Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Princess Dairy

Actually, those were just words that came out of my head. If you might wish to write the book, feel free.

The weather is changing again, naturally. What do you expect in Louisiana? But boy does it make my bones know it now. Cheryl's book is available now at Amazon and Authorhouse. It's an interesting read so far, especially as it is family history. Had a couple of surprises in it for me as well. So be prepared.

The election is over. New guy in charge, ect. Actually Obama doesn't bother me as much as the ultra left congressional fau-paux that we have destroyed the country with. There is hope for the country though. God can use anything man does and turn it to good. Sometimes we can't see where He is going with it, I can assure you, He will get there.

Where we go tomorrow, who knows?

Walk with God and have no fear.

Sunday, January 04, 2009

It's Wet Out There

For those who haven't been out for a while, It is wet out there. Not an inch of rain yet, but it has been wet all day and will be all night it looks like. Louisiana Snow. Who knows??

The biggest problem I see in the world is that there is no concept of family left in the world. Kids today especially have not been taught from their earliest days that family s important.The socialism that is rising in power is substituting itself for the parental role and society is blindly accepting this false proposition as ok because true family value has been shunted aside as an outdated idea. Funny how it was good enough for three millenia, but is no good anymore. Sorry guys, but you are soon to be dead wrong. The direction you are taking invariably leads to dictatorship, then anarchy, then restoration of common sense for a generation or two. Oh well, in the end God wins so there!!! As a kid might say.

Everyone who knows me knows that I am still a kid and I mean it.

Cheryl's book appears to be getting close to publication, so all you cousins out there need to order one. If the clan buys one per family unit, it should make the bestseller list for a week anyway. Good luck Cuz.

And you Hoyt's out there need to get me the recipes to me soon................