Friday, October 19, 2007

New Grandbaby, long trip, no rest

Emma Shawn popped into the world just fine mostly and is doing great. Cute like her grandaddys.. All the rest are doing ok as well. Made for a nice trip but senile old men need help, and sometimes a keeper. I invariably forget something as I travel and the word light isn't in my conceptual reality. Bye Bye pillows.....

Oh well

Wal-Marts are everywhere.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Time soars on wings as eagles gone fishing.

And I wish I wuz 2.

The political maelstrom continues and I may go vote early today just to get done with it. In a state where even the dead have been known to vote for years after their departure, where people who live in other states and have no intention of returning to the swamps still vote, where no one focuses on getting the job done, what do we expect. Sorry if you think less of my opinion for this, but I feel if you live in Houston and you have for over a year, you need to vote there, not here. The legislature should terminate all this outside of the state voting unless the person is a registered voter and request an absentee ballot. I'm not real sure about this early voting either, but it is coming in handy this year. The potential for abuse scares me though.


Mud is flying and the air is thick with misinformation and misleading interpretations of the facts. I think I may be in the minority, but I want plain uninterpreted data. I'll draw my own conclusions, thank you.

Wally won't get my vote because of all the negativity he generates. Bobby is on shaky ground because of his republican ties although I agree with many of his ideas and Foss wants to eliminate personal income tax I like that but puts all the eggs in one basket a-la Huey's idea. He must not have lived through the depression and doesn't study history very much. Very "Good Idea, Bad Idea" Foss.

I think everyone, rich, poor, business, retired, just plain old average to the exceptional should help pay for a smaller than we have now government. Corporate greed kills industry and government. Seeking power in order to control others and elevate yourself is a sure formula for self destruction. I am a witness to this formula and have seen the same conclusion achieved from the smallest of things to worldwide institutions.

Vote for someone. Mickey Mouse, if you see no other choice, but vote for someone. Anarchy is coming and only cooperation in controlling the government gives us the chance to stave it off.

The math still says 2043..................