Saturday, August 13, 2011

Sometimes I get lost out there near the edge of my thoughts.

I was
going through some photo albums and I stumbled across this old drawing. Tom DeSalvo was (and is, as far as I know) a good illustrator and there are several more images around the house that he used me as the subject. In my Naval stint I served as the night-time flight deck chief for HS-9 and he was in the electronics shop. Last I saw of him he was working on a graphic novel (modern day comic book leaning more towards the dark side of things). The parts that he showed me seemed to be very much in touch with the times and done as well or better than what was showing up on the shelves at the stores. I wonder where he is today??  If anyone knows, tell me.

Like Jim Bob said "Strange Days"......

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GB Hoyt said...

Google is the enemy, google is the friend.
Google is the Force:
light side data, use it wisely.