Sunday, March 17, 2013

I noticed that the guvner is chatting up doing away with state income tax and I wonder why anyone would listen. Do away with income, not going to happen. He will relocate the taxes to something else. Can this state get by without that income? Nnope, no way for Louisiana politicians to get by with less income. So you can expect more and higher taxes to come. How about this thought, less tax breaks for companies or at least shorter tax breaks.I'm not a fan of federal money at all. But they are worse. They will trade money for control all the time because it is our own money they are giving back with numerous and onerous strings attached. Please remember that "fairness" to the feds means fair for them and at your expense. You have no "fair" from them, they want it as a one way street. Just remember, if the politicians lips are moving, it is going to cost you because the truth will not come out otherwise. (and even then, do like my daddy said, take it with a grain of salt.)

Although I think now he might up the dosage.

Bonnie says yep!