Tuesday, July 09, 2024

Bye the by

 Yes, that was Bob Marley's song "Three Little Birds".

Saturday, June 22, 2024

For those who didn't notice

 Yes, my last post left some holes. That was intentional. Check the last statement for another clue....

Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Let the good times roll


48 years. Yep, 48. I've been married 8 years more than I expected to live. Physically I'm a wreck but still I'll keep on truckin' till God says come on home.


What do I see in life?? I see people pontificating in generalities where the specifics don't agree. I see hate mongering being exploited rather than addressed. I do indeed see a "Bad Moon Rising". 

Relationships between the races, religions, philosophies will not improve because no one wants truth, all want "My Way" and none of mankind (or animal or vegetative) want a place where different can abide side-by-side. 

For you atheist and agnostic, please ignore the next  bit: Since the time of the garden all of the earth has been a struggle for dominance. You want a plant based example, visit Alabama and check out the kudzu. Prefer an animal based example, walking catfish or pythons. Humanoid?? All governments established by people  are ample examples. Philosophies/religions as well. 

My observation is simply this: the seven "deadly sins" are summed up completely in "self." We are brought into existence by the actions of others. We leave existence by the actions of others. 

Our bodies (and I believe minds also) are not equipped to last more than a few decades and during that time-frame we grow in strength for a while, then our strength dissipates. Mentally the same thing occurs. We have become temporary even though man/woman were created to be of continuous existence. 

Back to the "7 Deadly": I have been a student of the book and letter collection that we call the Holy Bible. I have gone over most of it many times (Numbers always gives me trouble staying awake and the Song of Solomon confuses me a lot.) From the scripture one thing keeps coming up: neither the quantity nor the quality of the sin means a thing. Sin is missing the mark and the passing "grade" is 100%. Anything less is failure. When the creation tries to supersede the Creator, the creation will fall.  

 Was Enoch perfect? I have to say no, but God chose to make him so when God brought him (Enoch) to heaven.  Same with Elijah. If you look closely at the New Testament you see that Jesus was and is in charge. He had the authority to forgive the thief and note that it was on the one who accepted Jesus and he knew his destination for after his passing. This happened under the Law of Moses and the forgiveness received is the same forgiveness others were given during the time of Jesus' teaching. 

 Read the book before say anything. How do we follow the footsteps of the thief? How do we follow the "path" blazed by Yeshua (aka Jesus of Nazareth)? The answers are there between the pages. It's not that confusing but it does require more than 30 second sound bites. 

Take no one's word for it but search out the truth for yourself. That includes what I say. I am not offended  because I choose to not be offended. The world is full of selfish expression and I try to seek truth.

If my views offend you, why do you let them? I mean no one any harm.  I'd rather we have a meaningful discussion. 

Sunday, March 24, 2024

Pink Floyd had it right. Time does fly..

 I know most people will disagree, but for me when it comes to Pink Floyd their best album was Meddle. Dark Side was the best engineered but number 2 for me. Wish would be #3 Wall and earlier stuff have good songs but not better overall. I will give Comfortably Numb props but the album doesn't give me the emotional range of their best. 

As for music today, eh! I guess you must think of me as olde. Fortunately I am not overly concerned. I have a lot of old stuff, including radio broadcast, that I can listen to anytime I like.  I've converted much of my tape collection to mp3 and can now have free flowing music for better than a week, probably closer to a month. I'm not positive but I think I have at least a week of Grateful Dead alone. 

Today's artist, Toby Mac is one. My Love listens to Muscadine Bloodline a lot and I find them to be as good as anyone out there. My biggest problem I suppose is that I prefer lyrics to be composed of something besides what I call "gutter talk". If you can't compose without what used to be called "cuss words", expletives, dirty language, whatever you want to call abbreviated expressions, then don't.  Reminds me of a Doonesbury cartoon where the moon is described by one person who has a way with words and a Califoniaese speaker says "Oh wow. Lookit the moon." But I digress:

Sometimes I really would like to get in my space of music place and let the amplifiers roar.