Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Wednesdays are fun

Wednesdays are fun

I picked my car up yesterday. It has been in the shop since the 1st of December while AIG (insurance company of the guy who caused the wreck) tried to make a decision. Wound up costing them over 11k on a car worth 12k. Makes no sense to me, but that's not unusual.....

Runs fine by the way..

almost 4 months - ridukkulus

inside joke there

Here it is, Wednesday, (the day, not the person) and I wonder what will happen next. The funerals are past and hopefully we'll have a couple of months before the next one. You get tired of them after a while, but we all will pass on eventually (unless of course the unmentionable One returns before then.) Many people are so clueless about what each day can mean, sometimes me included. We can stay in bed and do next to nothing (harming no one but ourselves) or we can get up and putter around the yard or sit at a table and drink coffee or perhaps write the great american novel or give a bottle of water to someone who needs one. Our options are as endless as our opportunities. We simply have to look for them.

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