Thursday, January 29, 2015

Word of warning; do not click on anything highlighted in this blog. I did not create any links in it. My system, like the web, is somewhat corrupted by people whom I hope feel justice and change their ways  before they receive true justice!

Well, I give up. Spammers are interfering with my first amendment rights and the government does not care. As long as their internal garbage gets through they give no thought to the constituents whose votes put them in office. Soon, when anarchy rises, there will be a time of payback so for now just keep a list of the idiots, script-kiddies play anarchist, hackers and politicians. Most of the time I am against the senseless violence of the world but there comes a time when one must insist everyone follow the true rules of life and punish with severity those who would seek to dominate all. Communism offers no hope. Socialism guarantees total loss of freedom. Even democracy has it's proven downfalls. (Check your Greek history) Even our constitution has it's problems, usually brought about by those seeking to have power over others. I have seen nothing in the "religions" of the world as presented by "historians" that would give anyone hope. Islam is a religion of peace, mainly the peace of submission or the grave. Christianity as acted out by those who sought gain (as far  back as the crusades to today's televangelist)  is a religion of greed. The Christianity of the Bible is little evident in the world today, but there are those pockets of believers throughout the world that feel the early church, even though not perfect, had it right and believe the only fit ruler of the world is the Prophet, Priest,and King who died and lived. No other assessment of life makes sense to me. We should pray daily for each other. We should help each other physically, mentally, and spiritually. We should truly learn what it means to love each other. That doesn't necessarily mean giving way to others but ensuring that each other is on the true path. Follow no false "god", nor false "prophet" because that will lead you away from the truth. That direction is truly terminal, eternally.

Random acts of kindness buy you no favor with the Creator because our every act should be done in kindness and love. It is expected of  us. Let us endeavor to be kind and loving, not only to fellow journeyers, but to those who walk the pathways of error. Who knows? Someone may listen to God's call.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

I'm a DeadHead, of a sort. Never subscribed to the necessity of psycho-active ingredients, mainly because I seemed to be in the state those who did were seeking. Some times I "hear" music, Sometimes I "see"  music, sometimes I "feel", often with senses meant for other purposes. I was fortunate that my children were influenced by more than just my musical taste. I listened to (and still do) the music of the times, the past, the abstract, most genre's you can define and much you cannot. For instance, in what universe would one listen to , say "Iron Butterfly" (of Inna-Gadda-Da-Vida fame) and "The Hampton Grease Band" and view them as being the same genre'. Yes, I can tell teh difference between Hank Sr. and Hank Jr. just like I can discern Donovan Leitch from Melanie Safka, all of which produced music that I liked and did not like.

So what am I saying? Listen and learn. Yes I know the words to "Let It Go" (not a Hans Christian Anderson song or sentiment) as well as "It's a Small World", All of which "Dark Star" can drown out without elevating the volume.

And if you really want an insight to my mind, give an ear to "The Monkey and The Engineer".