Sunday, May 01, 2011

Not random, but chaotic.

Such are the thoughts I have. Since there appears nothing wrong with the birth cert, why did it need to be hidden all these years? Knowing that the CIA is capable of almost anything (telling the truth would be a novel difference from the norm) couldn't they have put a cheap hacker to generate the paper more quickly? Were the files so messed up that it took this long to find the plant?

Gee, isn't conspiracy theory fun?

Time we got over the mistakes of the past and focus on the mistakes of the future.

I heard that someone got married a few days ago. The media is still going on about it.

I saw the destruction that occurred in Mississippi and Alabama on the weather channel.

Anybody in Europe raising money to help the homeless and others in need?

We have had march winds blowing since February. It's May. Global freezing?

My head hurts. Too much thought. Notice the correct spelling?

There is nothing new under the sun. God said so. So be it.

This doesn't mean we understand everything.
I know I don't.

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GB Hoyt said...

You forgot to mention the notable death!