Wednesday, February 05, 2020

In the aftermath

First off I apologize for this post, not because you may be offended but because I am having trouble expressing my feelings with accuracy nor am I very succinct. Personally I feel the past 3 and present POTUSes have performed far below par for a world leader. Yet we have accepted mediocrity as the normal course of things. That is on us all. We should do better. So here in it's unedited glory is my werld vue:

Well after all the waste of money and time does anyone believe any of the politicos out of dc? If you do, verify your facts from something besides the press (biased), faceplant-book {unable to discern fact and fiction}, or the many other fact-less rumor mills [water-cooler gossip] who get it right about once in a trillion times because someone made a typo. Remember that even a broken clock gets the time exactly right twice a day. Yes, el Presidente' is an overgrown extremely rich child, but at least he is attempting to get business going better and has had some success in that. Look at the same factors for each of your favorite "leaders" of the past 3 or 4 "leaders" we have endured (gnp, crime, personal income, taxation, etc.) and compare apples to apples and oranges to oranges. If you are going to compare grapefruit to satsumas don't even talk to me. I say I win because I don't eat grapefruit and I love satsumas.  Compare the "elected ones" who are supposed to be representing the people of today with those who were elected in the past. Today's crowd remind me so much of Kruchev banging his shoe way back before most of today's people were even conceived. Childish display in anyone over the age of 4 indicates to me that someone hasn't grown up any.

Well, that came out poorly. I am frustrated by the insistence that there are only two sides. The people who want to take control of the country now are not worthy of any control. It is worse than the 50's commy scare and all of the constitutional rights that were violated and  have gone uncorrected. The alleged (in my humble and correct perception) "Patriot Act" took away much of the little freedom that was left after WW2. It made abuse of power legitimate in many undeserved situations. It did add a lot of fodder for the limited talented writers of today's "entertainment", although there are still a few writers who are exceptionally talented.  

I don't have a religion, it is a way of life. I do identify with Jesus of Nazareth and His Father and Spirit. But I know that I am not God. Like the president, speaker of the house and whatever the head of the senate is now, I am not perfect, nor will I ever be in this life. I will be in the next life if God says so. I prefer that people listen to the wisdom of The Christ and don't sling verse and chapter around like that is important. I don't mind chapter and verse, mind you, if we are going to look them up and rationally discuss what we find. If you wish to discuss politics or religion I prefer we do it one on one and not as a public spectacle. I abhor noise for the sake of hearing one's own voice ( or guitar and such) or the sake of the noise. Do I get fired up? Told you already, I'm not perfect and yes, it is not hard to push my buttons. Ask my kids or the guys from the post office. But my kids are still kickin' and my buds from the post office are retired or about to and all of us still have all our limbs as of the last I have heard.

How much I truly understand is something you will not get out of me unless I feel like you can handle it and to start with, you probably can't. I understand much of the physical world and some of the spiritual, but algebra still gives me trouble. Physics, Astrophysics, Geology, earth sciences sure, but chemistry is a weak point. The "advanced" maths I get to a degree, but most of that work is in my sub-consience. I am not to be confused with a mathmatician. 

Blown up things? Not recently, nor have I burned down anything that wasn't supposed to be. Overall I tend to be mellow unless you have something derogatory to say about the Father/Son/Spirit or my family or my state or my country. And if you don't appreciate The Monkees, keep it to yourself. I fully support the second amendment because the purpose of it is to put our own government on notice with the side benefit of discouraging the attacking of this country. Do I feel temptation? After the past several weeks of dc inefficiency I certainly do. But I will make my feelings known at the polls. Failing there I will take my computer (modern-day pen) and express fully my dissatisfaction with this country's people for making inappropriate choices.