Saturday, May 21, 2011

This Day

What can I say? I can say "I don't know." and it doesn't bother me. Some call it foolishness, others blindness, others things I choose not to repeat or write, but it isn't.

Is it today? If it is this writing is pointless (some say so anyway) as no one who can get what I say will be here. As I am still here, it wasn't 6am central.

Is it 6pm GMT? England wasn't thickly settled at the time nor was there a time median to be calculated from. 7k from the flood??

Maybe so, but given man's ability to tell time, I think I will stick to what Jesus said. God knows, not me.

And neither does anyone else. Statistics prove that man can manipulate math to suit his own needs. But the math of God is accurate and includes ALL possible variants, something man cannot get our tiny little minds around.

So I say leave it to God as He knows what He is doing and we don't. Is the "End of Time" near, yes, many of the signs are here. Can we "calculate" the date? I don't think so. So what do we do, we prepare for that day each day and expect Jesus to return at any time.

And "Don't Forget"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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