Tuesday, December 31, 2019

As you may have noticed

A few people may have noticed a void in my commentaries since November. Actually, it is not that surprising if you follow me. I often run out of things to say and other times I choose to say nothing. Such is Christmas Time. Next to the birth of my savior, nothing I have to say is worthy of comment. But now we approach the new year and I think it is time for accountability to be had. El Presidente' walks around with his foot in his mouth while (deleted expression of distaste) "leaders" in congress cry over milk they spilled. Meanwhile NOTHING of importance to the American is given any regard by said "leaders" on both sides of the aisles. How about we stop the witch-hunts and the blame game and start this new year off with addressing some real needs. Homeless Vets with broken minds from distant wars receive very little of the promised help we were told of when we (all vets) joined. As demonstrated by politicians since the turn of the 18th century, any word they give is only wind. Not even lip service, really. I have many cousins, some more liberal than others and some more conservative and all I can say to them is, as an observer and analyzer of history and past events, neither extreme will serve us well. Nothing comes without cost and many of the socialist leaning people do not account for all the cost they will pay if relying on the government is a direction they choose. And on the other end if you do not take care of the people and only pay attention to the "bottom line", you will see anarchy rise up and burn you down. I prefer we balance the two and count the cost carefully. We as a country are on the edge of revolution being triggered by the Democratic "leadership" and anarchy by the business "leadership". 2043 is drawing closer. I know many people of democratic persuasion that are severely unimpressed with congress and many of the republican persuasion that wish the president would put his phone down and shut up for a few days. When I first registered to vote I was a democrat, and many of the democrats in office at the time were much more cognitive of their actions and could see past the end of their nose, even if they weren't much straighter than a dog's hind leg. Back about the time of Carter I said poo-poo on both. I respect the need for unions in their beginning but the "stuff" we have now is only concerned with maintaining their power and growing it larger. I have witnessed the attempts over the past 40 years of unions to pressure it's membership to vote a certain way. Makes me want to slap the bullying union leadership in the face, but I restrain myself.  More and bigger government means less and less freedom, less and less control over your income, and more and more taxes. Another thing that kind of government will do is grow the military side of the government while paying them less and less. Look at Mother Russia and what they did after the War. They grew until Reagan forced them to go into bankruptcy and the Union splintered, leaving petty dictators running loose all over eastern europe. (nearly destroyed us as well).

This is my belief. We must reign in the power lusting politicians and make them remember that they are the servants of the people, not the masters. All of us who have served in the military have an obligation to defend the constitution against the legislative, judicial, and executive branches. Even though we are still a "free" nation, our unbalanced government will soon fail us and we the voters will be left to pick up the pieces. Working together is the only way and we need leadership that understands that the power in this country belongs to the people and the people have the obligation to sustain their power in the face of power mongers and ineptitude. Perhaps there are a few people in the three branches that are not corrupted, and they need to speak out now against abuse of power.

And no, the dead are not imbued with a right to vote unless the physically rise from the grave and show their valid voter registration card. Seems like it has happened here in Louisiana in the past but it seems to have spread nationwide now. I wish it was a joke, but..... 

Tuesday, November 26, 2019


Thanksgiving is. 

Not just the holiday, which is this Thursday, but the idea of it. Thanksgiving is not just the one day each year, but should be the natural state of every person each day. While we destroy the planet we still have air to breathe and water to drink, though both are becoming rarer every day. We can grow what we need for food, but we do not feed each other. Nor do we take proper care of the soil in which we grow things. Sometimes I am sure that mankind is forgetting the Creator and disregarding the consequences. 

I remember days and nights of being well fed, cared for and cleaned up. Yet in my youth it was what I expected and I didn't truly appreciate my circumstances. People all over the world live in conditions beyond my experience and imagination. Growing up reading Edgar Rice Burroughs and imagining living in a jungle is nothing like reality. The jungles of Africa, Asia, South and Central America present so many obstacles to life that I have nothing which compares to it in my limited world experience. I have felt the hunger of missing a couple of meals and to a person used to three meals and innumerable snacks every day my understanding of going a couple of days with nothing to eat is unfathomable. I see now how "spoiled" I was and it now gives me thanksgiving for all of the blessings and grace I have received over my lifetime.  Even fasting for a day presents such an obstacle that I fear I would fail miserably. Maybe not, with God's help, but certainly not on my own.

I have difficulty understanding how the world can continue to exist with all the evils going on throughout the lands.  Toleration of evil is at a height undreamed of by many God fearing people and we choose to endure instead of protest. Praying for the evil people of the world is not an easy task and many who claim to follow Christ fail to present their prayers with a pure heart, seeking what is best for the evil doers, not understand that we should pray that those same evildoers would come to an understanding of God and His judgement and the possibility of His mercy. Everyone has failed to live up to the full and complete standard of The Lord, except for His Son. So in truth we are all evildoers and we all deserve His judgement and the only way we escape condemnation is though His Son. Yet we are instructed to pray for our enemies even though they are the enemies of God. We do not pray for their success. Keep that thought in mind. Their success in the here and now means their destruction in the time of judgement. This is a guarantee from the Lord, so we pray that they understand the path they are on and the other path, which, though harder, leads to a better place than the lake of fire. 

Now about politics, this is how I feel, our "government" is no longer following the constitution, the guidelines of which are based on God's laws. Fascist and socialist cry foul when capitalist win and the reverse happens also. No one is asking "What is right?" but only "What serves my interest?"  No one is pointing out the injustices put on the world by religions of false prophets, and even though Christianity has often failed to adhere to the peace teaching of the Christ, those are the only teachings that give everyone the chance to actually live in real peace. The call of Jesus was to turn to God and seek His forgiveness, prepare for His kingdom, not of earthly design but of spiritual. In that call it is taught to love each other in the truest sense of the word, as God loves. Any religion that uses that teaching improperly in God's view, is teaching against God and is looking at receiving condemnation God

Yet it seems that no one is crying out against the abuses, injustices and murders in the name of islam. Who is voicing concern for the persecutions of Christian by the followers of that false prophet, nor even the actions of the communist nations against Christians seeking only to worship God. No one is crying out about the persecution of the unborn who cannot cry out for themselves. Yet the abuse and murder of moslems in dictatorships or in communist countries is readily covered by a biased media and is very vocal about the atrocities. 

There seems to be plenty of worry over baby seals and there are laws concerning them but laws regarding defenseless human babies are disregarded for convenience sake. Don't misunderstand, I am against the killing of baby seals for their fur, or any other reason except for basic survival and they are the only food source. I do believe in the right of pre-existent life, a pregnant woman, to defend her right to life. If a baby's continued existence in the womb threatens the mother's life then she may chose defend her life or accept the risk. The choice should be hers and not the doctor nor the genetic donor, but not if it threatens "lifestyle" or situation in the family or really any other excuse. It really saddens me when a child's life is taken, period, and as a measure of convenience is really depressing. Life is much to precious a gift to be regarded as a choice. Yes I know some who have chosen that path and I do still love them, even though my heart-pains are deep. And I do pray for them. I believe adoption is the better choice, especially if there is no family support.  

Pure religion according to the Creator is that we look after the needs of widows and orphans. It isn't about the show that is put on at each mass or tent meeting. It is not observance of rituals or the commands of men, prophet or no. Pure religion should come from the heart and be based in love, for Christ, for God, and for each other. 

I've been in many places that were dedicated to worship. Some were huge stone buildings with much art in the design and on the wall, but no real presence of the Spirit. Just a place, really. I've been in a cinder-block building that would seat maybe twenty people and felt the presence of God in the hearts of those attending. People will say they can worship God wherever they are and I know this is true, but when you use it as an excuse to not gather with the church, I am convinced that you do wrong. Yes, I have read the scriptures over and over again and I am still convinced of this. The church body meets to edify and lift each other up, to correct where teaching is going astray, to ensure that the whole body is joined in heart and mind with Christ. To help when times are hard and to ask when there is a time of need. These blessings aren't available if you aren't.

One thing I have noticed over the years is that the church can be found anywhere. The most awesome place outside of a few churches that I have attended was a steel walled room with seating for about ten or so people. Not a prison, by the way. (After hearing the door shut in the brig at Rota where I was escorting a guy in the squadron that was being detained, I have not wanted to ever feel that way or hear that sound ever again. Just the memory gives me the willies. Bob, I am so sorry you had to go through that but you did put yourself in that situation. I sincerely hope and pray  you are doing much better now.) But back to the steel room: The fellowship we felt on the carrier was indeed a revelation to us. I was meeting with a few guy who attended the Church of Christ when in our respective home-ports and although none of us were very gifted musically, we worshiped together in song, in message and in communion like the brothers we are. 

 Christianity is not nor should ever be considered a religion, but a way of life dedicated to fulfilling the calling of the Word. The Word was there in the beginning of things and will still be after the end of things. Christianity is the full and complete understanding of love as expressed by God and is the very core of existence. The doors of Christianity are opened wide till the Word shuts them. Acceptance of God and subsequent obedience of His command is to demonstrate your acceptance of His presence and authority and is what we should desire to do as Christians. We can do this by emulating His Son, which should be the ultimate goal of any follower of Christ. God should always come first in our life, and with Him is the Holy Spirit, and the Son.  

The word of YWH since the beginning of time and especially since the time of His Son is that we should love one another as He loves each one of us. Yes, this is a near impossible task given the nature of man and mankind's tendency toward self-destruction. We must consider this as we make our laws and call for ALL (this is aimed at our current and future "leaders") to obey them. No other law is higher than God's love and no law of man can equal God's law of love.

I have never met another carbon based intelligent (to a degree) bipedal life form that has kept all the laws of their unit/country/"religion". Many of my learning experiences call to question my total and complete obedience to the laws of the land, where ever I was located. And many more of my experiences convinced me that many of those "units" really had no understanding of what the Creator wants in how we should live our short time on this rock. I have browsed the teachings of many of the so-called "great" minds, past to present. Some of them simply rehash and water down what is already in the Bible, most of them spout things of philosophy that tries to remove God from the equation and to my somewhat limited ability to understand, self elevating and meaningless platitudes. Many of the allegedly great thinkers are simply stating the obvious in larger words than most people know and many of them are mostly concerned with self over others. What do I know? I'm just a white boy from the edge of the swamps.  

 When someone says all you need is love, that person doesn't understand that true love requires that we do, not feel. True love demands that we work for what is best for us and them, regardless of how we feel, bestly with the guidance of the Creator's Spirit. Some call it agape' love but it is the highest level of love known to man. It is the love the Creator has for His creation and especially for those created in His image. We are that creation and within us is the possibility to approach that level of love, but it does require us to understand and continuing to learn about love and how far we are expected to go.

 I love my wife. Simply stated, but the meaning to me goes far beyond my pitiful ability to express. I feel the same kind of love for my children and their families. Whether I feel pride or shame my love remains. I love my brothers, though two are gone, and their families as well. And both my sisters in law and their families. Nieces, nephews, cousins, aunts, uncles, grands and all are loved by me, even if we disagree. One of the few things I understand about God that has become a part of me and is constantly teaching me is His love. I have friends inside the church and out, all that I love, some that I am truly feeling the "family vibe" that is supposed to be the hallmark of God's children.  

 I have many layers of love in me, some that go well beyond my depths of perception. Do I love life? Sometimes. Other times I'll be glad when it is over. Not that I am in a hurry for it to be over, just that I don't understand what I'm supposed to do next. I conclude from many of the people I know, this may be a natural and common trait of mankind. I love studying the Word of God to expand my understanding of life. I love when I can help someone who is in a bad, or even a good situation. I know I wind up missing many opportunities to express God's love and mine, mostly due to me forgetting things.   

There are times that I will directly ask God: "What am I supposed to do with my life?" As yet He has not answered directly, but often immediately afterward I find myself in a situation where my presence has a significant and positive meaning for someone. It is my guess that God may be using others to provide my answer and I am simply too thick to comprehend. Sometimes I am the one who answers my prayer as the Spirit moves me to accomplish God's design. You never really know at the time but when you look back on it, you see how obvious the signs were. Sometimes I realize that I can be oblivious to things around me. 

  I don't grasp the thinking that leads someone to apply a permanent solution to a temporary situation. Well, maybe a little, but that is something that I see as having no real benefit for anyone, and I know some people will not comprehend this train of thought. Suicide is never a comfortable thought to me and it will call up examples of people who have chosen to die. The soldier that throws his body on a grenade has chosen to give his life so others may live is one. But that soldier gave his life for others. I see benefit for others over self as the motive. Same thing for those who shield others with their body during a tornado or a bank robbery and die for them. Again, others over self. Especially Jesus comes to mind as the danger He gave His life  saving us from is indescribably horrible. 

But to take your life to relieve  your emotional pain, or to take it because you bullied or your relationship ended? This gives me trouble. This is self over others. While your body feels no more pain, those who love you feel a tortuous pain that cannot be relived by the philosophies of man, but only by the Creator. Even then it is more a lessening of the hurt than releasing from pain. I've known a couple of people who have died by their own hand and though the loss I feel is lessened by the emotional distance (weren't family) between us, there is still sadness and loss. I have trouble understanding the feeling of loss to those closest to them.  I do have friends that have gone through this situation and really all I can offer them is my shoulder, if needed, and my prayers, which I give even if not requested. And also I give them my love. I do not see this as a duty, as some call it, but as a privilege given to me by the Lord. So if you know someone who feels this lost or abandoned do not be afraid to tell them that they are loved and there is a solution even though we may not see it yet.

But enough for now. You may notice some fragmentation in my writing, don't be shocked, my thoughts are often fragmented.  Love you all, but that doesn't mean I'll support your evil intentions. Cast them away and live better each day.

Monday, November 04, 2019

AAAAaaaannndd Another Thing

Another thing I have noticed lately is the difference in font selections for blogspot is somewhat strange and limiting. Why I know not. Maybe it is just me. Probably is just me. I need one between normal and large. After all, I do not think I am "normal" in the current sense of the word. And I am not "larger than life" by any means. I got out of the killing business last millennium before the new one started. I have more or less gotten out of the computer business as well because of the variables in advancement and the absurd lack of real security for the masses. I simply am a retrograde user who totally distrust any organization that wears a label, except of course the LBRA. I cannot say I fully trust it but I trust it more than other groups out there. People, is a different story. Hil C. I trust to do what will serve her best. I am not sure why Billy Bob stays married to her unless it is fear of the consequences of crossing her. One good thing is what goes 'round, comes 'round. I hope the military remembers that they are sworn to defend the constitution, not the political trash.

On birds now:

My scissor-tails have gone south or into hiding. Haven't seen them for a week now and I suspect the two cold fronts have a lot to do with it. Have seen a raptor return though. I suspect it is a kestrel but no positive id yet. Might be the peregrine but it is smaller than the one from last year. More as soon as I get a better look and hopefully a pic. 

On Snakes in the grass:

The real deals, none. Too Cool.
The trash: It is election time and too many to list.

On pies and cakes:

One thing I can always depend on is my wife (naturally) and especially when it involves cooking anything with coconut. I once made her a coconut blender pie when we were stationed in Maine. It came out good. I was amazed. I can't eat coconut without choking, but I could make a pie. 37 years later I try again. As no knifes, plates, or other objects came flying my way and she is moaning quietly I guess I did ok again. Who'd a thought it. I guess lemon or chocolate cake is next. Prepping for the 4th....


Please note: The following is random thoughts and observations of my own, based on my experiences in life, readings of historical documentation, and general scuttlebut picked up from different areas of the world. I present them as such and not documented fact, although much of it is documented in the older history books. History teaches us that expansion of one group means displacement or absorption of another group. Nature verifies this as well. Just ask Alabama about kudzu.

This is my country. One group of my people ran others out of the country way back when and were run out in turn by others. Been going on for the past 3 or 4 millennia. 

European and Nordic ancestors have been in and out of the country for better than a millineum, many of which settled here over the past 4 centuries, no, make that the past 5 centuries now. 

Just so you know, some were slave "owners" some weren't. I'd say no to that kind of foolishness but no one asked. Hasn't been an issue in my lifetime. I'm against the idea in general when we are talking about people.  

If you don't know, slavery still exist in this country and many other places in the world. Many false religions fully support and enforce slavery. Race is now only a flavor in current slave markets. Fact of the matter is that this has most always been so from ancient times. Black, white, yellow, even red have all been slaves and were the owners of slaves. The "American" that we now call native often kept slaves, although sometimes the difference could be hard to tell. North, Central and South American tribes, nations, confederations, empires and other groupings took slaves as the natural course of things as conquest and defeats were made. Same thing in the european area as well, for many centuries. The African continent has been in the same such turmoil as far back as history is written. Asia and India have had and still have their own slave markets though as with many other countries not always as an open market as it used to be. 

Slaves now are seldom bought for the agricultural purposes that they once were, as machines have replaced them and enabled the agricultural expansion to the point that we now have the capability to feed the world from a relatively small area of farmland. Now is the time of the sex slavers and similar service oriented tasking. New Orleans, Mobile, and other southern cities are no longer the centers of this illegal and immoral trade. Look rather to Los Angeles or New York for the slave blocks and not just in the chinatown areas. Slave labor hasn't died out nor shall it till judgement falls on all. 

Many people are now slaves of the government ruling over them, although the governments won't call it that, but what is the difference? Name only.   And it is not just communist countries but all countries, especially those who have a socialistic leaning. If the government is feeding you and the government is giving you "free" income, then you become dependent on the government for living unless you manage the money more wisely than my current observations indicate. You have chosen to become a servant of politics and you will be looking at starvation or criminal activity just to eat if you displease the government. 

The setup is complete now. The world will soon be disrupted by the coming anarchy that will pull today's "civilization" back to pre-dark age terror and isolationism. Look carefully at the past century. Check out this short list

National Socialist Party (Germany, 1930's)
United Soviet Socialist Republic (aka  Russia)

Both rose to power on fear and force. Do you think things will be different for us if we follow those same footsteps? How do you not see the repetitions of history? I figure to die about 2042 at 89 like my father and his father before him. 2043 will be left to you to decide, anarchy or common sense. Have fun yall.

Thursday, October 17, 2019


This in not a reference to steroids.

This is a reference to real juicing, as from fruit of the vine, specifically from muscadine grape vines. Now you know we are talking jelly (or syrup) juicing. Instead of the old way that I learned growing up which was more labor intensive I invested in a steam juicer and I have to say I like it a bunch. Different type of labor but a serious reduction of mess that needs cleaning. I'm talking about saved labor over the course of years more than pays for the couple of hundred buck you might have to lay out. In my research I found that the best price-range was between 2 and 3 hundred. Those under 2 seem to be lacking in durable construction and other quality points, and over 3 you are paying for a name or something and paying too much, unless you are semi-commercial and need volume. Also if you are a "gourmet" you have a show to put on, so I get it. If you are like me, a home user, the names aren't a guiding factor, composition of the pots is the greater concern. Given current Alzheimer research it makes sense to go with stainless steel as I have seen no recent research that indicates troubles from the material. I would consider cast iron but haven't seen it available anywhere especially at a price I'd consider. And cast iron maintenance would involve more labor than the stainless steel variety, so I think probably not unless it was (really) made in the USA and under $300, then maybe it would be given consideration. If you are wondering about what you can juice this way, I have juiced the following:

Blueberries (I think) - BIG CAUTION ON STAINS

In my future plans I am also looking at peaches, apples, and most other fruits when I can get enough of them to fill the basket. Does anyone know of a test you can get to check for arsenic or other poisons that some fruit might have in their seeds? (Old Emergency episode with peach pits: lesson learned, don't eat them.) Found some groups on faceplantbookie that discuss interesting things within the group, one of the few intelligent uses of the format.

AND COUSINS, the fourth is not that far away, so start your planning now!!! Plane tickets would make a great Christmas/Hanukkah, New Years, President's Day, MLK Day, Easter, Graduation, BIRTHDAY present, no? 


Friday, September 06, 2019

It's HOT in the shade.

Looking like triple digit temps this weekend so be ready fellow rats. Lotsa water, not beer. Reduce caffiene intake and upgrade hydrogen hydroxide intake. Minimize carbon dioxide intake as well. Don't eliminate dem eggs though, fried or scrambled is fine.

Thursday, August 29, 2019


In short, no such thing. Those familiar with Wynedom  (misspelled on purpose, you know who you are) know that the "advisors", "consultants", and other such names use all the same approaches, annoyances, tactics, and pressures that you find in all salesman training programs. But if it quacks like a duck, etc.; yup, duck. Pressure salesmen (and women) are programmed to get you to buy, no matter what they call the procedure. Things like "Dominate Buying Motive" are what they seek in use as a lever to move you into a more vulnerable position. Compassion as a tool, ""fear of losing" pressure, and a whole host of other psychological games are what they have in their tool box to part you from your hard earned money and time. Reason I say this is because the scams of the internet are just the latest in a long series of scams perpetrated by people and corporations for centuries, all depending on the gullibility, insecurity, and/or depression of people every where. It is a control game at it's heart, one that attempts to get you to give in as a final attempt to end the game, which is their goal. Once you have been ground down, salespeople then renew the game in order to bleed as much money out of you as possible and as long as possible, pushing you into the spiral of debt that they hope to continue inflicting on your children indefinitely. 

But what can we do to disengage these people? Whether at the store, on the phone, or in the streets you have the power and right to say "NO". Whether you are being robbed by someone with a gun or a clipboard and pencil understand that your right to life, liberty and happiness remains unimpeded. Of course, if facing someone with a gun or knife, I do not recommend engaging them if you do not have special combat training. But a salesperson, feel free to cut them with eye-daggers, or just turn around and walk away. If they pursue, turn around again. If that doesn't work ask them if they know Jesus. If they don't, then sit with them and explain sin and salvation if you can. If that proves to be too much of a challenge for you, which it is for many people, tell them of how the Lord has affected your life. If they do know Jesus, ask them why they aren't following His teachings? Over the phone you can just ask them the same questions they ask you, however, if they have a recording device they may record you to be cut and pasted later to give proper responses to "bad for you" questions. Really the best thing to do is say nothing, just like a hung up computer. Lay your phone down and come back five minutes later to see if they have hung up yet, if they are still talking, just hang up. There are so many ways to deal with it that you really need not concern yourself with them. I generally chose to let unrecognized numbers go to the voicemail box and if a message is left, go from there. If it is directv in walmart or that other one in target, I just pass them by like a payroll wagon passing a tramp, {for you Louis L'Amour fans.} We are not under any sort of obligation to buy anything from anyone, including our government, nor are we required to assist anyone on the street corner. We have the freedom to choose what we will do regardless of the desires of other people, but we also are required to live (or die) with the consequences. 

And you thought the Random Man could spread it thin.....

Saturday, June 08, 2019

Mie Werld Vu //// The beginning of a writing experiment...

Mie Werld Vu

Yes, not overly punnie, I know. Yet here ‘Tis.  My eldest will get it and maybe a few others.

 Can we ever have world peace? I think not. Because if there is one or more humans on this planet peace is not achievable.

And yes, I know of Audio Adrenaline, if you are one of “those” that cannot let things go.

I don’t think I will use proper writing in this either, as I do not really concern myself on what grade I can make; nor am I trying to be impressive. If someone can perceive what I am saying, then well and good. If I cause someone to think about why this is so confusing, that is fine also.

If someone is upset with the lack of pictures and drawings, oh well, you are not thinking on the same level I am. You may be higher, or you may be lower, but you are totally irrelevant as for as this goes because this is MY perception, not yours. Nor is it free from my prejudices, shortcomings, ignorance or awareness.

Do I think I am right? Of course I do. Am I right in an absolute sense? Only God truly is and knows for sure if I am even close. Neither you nor I have a real clue. So you people out there, do not put words in my mouth that I personally have not said. Do not pull things out of context as my context is the sum total of my interactions with my existence. So here ‘tis, the beginning, or thereabouts....

My awareness began in the fifties with somersaults through the front yard (3 ish), a tornado moving Aunt Jo’s house (4), and hurricanes blowing through the neighborhood. I had no idea who “Ike” was but I knew who Tom Terrific and Mighty Mouse were. Mr. Greenjeans and Captain Kangaroo were friend on television as well as Mr. Rogers and I remember the Jimmy Davis “Hymn of the Day”. Didn't realize till much later in life that he was the governor at the time. I did eat dirt when daddy plowed the field, but only fresh turned dirt. I was picky. I also started 1st grade in ‘59. There I found my first “love”, small l. I still bear the mark of that affair in my arm. My first tattoo, a graphite dot where Dorothy stabbed me with her pencil. I doubt she remembers the occasion but it is deeply impressed in my mind, and flesh. At that time I think I was too self absorbed to be aware of world conditions or others for that matter. I remember reporters that reported facts and not opinions. The news media didn't have to make up stories or blow stories out of proportion as there were plenty of phenomenal stories to go around. Radio played songs that were good, at least to me, although as we went into the 60's I wasn't listening to a lot of radio. I did watch a lot of cartoons on Saturday morning. By the way, I had no desire to try to jump off the roof and fly or blow up anybody, although I didn't mind blowing up toys with firecrackers.  Nor did I seriously wish to shoot anyone. Whack them over the head maybe, but not to the point of termination. The early sixties were best described as relatively uneventful from my perspective. The assassination of the president interrupted my Saturday morning cartoons, so you can tell I was not cognitively aware of world events. Vietnam was already going on, as were other world events and the cold war was intensifying. They made not the smallest blip on my radar. Now by ‘64 or ‘65, the radio was becoming much more a tool of interest to me, particularly rock and roll stations. One thing to mention in this time frame, I was becoming aware of the difference in views of the people around me, even the racial differences. One girl knew that the church I went to and the church she went to had services at the same time, so they must believe the same thing. I had no answer.  Racial tensions made no sense to me as I believed everyone was the same to God so I didn't understand why  people didn't understand so simple a concept. People are different regardless of what group they belonged to, or even in their groups so why bother with all the drama? It is pointless. Turns out I was right although people still refuse to accept it. All I can say is “get over yourself.”  In just a few short years my experiences with the racial perceptions of many was proved that what I thought was right. As the years of integration commenced many people insisted on drama over using common sense. The dramatist were and are  wrong. Their actions showed how small their perceptions were/are as people, and how shortsighted they were/are being.  One thing that I developed during this era, the first radio headset, (out of an AM transistor radio and tape) which I used to listen to KEEL out of Shreveport while I was choppin’ cotton. I can’t remember what I got paid for choppin' cotton but it kept me off the streets during the summer. By the way, I got paid 5 cents a pound for picking cotton while other hands got 7 cents a pound. And they got paid more just because they were more productive! But then again, I remembered a parable from the bible and no arguing with God or Daddy in my book. I also got 5 cents a pound for picking up pecans during the fall. Of course 20 pounds meant a buck and up to eight comic books so I did get some picked up. Also this was Christmas “present money” if I could hang on to it. The few times I got near to 60 pounds I thought I was rich. Mike, my brother, almost always had over 100 pounds which he promptly wasted on girls and beer and such. I didn't understand that either. Back then if I got a hundred pounds (maybe once or twice) I’d get the “annuals” that cost 25 cents and be in hog heaven. Also during these mid and late 60's I spent a lot of time on the bayous. Mostly Bayou Boeuf fooling around and snake killing and crawfishing and Cocodrie for fishing. I proved that a 14 foot Polarcraft boats won’t sink if you don’t weigh it down because of the  foam in the seats. I also swam the bayou (Boeuf) from the power station to my cousin’s house both ways a few times. It was only about 3 miles and the alligators were all upstream back then. Only thing to worry about were the moccasins and they don’t party a lot at night. In general I didn't bug the water snakes as they never seemed interested in a fight but the moccasins were down right mean and we often engaged each other. I've seen one that tried to get to me even though I was twenty feet above him. He leapt straight up as I was on the bridge and it was on a log hung up against the pylon. I used most everything from a stick to a 12 gauge against them, including fishing poles.  During the summers I also mowed grass for money. Maybe get 3 or 4 bucks a yard but that ate into my cartoon time. I also had to give Daddy a buck or two as it was his mower that I used. I guess that was my introduction to capitalism. Was ok with me as it made sense. Keep in mind that there were no “zero-turn” riding mowers back then that I knew of and the regular riding mowers were expensive. I was also terrible at setting prices, having next to no business sense. That is something I still have issues with when I work on computers.  I do scare easy. I say that having experienced a few moments of sheer terror, some of which were self induced. We were watching “Twilight Zone” in the living room which set me up for it. I had walked out of the room and into the other bedroom when Moma was coming through it and she heard David coming behind me from the living room. David had heard Moma’s footsteps also and they had decided to “boo” each other. I saw the whole thing happening and when they jumped out at each other I was the one who left the floor three below me. First time I can remember physically feeling an accelerated heartbeat. Other times I have been totally surprised and it generated exactly 0 response. I don’t know. Sometimes I try to remember birthdays and presents and mostly I draw a blank. I do remember a bat Uncle George gave me one year (I was under 15 and over 10, which is as close as I can pinpoint it.) I’m pretty sure I got a glove and ball that year too.  Aside from that, birthday and Christmas presents are a homogeneous mess. I remember giving Grandma a card of tacks for Christmas. It was years later that I found out about how she laughed when she opened it but for the next year each time she needed a thumbtack she would crack a smile and remember the present. Best quarter I ever invested. For a lot of years my Christmas gifts were allocated according to my gift budget. Moma, Daddy, Aunt Jo and Uncle George were always a buck to buck 50. Brothers/cousins up to four bit. Grandma and Grandpa and Dee were not given a limit but seldom over a buck. Carol Jean (cousin that lived next door) always at least four bits depending on the price of chocolate covered cherries. Uncle Possum was usually around 30 to 40 cents depending on where I could find the popping bugs. As you may be able to tell, mental discipline is not my forte’. Other things I remember from the 50's and early 60's are extreme emotions. I have no idea why, but when Aunt Lurlene died I was standing by the phone when Moma took the call. I can only remember the horror I felt at the news. I have no idea why it impacted me so powerfully because I was less than ten, I think. I have to go to her grave to get the year straight in my head and it only last for a couple of days. That’s when Burt and David (her sons) came to live with us. Their dad had died in the 50's in a car wreck in east Texas I think.  Another traumatic incident (for me) was when the rope swing broke as I was reaching the highest point of the arc and was over the concrete table. Yes, I landed on my head but I did NOT break the table. I did take a lot of skin off my ear and the side of my head and I think I was afraid my brains were leaking out, but it was just blood. No idea why I didn't go deaf either. Other moments of terror, waiting for a school bus and thinking I’d backed into thorns on a plum tree. Turned out those thorns had wings and my feet grew them also as I flew out of the ditch. Another time David and I were hunting and were wrapping it up and leaving the woods behind Uncle John’s house by crossing the fence to his field where the truck was parked on a turn-row. David went over first while I held the guns and then I went over and stepped into the yellow jacket nest he had just trod on. Four shots to the back and I was once again airborne and flying across the freshly plowed field. Not the last time I was stung, but the last time I was surprised by them bugs. Next attempt on my life by a red wasp resulted in flight before getting stung. Straight across the roof, carport and onto the ground stopping only when the barbed wire fence cause rapid deceleration. Never broke stride even with the eight foot drop between the carport and ground. Like I said, I am temporally challenged in my memories. I know exactly what happened, but when is a challenge. One time my brothers and I went out to the canal to target shoot and I had a 20 gauge that belonged to Burt or David, I don’t remember which for sure. My shells were reloads that a cousin and I had made according to the spec sheets we had. Apparently one shell had a pinhole in it at the base because when I went to shoot a blackbird in the top of a tree, kaboom, the chamber and about two inches of barrel blew out. Keep in mind I was aiming the gun and the chamber and my face were less than six inches apart. I saw Mike and George running towards me and their mouths were moving but no sound was coming out. I heard a little “tick” sound and looked down and there was the shell on the pavement. I looked at the gun and there the chamber where the shell was, wasn't. Took a couple of days for my hearing to come back but it did. Made me a little more conscious of my gun handling but didn't put me off from guns at all. I remember Cousin Sidney exposing me to Nancy Drew Mysteries. I read the first hundred of them. I became an avid reader around the sixth grade or so. As far as studies went, I remember flunking the only spelling test I really studied for and I mean F- flunking. I remember reading Dr. Seuss in the seventh grade, not “Green Eggs and Ham” or “The Cat In The Hat” but other books. What snagged my mind was his use of words and the words he made up. I recognized his genius then, and later as I tried my hand at writing. Fortunately none of my earlier writings survived my naval trekking and only a few of the later writings can now be found, thank you Lord.

This covered some of the happenings of my early youth and I’ll write more later, maybe. Not sure I want all my high school secrets out just yet as many of the people involved are still living and do not have the same memories of events as I experienced them. Just to give a preview, no, I did not smoke nor did I drink. Couldn't afford either even if I wanted to, which I didn't. I also had limited access to a vehicle so not a lot of dating and such, though I wouldn't have minded more than I did have. Girls did not seem interested and I do not like to push where emotions are involved. I will say this: there were several that were interesting to me but even then I felt they weren't the “one” for me. I found her later and we are still married. More about that later also.

Monday, May 20, 2019

It's Monday Morning

And I'm not Garfield. Although I did have a dream about unusual looking cats. Very electric greens and other colours. Also a very weird looking in a cool way VW not a microbus. More like a macrobus for a VW.  Had bus style accordion doors and on both sides. Other weirdness; in prison but not a prisoner or a guard, just wandering through. Now I'm typing this blog while listening to Poor Old Lu, Burlap To Cashmere, Plankeye and other oldish music.I have to wonder if anyone out there gets this, but then again, I just put it out there for consideration and if no one is interested, no worries on my part. Jesus and The California Kid. Cool.

Friday, May 17, 2019

Random thoughts from the middle of spring

Middle of May
What ya say
Gettin' the fish next month
And then the 4th.

I never claimed to be a poet

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Random Thoughts in early spring..

I think 5 Guys understands how to make a hamburger.
I know the little salad place just south of Alex does as well.
Mickey D's, eh! All i'll give them.
BK Lounge does better with burgers if you can get them to understand "your way."
DQ Forget the burger, dessert first.
Same for the hedgehog.
Popeye's doesn't do burgers. And that's a good thing.
Regular resties do have burgers but there is often some assembly required. I prefer RTE.

Yes, I am still hungry.

Saturday, March 23, 2019

Bye, Bye, Baby Bye Bye

Yes, I am quoting Janis there, or Big Brother to be a bit more precise. The reference of course is to Face(plant)book. Far too many distractions from what I am interest in and too much divisiveness in the political arenas. I've done my research and have reached the same conclusion once again. Anarchy is the inevitable outcome of our current political situation and the degree of violence that my grandkids will face is growing exponentially. It has become obvious to me that the current political parties are no longer viable alternatives and we need some refocusing on the important issues. Actually, we need a better understanding of which issues are important and which ones exist simply to incite rage and disorganization. We are rapidly failing as a country and are getting to be a nuclear armed 3rd world country. Charlie Daniels may be correct and the South might just do it again. California may be trying to be the leader but like so many leaders who have come and gone, they are not leading in a good direction. Washington (dc) can't decide on a positive direction so it is in it's own inverted universe with so many ticks sucking the country's blood and no clue what to do. ( for all you English majors and teachers out there, sorry about the run-on and incomplete thought. That is actually my point though.) All I can say is get real. Between Bush one and Trump every president we had killed many of our constitutional rights and are continuing to trod on that uniquely formulated agreement and have all, in my not so humble and sometimes very loud opinion, disgraced the office with which they were trusted. Governors from all parties in the states with which my family have connections have been ineffective leaders accompanied by legislatures who would prefer to bicker with governors rather than address and resolve issues. Am I speaking of Louisiana? Of course, and Florida and Texas and Oklahoma and pretty much the other 46 states. ALL the major and most of the minor parties have sought to keep the economy rolling at a wartime pace when in fact there is no need. The country as a whole needs to take a step back and get another look at what we are doing. As of right now, corporate and political greed is at an all time high. Government is out of control and no one is paying attention to it. Seems to me like there are two entities free falling from 30 thousand feet and the only thing they care about is getting in the last "slap in the face" rather than finding a parachute to use. OK, not my best analogy, but still better than Tony Stark's Spidey analogy.   

Saturday, February 23, 2019

Music and randomness is in the air.

Well, I'd normally not recommend things but on occasion I am surprised by something.  Of course for you who know me know that that in itself isn't a surprise. But that I admit I like something, that may surprise you. At the moment I am referring to Pandora and Spotify websites/Apps. If you are looking for certain songs they can be a deliverance to your puzzled mind. They can also frustrate you,but so far I am enjoying the experience. Also the allowance for you to build your own playlist will let you combine songs of various genre' from many assorted albums. Given that my taste run from ragtime to prog rock and includes everything except sitar (only) music my playlist are what many call eclectic. (polite word for weird if you didn't know) Ragtime, blues, military, big band, real rock n roll, soul, psychedelic, hillbilly, jug band, newer rock n roll(ish), alternative (some), Prog rock and others make up my  listening environs. I know John Phillip Sousa tunes, Elmore James, Rogers and Hammerstein, Bo Diddley and so many others. I listen to them all specifically for what God has put into their messages in verse. If you look for satan's message, you will find it as well, but I look for God's. Many of the songwriters put their lyrics down without regard for the sublime but have a certain message in mind. Of course, many songs have a very limited message, usually identified by multiple repetitions of the same noise. Rap and hip-hop haven't really influenced me much as "explicit" content will make me listen to something else rather quickly, even to the point of hitting the off button and listening to the grass grow. It doesn't shock me but it does make me pity the teachers who see their efforts wasted. If you can't express yourself any better than using profanity, you are not an artist. You show your limited perceptions and disregard for the value of real respect and a lack of self-respect. At least, so it seems to me. Herman's Hermits "Henry the VIIIth" presented itself back in the 60's and I took it as a parody of songwriting back then. (Second verse same as the first). I like much of Weird Al's work, the beauty of It's A Beautiful Day, the strangeness of Hampton Grease Band, Pink Floyd, and The Yardbirds/Led Zeppelin, the precision of Eric Clapton and Roy Clark. I listen to country and to western as well as swing, both big band and Texas. Truthfully much of todays top music (sales wise) carries very little appeal as I am now old and I still find gems in the 60's and 70's music that is new to me. I am also a "Deadhead", though not of the usual variety. Starflyer 59 I first heard on the Blonde Vinyl tape and just found them on Spotify. Mellowing out is cool. The Doors had many really impressive songs as well as totally forgettable ones. The same can be said of most groups. I'm not talking top 40 either. Most of those were here and gone without making a dent on my mind. Maybe I'll put a playlist out there for all to see. Word of warning, most of the songs I like last more than 3 minutes, several more than 30 minutes. Now excuse me as I go "Surfing with the aliens".

Friday, January 25, 2019

And then there was light

Here at The Hollow things have slowed down now that cane season is done. Winter has arrived and the temp is below 60 most days. To put it simply, I am cold. 

Not being a "scholar" of any note I don't read into the things politicians and other liars say. Since I have high blood pressure and sodium chloride tends to make blood pressure climb, I can no longer take what they say with a grain of salt because everything they say is skewed, twisted and mutilated beyond any concept of truth. Dummykrauts blame the rich kid and the rich kid blames them and the truth is America is at fault. We elected all of them and we obviously have poor taste in leadership. I just hope we don't get another Hitler in the mix and especially here in La. Tell you the truth it is almost as though many of our current batch of "leaders"  have been reading Mien Kamph and studying Karl Marx's drivel. News flash twits, check your history books a little closer, not the recently published ___*___ that is being forced down our kids intellectual throats but the ones you can observe from back when newspapers treated truth as a friend instead of the enemy. Both of those guys lost. China's communism is a slightly adjusted for of imperialism as they built a larger empire but like all top heavy governments, it will eventually collapse into re-written history. I hope our government "officials" are taking notes because we are less than 30 years from that fate ourselves. It is time for those whom are supposed to be representing us get off their collective tushes and represent. Time for both "major" parties to disestablish and for people to be given true information unfiltered through party doctrine and the "they" of censorship. Time we stopped worrying about a wall and worry about the unborn voters that are killed for convenience sake. How about you young people begin doing what us old people forgot about and self-discipline yourselves. Choose bravely to forgo the risk of sexually transmitted diseases. I have always felt adoption was the better option over killing a higher lifeform. The only time I agree with abortion is when the child poses and extremely dangerous situation to the mother and there is a very great risk of the mother dying in the process as well as the baby. What I call the right of preexistant life to continue. No child has a right to end a mother's life and I mean the physical life, not the lifestyle. There are extreme circumstances that aren't addressed here, but they are rare enough to not be addressed in this missive.  

Here at The Hollow we are just waiting for winter to get it's fill of Cajun hospitality and haul its tukas back over the Canadian border. Then we gonna see about a visit to Cocodrie.....

* Naval expression that I am trying to remove from my mental processing but DC is making it nearly impossible.↫💫↬



Tuesday, January 01, 2019

A New Year Begins

Happy New Year, Y'all

Once again the calendar goes around. Once again we have a chance to do things right. Once again I think that without a miracle from The Creator we will fumble again and not promote real peace and real love, as God has shown us. But we can if we will. Choose to make a difference and you can see His hand at work. Choose to be nice to each other and just maybe you can understand the feeling of doing what is right. Help where you can. Pray where you cannot help. Examine you motives whatever the situation and give God the glory every time.

Jus' sayin'

Cosmic Charley