Saturday, December 06, 2008

It's December folks and tomorrow is the "Day of Infamy"

Fortunately for my family, no one was there. But for other families the day lives on. As I look at our nation's history, the cause for that day has returned. The de-emphasis of military service, the lowered standards throughout our country, The return of socialism in the mindset of congress. We are ripe for a kickin' but I don't think the country will recover quite the same as last time. This time I look for the divisions in the country to increase rather than combine to a unified force. God is no longer important to the country, unless you are trying to strike a deal with Him. This has put our contry at risk because of the presence of unbelievers who are forcing believers aside. We will fall as a country when they succeed. Do you think the homeless make up a discomforting group now? Wait, you may well wind up in their ranks.

How to tell when your country has gone to pot: <>
1. You have to vote for the crook because it is important.
2. Your front runners in elections are charged with felony crimes from before the beginnings of the election cycle. FRONT RUNNERS, not candidates.
3. You hear idiots griping that a governor of a state isn't qualified because they have been governor for only a couple of years and you elect someone who has never been in a position of command.
4. many, many, many other signs are all around us.

Prepare, for if the Lord doesn't return, anarchy will.

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