Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Do you really like free??

e-Sword is a free bible software location. They will accept money though. I sent them some and they sent me the cd. Try it, you'll like it. especially if you are a fan of the King James Versions.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

It's a cold cold world....

It is below 60 again. (47.9 here ) I will be glad to see the 70's again. I have cousins up north (above Monroe, even) and I know they are cold. My sympathies. But look, here comes spring, then summer, then etc. Don't forget the suntan lotion.....

Pottermania has started to build once again. July release for the next movie and the final book of the series. Maybe everyone will give it a rest now. I do have to admit that I find the characters fascinating (to quote Mr. Spock). I was glad to have seen the first movie before I started reading the books. It gave me faces to go with the stories. The characters were well developed and diversified in their reactions to the many changing situations. Makes for entertainment anyway. Of course the encouragement to participate in witchcraft can be read into it so caution should be applied.

Just finished one of the Louis L'Amour collections today. Also makes for good entertainment, but I don't recommend riding the rails or flying death defying stunts in a Grumman either.

Don't forget

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Its a small world after all

Just a little bit of torture for the minds like mine out there.

Politics is in full swing now. The hate and lies begin to fly. Soon the rainy season of mud slinging will start. What we need to ask ourselves is what are we doing? Who do we vote for and why. I couldn't care less what party you belong to. If you do it is a stigma you can't wash off. If you don't, where is your commitment? George didn't care for the politics. He was more concerned with survival. Maybe that is why he should be considered our greatest president. For those who might be confused, the reference is not to Dubya or his Dad, but to the original George W.(ashington) Socialist are doomed to failure as demonstrated by history. It's very nature requires everyone to think and do the same. (Hello 1984) Is the end result Soilent Green? Maybe. That is a direction I don't want to go. 2043 will tell.