Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Happy Veterans's Day ya'll

     Well, my first post was done in the car on a fold-up blue tooth keyboard that is touchy. Note the repetitive letters. But the message is there. I have a deep respect for those who have served this country over the years.  I have kinfolk and ancestry that fought in the wars of this country from before this country existed. In most of them I had kinfolk on both sides of the wars.

     During WWII Daddy and many of his brothers and cousins, and sisters served in the various services. There was a doctor,(Uncle Gus) an artillery officer, (Uncle Jack) a machine gunner, (Uncle Jody), an assortment of sailors (Daddy, Uncle SJ, Aunt Al and her husband Uncle Eddie) and the Red Cross (though not a military service they were none the less contributors to the war effort and often under fire, A big thanks to Aunt Leona). I can't remember what all the cousins did, but I know many of them served (Cousin Jimmy, and all the others that my failing memory won't yield at the moment.) with pride and distinction. If you get the chance, check out the wall at the old Lecompte High School. You will see Hoyts, Tanners, Hensarlings, Gunters, Monks and other cousins on the wall, including me.We felt the call to duty in a way that few today can appreciate. Yet there are those who continue to serve, such as my youngest son and his wife (Cory and Courtney). Odd thing here is that I am no longer concerned about Cory and guns. And I no longer worry about getting shot by accident.Army training can be a comforting thing. One other thing about the wall, it is divided by wars and conflicts. There are many yet through it all I had the good fortune to not be in the areas of conflict. Viet Nam was in full swing, the draft was still going yet I was never in danger of being shot, except by a gangster or drunk in New Jersey. I do not feel that I have the right to include myself among those who faced real armed peril which are a class to themselves. Did  I come face to face with danger, sure. But it was the natural dangers of Naval Aviation. I might blog a bit about that at another time.

Thank you to all the warriors and sailors who have served America. I just hope the politicians will realize that we swore or affirmed to defend the constitution, not the politicians. And should the veterans of this country send out a call to eradicate the self serving demagoguery that is our government now, I and MANY others like myself will answer to the call and get rid of the (I can't find an adjective that is publishable) sad and sorry collection of ( I have to leave this one blank.) that are failing the constitution and country now.

How about next election cycle we tell the politicos to bug off and vote, not by party, but by analysis of the candidate and with thought for the future. I wonder how scared the Clintons and Bushes and the rest would be. I do hope it would keep them up at night.

Bye the Bye, if my following Jesus of Nazareth offends you in any way, all I can say is "Good." Everything about your religion offends me, but I don't count, I know. I also don't care that you are offended, just so you know.....

Much love, respect and prayers for all you fellow veterans out there, and also prayers for your families who serve with you. Thanks guys.

Get out and vote!

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