Sunday, December 20, 2015

For those whom might be interested, my site is in a bit of a pickle at the moment. It seems sitebuilder is not functional with W10.  That being what it is, I cannot update it till I get an older computer with 7 on it in order to update. Such is life. I have a couple of possibilities lined up, but first to build a ghost trap (imaginary computer just for hackeratzi. ) The things you can do now with computers.

Any Who (even Cindy Lou) best of the day to ye and watch out for falling meteorites.

Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Is Arizona still there??

Grandpa on the left
Being as Grandpa lived 89 years and Daddy lived 89 years am i seeing a trend? Maybe so, maybe no. 

Being diabetic I kinda lean towards no, but whatever God says is fine with me. Sometimes my mind pursues the rabbit and I have really strange questions. Does yellow taste like bananas or lemons? Does Jesse Jackson really think I could ever have any respect f0r him? Can the Saints win another game?  These  are things I sometimes wonder about in the early evening. String theory? Your math is off a bit. Quantum interconnection? You don't have the math for it yet. In all my time on the planet I still think we should turn left at Albuquerque.


Saturday, November 14, 2015

 Just sittin and listenin to The Greaser Show on KLIL.For the uninitiated it is Saturday morning and Louis is on a roll. Of course it is easy when you have lived through it all. I hadn't heard about Alan Toussant till Lou said something this morning and I agree with him that this is a loss of some magnitude to the music scene in New Orleans. He was a supporter of many of the regional and national stars. His sound and friendship is going to leave an empty chair in all the music joints down there and in many other places. I wonder if his mother in law is going to greet him with open arms this time. (or if she really was from down below )

Did you see the pictures of my newest granddaughter @ 1 year of age. Cuteness runs wild in the fam. What can I say?

And to France I say to continue to resist. It is not futile. Remember the hijacking of a few years ago? Yes, people will die. It is war. Were it our ancestors there would be a world wide war against this falseness of religion. I hear it all the time about islam being a religion of peace and it is, but the peace is the peace of the grave  if you disagree. I view myself now as a member of the ever shrinking group that is the minority no one will acknowledge. I am a white Christian american  man that cares about the widows and orphans (also know as religion that is pure in the eyes of God). I also care about the fall of this country which will be the signal that anarchy has come in force and may be the final step to a one government world. Should it arise, well, I am ready both earthly and spiritually and will defend my home till I get to my Home.

May God bless you and yours.
Keep your powder dry.
Seek God.
Love each other
Jesus is coming soon.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Happy Veterans's Day ya'll

     Well, my first post was done in the car on a fold-up blue tooth keyboard that is touchy. Note the repetitive letters. But the message is there. I have a deep respect for those who have served this country over the years.  I have kinfolk and ancestry that fought in the wars of this country from before this country existed. In most of them I had kinfolk on both sides of the wars.

     During WWII Daddy and many of his brothers and cousins, and sisters served in the various services. There was a doctor,(Uncle Gus) an artillery officer, (Uncle Jack) a machine gunner, (Uncle Jody), an assortment of sailors (Daddy, Uncle SJ, Aunt Al and her husband Uncle Eddie) and the Red Cross (though not a military service they were none the less contributors to the war effort and often under fire, A big thanks to Aunt Leona). I can't remember what all the cousins did, but I know many of them served (Cousin Jimmy, and all the others that my failing memory won't yield at the moment.) with pride and distinction. If you get the chance, check out the wall at the old Lecompte High School. You will see Hoyts, Tanners, Hensarlings, Gunters, Monks and other cousins on the wall, including me.We felt the call to duty in a way that few today can appreciate. Yet there are those who continue to serve, such as my youngest son and his wife (Cory and Courtney). Odd thing here is that I am no longer concerned about Cory and guns. And I no longer worry about getting shot by accident.Army training can be a comforting thing. One other thing about the wall, it is divided by wars and conflicts. There are many yet through it all I had the good fortune to not be in the areas of conflict. Viet Nam was in full swing, the draft was still going yet I was never in danger of being shot, except by a gangster or drunk in New Jersey. I do not feel that I have the right to include myself among those who faced real armed peril which are a class to themselves. Did  I come face to face with danger, sure. But it was the natural dangers of Naval Aviation. I might blog a bit about that at another time.

Thank you to all the warriors and sailors who have served America. I just hope the politicians will realize that we swore or affirmed to defend the constitution, not the politicians. And should the veterans of this country send out a call to eradicate the self serving demagoguery that is our government now, I and MANY others like myself will answer to the call and get rid of the (I can't find an adjective that is publishable) sad and sorry collection of ( I have to leave this one blank.) that are failing the constitution and country now.

How about next election cycle we tell the politicos to bug off and vote, not by party, but by analysis of the candidate and with thought for the future. I wonder how scared the Clintons and Bushes and the rest would be. I do hope it would keep them up at night.

Bye the Bye, if my following Jesus of Nazareth offends you in any way, all I can say is "Good." Everything about your religion offends me, but I don't count, I know. I also don't care that you are offended, just so you know.....

Much love, respect and prayers for all you fellow veterans out there, and also prayers for your families who serve with you. Thanks guys.

Get out and vote!
Well finally...

Sittinng outside with a beautiful laaady waiting to get in at Texas Roadhouse.Just want to do a shout-out to my fellow veterans a blessed Veterans Day. Thank you for your service. Also to the families of the veterans also
. Your   sacrifice is allso  appriciated.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Sometimes I wonder what Daddy would think of where this country is now.
Choices are slimmer
Hope grows dimmer
Night draws near
But I have no fear
In the end,
God wins.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Poe et tree

Not to be confused with Edgar

Politics abound
My countenance frowns
I hate clowns

I don't know what I will vote on saturday
But I know the choices be slim.

Little else to add.
and yes, I am sad.

Monday, June 29, 2015

Been a while but just a note: SATURDAY Hoyt's (and kin) to THE Hollow. Eat about noon.......

'Nuff said!

Friday, May 15, 2015

Well, there we have it folks. Complete loss of memory about what I was going to write. Seems to be happening more often these days. Politically speaking I can think of nothing worthwhile, which given the current political scene, is only an accurate observation.

Eeeennnnnneeee who (not Cindy Lou) I see several on my friends are once again grandparents and to the kids I say Congrats. And vengeance is ours.

There are times when I wish peace on earth was truly possible. I also wish never never land and the shire were real, but there you have it. Peace is a concept mankind continually rejects. Some religions say that they are a religion of peace but their day to day activity proves their lie. Some religions call for peace but it is the peace of non-confrontation which is not a real peace, only the delay of confrontation. I have the peace the Creator gives in my heart and regardless of what people might say or think I know who is in charge and what His desire for me is. I'm good with that. I wish I could explain it to others, but God, in His wisdom, has not given me the words for it. I know that I must accept His direction until He decide to do otherwise. And with that, I am also good. Can I take life? I don't know. I have never been called on for such a test. I hope that it is as difficult a choice as I think it would be. Methods are easily studied,ways and means are recorded from ancient times. Terminating life is physically easy to accomplish with a little applied science. But is it something desired? The eternal question that man fails to ascertain. The real question of life is not can we do it? The real question is should we do it? And 999 time out of 1,000 the best answer is no. And that choice is one of the ones mankind has always failed as a whole.

Thursday, May 14, 2015


Descriptive term for my coffee. Add an expletive "VERY" to it also. That was weird. my computer is often weird though.

Unusual Songs that I find pleasant.

And We Bid You Goodnight

Just a couple that crossed my mind as I started this blog. Might add a few as I type. Google them for more info if you wish. I recently read "Sailors To The End", a book about the USS Forrestal fire. I have seen the movies and source footage many time during my Naval career and since. You Tube it and you will see the stuff of which sailors are made. I am grateful that I never had to face such a situation and I pray that no one else does either.

There are a few artist out there (musical ones, not painters) that often catch my attention. For instance, Joe Satriani, guitarist extreme. Right up there with Clapton, Beck, Page, and others from the school of John Mayall. (Beck as in Beck-Ola, not the new kid) Smoothest ever, my feeling is Les Paul on a Les Paul. You have to hear to understand.

Immigrant's Song
I'm A Man (Yardbirds version)

There are also some little known groups that garner my respect with their music, one such being The Hampton Grease Band. Another little know singer is Ruth Copeland whose singing sounds like some JJ influence. You know, I never would have imagined that a song could be done from a can label, but there you have it. Go fig.

Spray Paint

I watch my cousin's struggles with the country music industry and enjoy her successes, mainly because she has a strong voice and stage presence. But little headway is made in that business with out everything falling exactly in place at exactly the right time. That is something we seldom have control over and we should not worry about those things beyond our control, but focus on controlling those things that are within our control.

Amazing Grace (I forget if it is Judy Collins or Joni Mitchell, but it got airplay because of the singer)

Is there diversity in my musical preferences? I suppose so. I like the three B's (Bach, Beethoven, &  Brahms)  as well as most anything that doesn't have a sitar as the front music. I think the Beatles were important to rock and roll but not the greatest of all time. The Stones have some good songs but to me they peaked with the tide. Yes, I am sort of a deadhead, but without the drugs. The high those guys were looking for is where I live and have for years. I appreciate the too high at times Melanie Safka's singing and I can listen to The Captain and Tenielle (spelling is not my strong point.) as well. Chicago is ok but 2120 South Michigan Ave. is better. British prog rock  is probably my second favorite music. I admit this publicly and profoundly.   You tube it and you can get a feel for my thinking if you can stand a journey to the center of your mind.

Sunday, May 03, 2015

Sun rise'

or is it set?

Set I think.

Yep. Set. 

with a Lily of the day!

Just sayin, ya know.
Speakeasy - a favorite web site.
Google it.

See if your provider gives you the service they brag of. (Gotta say not!)

Is it Rubay Toosdae?

Or just Sunday night?

Monday, April 13, 2015

My kids are very strange people. I say that with some pride as I am very strange as well. If I make a reference to say, The Grateful Dead, they can usually pick up on it. If my reference is to Timothy or Paul, they know which part of the Good Book to look in. I got smart kids. And Grandkids too.

My life has been varied and strange as far back as I can remember and it doesn't bother me at all. I like it. Many of the people I knew in high school and grammar school have made life choices different from me, by that I mean almost every one of them, people and choices. Some have chosen what the world calls "alternate life styles" which is not what I would call it as I consider it a bad choice.
But that doesn't mean I don't love and care for them any more, it means simply that I don't agree with them. Kind of like the difference between String Theory and Quantum Loop Gravity. While both involve the mathematics of imagination  neither hit on the truth of the universe.

Some may consider me a "homophobe" and a racist (I am white by the standard definitions, of which I do not subscribe) but by doing so they only display their ignorance of me. Yes, I do disagree with many of the shrinks of the world, I definitely disagree with I would have to say every politician, and I am sure each of the few people who read this disagree with me on some points, but that is mankind and life. 

Many of the "religions" of the world would have cause to reject what I believe because I do not agree with their teachings or beliefs. I am certain that they are wrong, but that is me. I have a view that differs from the world because I believe that I am responsible for my choices and what I do and choose to believe.

If you disagree with me, that is your choice and I will not take your choice from you, it is yours.I am under no obligation to accept your thinking as right as you are under no obligation to accept my views.

If you have problems with that, I suggest (not order, suggest) that you get over yourself. I did.

Friday, March 20, 2015

Some day I would like to be in the position to torment the hackers and governments that have made the world a place of ignorance and greed. Force the hacker to read children's stories written in the simplest of three word sentences in a book the length of Tolstoy's tale. and listen to hours of endless bubblegum pop interspersed with Bach and Beethoven interpreted by a sitar band. Force the governments to sit and watch "Mr. Smith Goes To Washington" and "Ma and P Kettle " movies over and over again, for six years straight, also interspersed with sitar music between movies played by british rock musicians that are drunk and/or high on "medicinal" mary jane.

I know the torture would not equal the evil they have induced, but it would be a start.

Just sayin'.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Just sitting here watching Alaska State Troopers and remembering Maine. (Not to be confused with the slogan). I can stand it because I have the heating pad on my back and turned on high.

Thursday, February 05, 2015

This is, as best as I understand, Moma's grandfather on her mother's side.In other words, Dee's (Delia Pearl Coles Tanner) father. One of the few pics I have seen of that side of the family. Should any of you Coles kin see this blog get in touch with me please. My web page is at the top with an email link. (and yes, it is spelled with an 's' at the end).

Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Some see the sun rising, some see the sun setting. The wise ones see the sun and say "Thank you Lord."
A little closer and we burn, a little further and we freeze, yet the sun would still rise and set as it has done as far back as my memory goes. And should there be a wise man out there anywhere to see it, he would still say "Thank you Lord." That IS the nature of the universe. It is not ours to do with as we please. It is for us to take care of daily.

And boy howdy do we need help. I can trust no government, no industry, no institution to do it as it is my job to do what I can for as long as I can to hand down a world with breathable air and drinkable water to the next generation, despite the incompetence of government, industry, and institutions.

And Dini, grey is the new blonde.....

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Word of warning; do not click on anything highlighted in this blog. I did not create any links in it. My system, like the web, is somewhat corrupted by people whom I hope feel justice and change their ways  before they receive true justice!

Well, I give up. Spammers are interfering with my first amendment rights and the government does not care. As long as their internal garbage gets through they give no thought to the constituents whose votes put them in office. Soon, when anarchy rises, there will be a time of payback so for now just keep a list of the idiots, script-kiddies play anarchist, hackers and politicians. Most of the time I am against the senseless violence of the world but there comes a time when one must insist everyone follow the true rules of life and punish with severity those who would seek to dominate all. Communism offers no hope. Socialism guarantees total loss of freedom. Even democracy has it's proven downfalls. (Check your Greek history) Even our constitution has it's problems, usually brought about by those seeking to have power over others. I have seen nothing in the "religions" of the world as presented by "historians" that would give anyone hope. Islam is a religion of peace, mainly the peace of submission or the grave. Christianity as acted out by those who sought gain (as far  back as the crusades to today's televangelist)  is a religion of greed. The Christianity of the Bible is little evident in the world today, but there are those pockets of believers throughout the world that feel the early church, even though not perfect, had it right and believe the only fit ruler of the world is the Prophet, Priest,and King who died and lived. No other assessment of life makes sense to me. We should pray daily for each other. We should help each other physically, mentally, and spiritually. We should truly learn what it means to love each other. That doesn't necessarily mean giving way to others but ensuring that each other is on the true path. Follow no false "god", nor false "prophet" because that will lead you away from the truth. That direction is truly terminal, eternally.

Random acts of kindness buy you no favor with the Creator because our every act should be done in kindness and love. It is expected of  us. Let us endeavor to be kind and loving, not only to fellow journeyers, but to those who walk the pathways of error. Who knows? Someone may listen to God's call.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

I'm a DeadHead, of a sort. Never subscribed to the necessity of psycho-active ingredients, mainly because I seemed to be in the state those who did were seeking. Some times I "hear" music, Sometimes I "see"  music, sometimes I "feel", often with senses meant for other purposes. I was fortunate that my children were influenced by more than just my musical taste. I listened to (and still do) the music of the times, the past, the abstract, most genre's you can define and much you cannot. For instance, in what universe would one listen to , say "Iron Butterfly" (of Inna-Gadda-Da-Vida fame) and "The Hampton Grease Band" and view them as being the same genre'. Yes, I can tell teh difference between Hank Sr. and Hank Jr. just like I can discern Donovan Leitch from Melanie Safka, all of which produced music that I liked and did not like.

So what am I saying? Listen and learn. Yes I know the words to "Let It Go" (not a Hans Christian Anderson song or sentiment) as well as "It's a Small World", All of which "Dark Star" can drown out without elevating the volume.

And if you really want an insight to my mind, give an ear to "The Monkey and The Engineer".