Monday, December 11, 2017

Life is like a box of chocolates

It is most likely going to be coconut anyhoo. So adapt your life to whatever comes your way.

Monday, October 23, 2017

Post rant.

Through many hours of excitement and boredom in weather ranging from 100+ to -30 from Japan to Israel and above the Arctic Circle to Cuba I have found that people are people. There is no real difference between people from one grouping to another. All the groups have their snobs, all groups have their huggers. Extroverts and introverts, all the same. Liars and truth seekers abound across the world. Takers and givers can be found everywhere.

So all I can think to say to all of the above: "Get over yourself!" No matter how important you cause or what you think of yourself, the world will continue as is until that final appearance of The Judge. No one here knows when, no matter what they might guess. No one can truly guess how and the options available to the Creator are endless.

What I know is this: People get ready!

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Once again people are complaining about the nifflls but I still believe they have the right to be stupid and disrespectful. I refuse to give them nifflers the power to control how I feel. I also will not give the complainers that power as well.

    One lesson I have learned over the years is that there are consequences to actions. That califony whiner is now whining more because nobody wants him. One thing the niffle has proven this past decade is that they don't care how bad you behave, if you are really good. But you have to be good. Take a note whiner. Simply put, in a disciplined arena, you ain't much.

I will watch games and parts of games. Not because I believe he means it when he complains about anything, I get the "look at me" vibe from all his noise. What he says about black men has some validity in some areas of the country and not so much in other parts, but look at the other groups in the country. White men are pushed aside in some areas, women in general, and black , white, hispanic, yellow women all face challenges that men of all colors do not. 

Well, they cut off half of my rant.Was it something I said??

Sunday, October 01, 2017

Well, here I go.

I spent 22 years defending the rights of everyone, including disrespectful idiots and geniuses alike. Of course my roots are deeply embedded in this country from both the "native" american side and the immigration side of things. Since the 1600's there have been Hoyts in this land and have had a voice in establishing it's government. I have no clue how far back the Cherokee Nation goes. The ancestry of my family pretty much covers the area from the caucus range west.

This is what I know: we are a country of individuals. Not everyone is considerate. Most really aren't. But my family views being considerate as the best way to be. We do not feel that a government should be taking care of us, but should enable us to take care of ourselves and each other. If all of the families of our nations would look after each other, many of today's problems would go away. Of course, my version of "look after" probably isn't the same as others. It means holding each other to a reasonable standard. No, you can't go rob that liquor store. No, selling bootleg dvd's is wrong. Do Not Do IT!!!!! Smokin' anything that is not edible is not smart.Taking pills that aren't prescribed for you can also be very unwise. If you have been doing this please do whine about how unfair and unjust your life is. If you chose to do things that wisdom says do not do them, you wind up with real justice and not mercy. Sometimes you wind up dead by your choices and other times incarcerated. 

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Fever Tree_ Fever Tree (1968) full album

This group is one I found in Radio Shack in New York City. I still have the cassette tape (Creation, second album I think) Their "Hey Joe" is one of the best versions of the song to me.

Thursday, June 15, 2017

What Up Yall???

The Hollow has begun to rise from the termite invasion. More later...............................

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Turn left at Albequerque

Sometimes I wonder. Sometimes I really do.

Then other times, I think it is no concern of mine.

Sunday, April 09, 2017

Friday, March 31, 2017

Someday I will write to you of occurrences in the swamps. I won't say when or which swamps as some of you would be foolish enough to go there and try to prove me wrong, but you can only prove me right.

Monday, February 27, 2017

 I cannot remember how many times I crossed this road to get to the Gulf Station to get a pint of gas for the mower (push) so I could cut grass and earn 3 or 4 bucks. Had to give Daddy a quarter of it to help pay for the mower but it left me with enough money to get several comics and a Dr. Pepper. How I wish life was that simple once again.

 Seems to me there is more and more hatred ruining the world. Whinny baby politicians crying because they didn't get their way and a total lack of concern for the future of this once better than the rest country.

Not a lot we can do about it except get back to electing people to represent us who are not lifelong politicians, lawyers, or pretty boys (or girls). How about we MAKE congress accept their just pay, take away their executive retirement and put them on Social Security and make them accept the same health care they force us to have. Give a president a lifetime retirement I can understand, given the amount of responsibility that comes with the job. Maybe even the vice president as well. But congress, no, Nyet, nein. Congress deflects responsibility (so no retirement for them)  so they do not have to bear the weight of responsibility for the country's well being. (History, especially the last few election cycles, is on my side with this.) 

How on earth can someone complain about the irresponsible behavior of one person and yet accept equally reprehensible behavior on another person, both having the same job? This I do not understand, especially as their job description is exactly the same. America still has some good left in it, but it will soon be gone. Only about three more leaders to go and anarchy will begin and shortly thereafter reign supreme in this country. My advice to my "Indian" cousins, unite under the Cherokee banner as they had a viable system of government.  I'd advise the area next to the Rockies as the best location. Stay west of tornado ally though. My advice to my more immediate cousins, prepare to gather and conquer an agriculturally viable area above the current 150' above sea level mark between to two rivers running east and west and another two running  north and south. I expect the earth to adjust the climate variables over the next three decades to alleviate the eco-system pressure imbalances that have been created by excessive population and industrialization.

Simply my view of things to come. I will be gone by then so no worries for me, but my kids and other descendants may well have to implement such a plan. 

Save prog rock, blonde vinyl, and Goatee Records for future generations should we succeed in surviving. Lotsa Dead, Doors, and other stuff from the 60's also. Mostly stuff from the 20's through the 80's (yes, even disco as you need to know what not to do.) Oh, PLEASE do not bring back the 80's haircuts. 

By the by, pictures are from Cheneyville's Founder's Day celebration of 2016.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

When one goes blank in writing, one must record the blank.

Just a reminder folks, Pie fest in April, Founder's Day in OCT.  Speed limits are enforced in Chenyville.

Special thanks to our PD and Fire District 12 for keeping us safe.

All you dope heads, move to some other place, we don't need you.

Monday, February 20, 2017

If you go too far right, you wind up left. (or: There is a north pole and a south pole, but no east or west pole. God is telling you something.

My view, Mr. Presidents of the past 20 some odd years:

You have taken many of my personal freedoms. You have embarrassed my gender. You have embarrassed my service to this great country all over the world. Personally I am willing to give a businessman a chance to put a dent in the national debt, which none of you politicians have done for over a century. His ways are no more embarrassing than your.   

 God allows us to make mistakes and enables us to learn from them. Of course, there is the expectation that we should apply the lesson learned. It is not God who failed, it is us.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Tuesday, February 07, 2017

Well, it isn't Monday, but it is close. So far only one tornado warning, but the day is young.

I wonder how many people realize the best way to serve yourself is to serve others?

I wonder how many politicians understand what a true friend is?

Monday, January 23, 2017

Monday Morning

Wow. I am blankish.

It's Monday.

I wonder why God invented Monday?

Friday, January 13, 2017

Well, happie noo yeahr you all.

At least, it could be.

If you want it to be.

Happiness comes from The Spirit within, true happiness that is.

It is a gift of God. Enjoy it. Share it. Like love, that is what it is for.

From the Swamp, ya'll, one of the happiest places on this planet.