Saturday, November 14, 2015

 Just sittin and listenin to The Greaser Show on KLIL.For the uninitiated it is Saturday morning and Louis is on a roll. Of course it is easy when you have lived through it all. I hadn't heard about Alan Toussant till Lou said something this morning and I agree with him that this is a loss of some magnitude to the music scene in New Orleans. He was a supporter of many of the regional and national stars. His sound and friendship is going to leave an empty chair in all the music joints down there and in many other places. I wonder if his mother in law is going to greet him with open arms this time. (or if she really was from down below )

Did you see the pictures of my newest granddaughter @ 1 year of age. Cuteness runs wild in the fam. What can I say?

And to France I say to continue to resist. It is not futile. Remember the hijacking of a few years ago? Yes, people will die. It is war. Were it our ancestors there would be a world wide war against this falseness of religion. I hear it all the time about islam being a religion of peace and it is, but the peace is the peace of the grave  if you disagree. I view myself now as a member of the ever shrinking group that is the minority no one will acknowledge. I am a white Christian american  man that cares about the widows and orphans (also know as religion that is pure in the eyes of God). I also care about the fall of this country which will be the signal that anarchy has come in force and may be the final step to a one government world. Should it arise, well, I am ready both earthly and spiritually and will defend my home till I get to my Home.

May God bless you and yours.
Keep your powder dry.
Seek God.
Love each other
Jesus is coming soon.

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