Thursday, August 29, 2019


In short, no such thing. Those familiar with Wynedom  (misspelled on purpose, you know who you are) know that the "advisors", "consultants", and other such names use all the same approaches, annoyances, tactics, and pressures that you find in all salesman training programs. But if it quacks like a duck, etc.; yup, duck. Pressure salesmen (and women) are programmed to get you to buy, no matter what they call the procedure. Things like "Dominate Buying Motive" are what they seek in use as a lever to move you into a more vulnerable position. Compassion as a tool, ""fear of losing" pressure, and a whole host of other psychological games are what they have in their tool box to part you from your hard earned money and time. Reason I say this is because the scams of the internet are just the latest in a long series of scams perpetrated by people and corporations for centuries, all depending on the gullibility, insecurity, and/or depression of people every where. It is a control game at it's heart, one that attempts to get you to give in as a final attempt to end the game, which is their goal. Once you have been ground down, salespeople then renew the game in order to bleed as much money out of you as possible and as long as possible, pushing you into the spiral of debt that they hope to continue inflicting on your children indefinitely. 

But what can we do to disengage these people? Whether at the store, on the phone, or in the streets you have the power and right to say "NO". Whether you are being robbed by someone with a gun or a clipboard and pencil understand that your right to life, liberty and happiness remains unimpeded. Of course, if facing someone with a gun or knife, I do not recommend engaging them if you do not have special combat training. But a salesperson, feel free to cut them with eye-daggers, or just turn around and walk away. If they pursue, turn around again. If that doesn't work ask them if they know Jesus. If they don't, then sit with them and explain sin and salvation if you can. If that proves to be too much of a challenge for you, which it is for many people, tell them of how the Lord has affected your life. If they do know Jesus, ask them why they aren't following His teachings? Over the phone you can just ask them the same questions they ask you, however, if they have a recording device they may record you to be cut and pasted later to give proper responses to "bad for you" questions. Really the best thing to do is say nothing, just like a hung up computer. Lay your phone down and come back five minutes later to see if they have hung up yet, if they are still talking, just hang up. There are so many ways to deal with it that you really need not concern yourself with them. I generally chose to let unrecognized numbers go to the voicemail box and if a message is left, go from there. If it is directv in walmart or that other one in target, I just pass them by like a payroll wagon passing a tramp, {for you Louis L'Amour fans.} We are not under any sort of obligation to buy anything from anyone, including our government, nor are we required to assist anyone on the street corner. We have the freedom to choose what we will do regardless of the desires of other people, but we also are required to live (or die) with the consequences. 

And you thought the Random Man could spread it thin.....