; If I am dressed in clean clothes and exposing nothing that would get me arrested, I'm good. I can dress up some but it isn't all that critical to me. I have been comfortable talking to the rich and powerful and if they look down on me or view me as something less, it is their loss, not mine. Now I'm not gonna lie, clothes can make the man and I have known some people who would rather be caught dead than be caught in shabby or dirty clothes. Some of them from vanity and some of them from upbringing. And everyone should accept that their appearance is the choice they make to be presented to the world and if shabby chic is your choice, you have no right to expect acceptance from any other style of dress as you meet people. Grunge and goth do not fit in the crowd of jeans and t shirt nor the Armani crowd. Tuxedos, forget it. The only reason I would wear one would be for a special occasion for someone whom I feel is very important to me. Otherwise the best you can expect is a JC Penny suit. And that is becoming more and more a rare situation. But enough of me.

We haven't had a truly "in touch with nature " president since Teddy. Nor are we likely to have one anytime soon and that is a shame. Right now our "global warming" and our 'no it ain't" sides are positioning themselves around money and I do not detect any REAL concern for the planet. Just prideful cocks strutting around the hen house. Your current "progressive" energy ideas, windmills and solar farms both use lubricants from "big oil" and both slaughter birds daily. Wind turbine blades whack them out of the air and concentrating solar radiation burns them to death. How is this conscionable? We have become a nation of witless wonders. Science as a whole fails to ask the correct questions over and over. It is not can we do this, the real question is SHOULD we do this. This also applies to economics, engineering, and governing. With every decision it should be a given to determine what the cost is and how shall it be paid. If it is a bad proposition, stop it now. Our current state and national "leadership" is no better or worse than the last, just different.   

Well, after two or three power outages and a failed save I guess I'll redo the "I ran out of thoughts on this and am still blank" ending I tried to post.

Prepare now because there is only 23 more shopping years till anarchy erupts full force. The odds are 6 to 5 on it beating Yellowstone.

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