Saturday, March 25, 2006

What a Weekend

Three funerals in one day and two of them at the same time. I know my kids sometimes thing I can manage such a feat, but I no longer have the feet to do it with. Did you ever wonder why we develope such expectations? I don't even particularly like funerals, especially when they are the very formalized and formulic types. I know that brings comfort to some though, so I put my tiredness aside and plough on. I prefer an honest and hopefully joyful ceremony. Open hearted comments and dialog are the best comforts for me. Who here on earth can say with certainty who gets into heaven? I thought that job belonged to Jesus and God. There are many I believe will be in heaven, but last time I checked it wasn't up to me. I can't say what anyones relationship to the Creator is. So I'll just try to live His Word and trust what He tells us there. Do your own thinking.

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