Saturday, July 17, 2010

And here we thought the world was going to end today

Actually, I didn't have any expectation either way, stay or go. This is one of my pics from last millennium. Y2k to be exact. And the days plug on and I get older. I noticed that I am not alone. Most of the obits I see these days are people within 10 years of me, plus and minus. This gives me to presume that my time may come soon. Of course I am still shooting for Bilbo's plus 1. Odds aren't that good, but who know what wonders God may work.

Some days I find that I miss people who are gone. Now and then Denny Webster crosses my mind. (Motorcycle wreck about 3 decades ago.) I still remember Ira Lee Comeaux. I see his sister now and then but I still remember his funeral. Mickey, Mike, Les, Aunt Jo, lots of people still cross my mind. I have a time awareness deficiency that causes me to merge the past into a single entity that is hard to separate into proper position and sequence. So be it.

Life appears to go on. Those of us who are still here need to keep those who are gone in our minds and pass them on to the next generation. How else will they understand Captain Kirk?

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