Sunday, September 18, 2011

What a strange world we are on.

I've been watching movies and football most of the day, nursing a sinus headache and apparently a minor fever. Not that they influence me all that much, but maybe it accounts for the weirdness. For some odd reason Reese Witherspoon was crossing my mind and I realised that for me, her best movie is Monsters vs. Aliens with Pleasantville a kinda close second. Why, I can't tell you, at least not without deep psychoanalysis. Cameron Diaz falls into the same boat. The Shrek series far ooutshines most of her other work for me. I wonder if it because of the cartoons I grew up with.

Best line ever for Reese:  "It's not the first time."

That was the best movie for Hugh Laurie also.....

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Mos qui toos

Please do not confuse them with politicians. Just because they are blood sucking parasites with little conscience and no mercy does not mean they were elected by the uneducated mindless masses, they truly were born that way. Why, I have no idea. Not by my choice I assure you. As to the other blood sucking parasites who were elected by the uneducated mindless masses, why don't we replace them with a new set this time?