Monday, December 28, 2020

Starting A New Cycle

Starting A New Cycle

There was a time when people sought to demean a certain group of people by calling them “Jesus Freaks”. If the group was indeed followers of Christ, there was no insult there, just truth. A freak is someone different than the perceived “norm”. The world is full of this disregard for the feelings of others but I want to look at this particular one. 

“What will people think when they label me a Jesus Freak?

What will people do when they find out it’s true?” 

From the tune Jesus Freak by dcTalk

I find that many people will be fine bearing the label. Others yield to the human desire to respond negatively and reject the name as an insult. The thing to remember is that we are called to be separate from the world. We are called to reject worldly values for heavenly values and to share and apply those values to our life every single day.

Was it Simon and Garfunkle who said “Teach your children well.”? There were a few other suggestions and explanations that I will not repeat here. (Just a side thought here: I’d just about bet that English teachers everywhere are cringing, maybe even crying, due to the poor sentence construction and punctuation that is flowing through my fingers. I am really sorry but it is the only way I can pry the thoughts loose from my brain. Feel free to correct any overbearing or egregious errors in the comments.  Apologies Marylin.) 

If we fail to pass the true teachings of Jesus we will face judgement and receive justice, not a comforting thought to me. This is why we should apply daily His teachings as they are the only way to properly discern what we need to do and how. 

Do not forget that a “white lie” is still a lie. Find a better and more constructive way to deliver your message. If someone makes a mistake baking a cake, in example: switching sugar and salt in the recipe, tell them that. Don’t say “This is horrible, are you trying to poison me?” Say something like “ It seems you may have mistaken the salt for sugar and sugar for salt. It is a more common error than you might think. Just use a little more caution with ingredients that look alike.” If you are not as wordy as some, just keep your comments to yourself unless asked. Then say that the taste seemed off or something simple that does not lay blame with no support for the person. This is part of our job description as a christian, even if you are not a Jesus Freak.

Regardless, the blame game is a tool of the devil, not of The Lord. One thing I have learned from “Air Disasters” on the Smithsonian Channel is that all error seems to be the result of different actions many of which are not apparent and some are never discovered. The recurring question is where does the chain start and I think if you FULLY trace back to the beginning of the error you will wind up in a garden and at the Tree of Knowledge. Yes you can find immediate causes, such as missing screws on a panel or a screwdriver in an engine compartment but it will always trace back to a human decision that is erroneous in one respect or another. 

Such is the fate of humanity, but for the christian this fact is one we accept and we also accept that Jesus provided a way for us to correct this aspect of “human nature.” Yes, it may bore you or insult you or be completely disregarded by you but Jesus provided a way we can be forgiven by the Creator for messing up His perfect design. Some reject outright this means of making things right because they think it does not serve them, but the truth is that it is the only thing that does serve them, and those who follow Jesus know this. So if you wish, reject Jesus. He says it is your choice. But as Jesus and God are the ultimate judges you will face in the end and they know everything you or I have done from birth to death, they will decide if you receive justice — or mercy.

I am a Jesus Freak and it took me many years to begin to understand.

I am a Jesus Freak and in those many years I have learned many things.

I am a Jesus Freak and you have no power over me to insult me.

I am a Jesus Freak and I have no doubt about Jesus ruling.

I am a Jesus Freak and I am very happy about it.

CC {the not a poet}