Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Humidity outside is somewher between 100 & 500 %

Some people might say impossible, but if you are from Louisiana, you can accept that as normal for summer. But this is winter. Yes, there is frozern sterff upon the earth. I'm not sure about the lower reaches, but Possum Hollow definitely got a coat of "snow," the Louisiana version. PICS ON THE INDEX PAGE.

This rates as not my favorite kind of weather. I don't work well in temperatures below 60.

Of course there are those who say I don't work well at 60 and above also.

To all I say: What? You talkin' to me? You say summpin?

Should I run for governor when Bobby Boy goes for Prez??

I haven't wanted to be in charge of anything since I got off the flight deck. But what choices we have made since then. Could I be a bigger loser that what we chose, what we have? Sometimes I think Bon-Doggie could do as well.

Bye the bye, candy canes and envelopes don't mix. It's the mail version of drinking and driving. Sooner or later - mostly sooner- you are going to have a wreck. Then your mortgage payments gets shredded in the process of removal. THINK BEFORE YOU MAIL, please.

Saturday, December 06, 2008

It's December folks and tomorrow is the "Day of Infamy"

Fortunately for my family, no one was there. But for other families the day lives on. As I look at our nation's history, the cause for that day has returned. The de-emphasis of military service, the lowered standards throughout our country, The return of socialism in the mindset of congress. We are ripe for a kickin' but I don't think the country will recover quite the same as last time. This time I look for the divisions in the country to increase rather than combine to a unified force. God is no longer important to the country, unless you are trying to strike a deal with Him. This has put our contry at risk because of the presence of unbelievers who are forcing believers aside. We will fall as a country when they succeed. Do you think the homeless make up a discomforting group now? Wait, you may well wind up in their ranks.

How to tell when your country has gone to pot: <>
1. You have to vote for the crook because it is important.
2. Your front runners in elections are charged with felony crimes from before the beginnings of the election cycle. FRONT RUNNERS, not candidates.
3. You hear idiots griping that a governor of a state isn't qualified because they have been governor for only a couple of years and you elect someone who has never been in a position of command.
4. many, many, many other signs are all around us.

Prepare, for if the Lord doesn't return, anarchy will.

It's December folks and tomorrow is the "Day of Infamy"

Friday, December 05, 2008

You ever have a song in your head that won't go away?

What do you believe?
What do I believe?

Oh well, at least it's not a small world. People say it is, but just try to swim the Bearing Strait. Less than a finger wide on the map. If it was a small world you'd have nie trubble wud ye?

The truth is that it is a large world filled with small people. Sad, but true. Penny-ante politics (no clue if that is how you spell penny-ante, but my spell checker buys it.) mess up every day life. Thieves run the country but are obviously not members of a reputable Thieves Guild. As the Hub used to say: "Oh Very Well"

And there you have it


Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Sittin in the mall and wondering why

Got to go to the large font so I can see it. The curse of age, you know. Seeing all the kids out of school here and wishing school could be 24/7 sometimes. But then again, I'm not that mad at anyone and wouldn't want to curse the teachers that badly for anything. At least a few of the kids are with a parent or two. I note that many of the stores are devoid of customers though. Oh well, gotta go get some vitamin c as per dr.'s orders.

Merry Thanksgiving and a Happy CHRISTmas.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Let's try that again

Armistice Day / Veteran's Day.

I guess there aren't many left who remember the origin of this day of observance. How many people remember back to 1918? They are nearly all gone. Those of you who have family in their 110's best go talk and reminisce with them. They will soon be gone like the veterans of the war for Southern Independence. (Weren't nothin' civil about it if you ask me.) Daddy and his brothers and sisters did their part during WW2 (the second war to end all wars) and I gave them 22 years of active service. I thank God that I never had to face an enemy with a gun trying to kill me. I have cousins that know that feeling and I know from their experience that I don't want to face that situation. Now My son and daughter-in-law are in harms way following orders and doing what they can. I think more than others I have an appreciation of this situation and the fullest of ramifications that can come. I know I certainly appreciate the nature of the situation more than many of our "leaders" and others in positions of power. I guess it's a good thing my finger is nowhere near the button.

If you can walk down the street and not fear for your life, you should thank a veteran (and policeman and firefighter and neighborhood watcher) because their blood makes it possible. The days of safety are numbered now and the number is getting smaller. The time has come to teach your children well, not just what they need for living, but what they need for life. Teach them about their ancestors and the trails and tribulations, the joys and sorrows, the good and the bad of their history. Hold nothing back because the world will not hold any evil back from them. Especially teach them about the nations and their relationship with God as well as their own personal relationship with God (and Jesus).

Heaven comes soon. Keep your eyes open and your ears tuned.
Live to serve and serve to live.

Armistice Day


Saturday, November 01, 2008

It's Saturday and it's above freezing.!.!.

That's the way I like it.......

above freezing (60 for the uninitiated )

The election is upon us. The question is do we elect someone who may not be qualified to run legally or do we elect someone who knows pain and suffering. I'll let you figure out who is who. I hear that Mickey is still declining, but there is always Ralph....

What a choice huh? Liberal or socialist. Do we go with corporate or push on to anarchy? I find the whole thing tiring to no end. Nor do I see a good end to this. Depression is coming, financial and mental.

My question to God is "are you judging this country or are you allowing this country to fail?" The original concepts that formed the country are lost on the big government people because that is one of the things my forefathers fought against. Privilege for the rich and oppression for the poor. Guess what? That is one of the things that brought Israel into judgment and Babylonian slavery. It caused God's favor to be withdrawn from Israel and we face the same fate. Never has prayer been more needed and less used. Yet just a few good men can change the world. Such is my hope.

Stock up you ammo and keep your powder dry.

We're gonna need it and soon...................

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Poli - many
tics - bloodsuckers
poli + tics = Congress

the math does too.

Like my brilliant (and beautiful) daughter - in -law said. God be with us. Our choices this time around are slim. Socialist, liberal, Ralph Nader, who else?? How I miss Mickey & Alfred E. Evil choices yield evil but unfortunately it is all we have. Comparatively speaking we often go with the perceived "lesser" of two evils (or in this case up to ten) but what else is there to do? Not vote and let Satan influence more and more or vote for the least damaging choice? I guess we must or suffer the onset of anarchy. It is coming so hide your valuables and pray, then get out and vote..

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Another Saturday Night

Just thought I'd go green.

Maybe not the algorerythim way, but green none the less or all the more.

On politics: Mark Twain was right. It has become a sad state of affairs when we are forced to chose between two evils. It bodes ill because the lesser of the two choices is still evil. I was just thinking, if the governor of the biggest state isn't qualified then why was a governor from ArKansas qualified?? Better liar? I don't know. I wish Mickey would reconsider.

On Religion: Sorry, Islam is not a religion of peace ( unless you count the peace of the grave). Neither is Christianity. The leader of this group admitted that He would divide families, etc. The biggest difference between the leaders of the two is the authority from which they taught. I recommend you check their lives out and decide for yourself.

On the swamps: Someday soon the Mississippi will change course as it should have done two centuries ago. Then maybe the ACE will go away and let nature rule. But I doubt it.

Haven't you ever wondered what this place would be like if there weren't any people messing it up?

I'm baaaacck????!!@~#

Friday, September 26, 2008

Not gone, just momentarily technologically impaired.

Thanks wild blue for the extremely timely highly professional help.

Yes, I know. Sarcasm is seldom a good way to express yourself, but the actual words that came to mind are inappropriate for a family site (or person).

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Grandkid gone nuts

The youngest is walking and most dangerous now. I remember her daddy at that stage. This is going to be sweet vengeance for yours truly. Now both kids can contribute to the greying of the hair. I say the video and Emma has balance unexpected. I give it two weeks on the outside for the climbing to start, if it hasn't already.

Batten down the hatches boyos, Its gonna be a big blow..............

I highly advise child proofing the kitchen, especially the drawers.

And no green food dye in the house if you know what's good for you.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Another Saturday night.... One More Saturday Night.... Etc.

Politics again rears its ugly head. McGovern lives. The end is near. etc, etc....


What choices.

Bad and worse are not good choices.

The lesser of two evils is still evil.

Never suck Tabasco Sauce into your lungs.

I bet there aren't 6 people who read this blog can remember where that line comes from.
Although I can think of a couple who should.

Hint: There are so many things you should never, ever do.

My youth has fled the heat. Oppression from the weather as well as the government causes us to do many strange and varied things.

And yes Ginny
It is a long strange trip.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Hi Ya'll, Is God laughing?

Sometimes I wonder if God is laughing at us. I'm sure He has a few sad chuckles but do we do anyting to bring Him enjoyment, happiness, you know what I mead. Kinda like your kid cleaning up their room without being told.

Pardon my cajun. (anyting)

Anyway, looks like a hot fourth of july again this year.

Speaking of which, gotta find out about fish. Hang on.

Well, looks like the fishing isn't too hot at the moment, but we should have catfish for the 4th. I call back Thursday.

Ya'll have a fun day now, you hear!

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Dogs, Hurricanes & swimming pools

The dog days of summer are here already. Is it global warming?? 91 in the shade might seem to support that, but is it man-made? I look for the heat to generate more and stronger hurricanes as nature returns to the balance. Could man cause it to happen. Some say yes, some say no, some of us know the truth but why share it with people who believe what they want to believe. Truth is lost these days with the advent of self-serving politics with no future-vision capability. Could congress look past the next election? In a word, no. Resoundly NO! Nor is the senate any better. All seek to "serve" the public by taking care of themselves with pointless pay-raises for unworthy recipients. Louisiana is a prime example. I really don't care what they're paying who in Florida. What I want to see is the whole legislature being paid what they are worth. (28 cents a day tops) Why do I view them as nearly worthless? Look at what they are spouting off about . A pay raise because there is a surplus? It is impossible to have a surplus when you have debt to pay. I advocate a freeze on all government hiring and pay-raises until there is no debt to be paid.

I don't guess I'll be welcomed to any parties in BR. Oh well, I'll get through somehow.

Already had our first Trop storm down Belize way. Look for more mudslides. A storm for the gulf coast next? Check the weather channel's tropical report for Caribbean action

Pools ready
4th is soon
whooo hooo!

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Does anyone really know what time it is? Does anyone really care?

not the windows thing.
the group.
are you old enough to remember?

Winds in May. 20 - 30 knots and something I have no memory of except when storms were passing through. Too much wind to fish for me, and that's bad, yeah!

The random moments of life continue to roll over me like a freight train (simile) and for next week the work schedule is a Ronco veg-a-matic for my sleeping schedules (metaphor). Hopefully the paycheck will correctly reflect the mixed up schedule.

{and ya'll thought I slept through English I - IV and 101}

Also happy birthday KaReaux.!!!!!!!!
(older pic) She's a big girl now.!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Lessons in life

Never stick your tongue in a light socket.

Word to the wise.

Monday, April 07, 2008

Double Nickles

It scares many people, and it should. Go faster, hit a tree, you probably die. Hang around that many years and you get AARPed. Over and Over (Dave Clark 5?) The good thing about it is I'm not alone. Kitty gets there this year also. Just thought I should remind her in case she forgot. August is only two seasons away you know.

Anyway the e-mails are flying hot and heavy about the candy dates and personally, I don't think much of the choices, period. As socialism approaches we have to make hard choices and I'm politically incorrect, intolerant, biased, prejuiced {whatever} and worst of all a white boy, {real, I hope} Christian, and I believe politicians and everyone else should be held accountable for their actions. (I'm not, however, a wasp as, although I am white, I'm not anglo-saxon, and although the pope might consider me so, I do not consider myself to be protestant. Christian only is as close as you will get to where I am, so leave it at that.) I don't believe in mixing the races genetically, but not because of the reasons you may choose. I don't believe mankind is mature enough to handle it yet. Mixed race doesn't mean better or worse. It is just the genetics and like all genetics, it is only a basic programing for the body. It continues as always as what you do with it. Could someone like me love a mixed race person? Ask my grandkids. I think they can tell when they are loved. I learned from God how it is done. {another one of those "read the instruction book" plugs.}

Socialism never has and never will work. I've studied enough history and examined enough psychology and psychiatry to appreciate the inability of man to work together on a consistent basis. Just not going to happen people. It would mean that you have to put my/I out the door and think in longer terms of we/us.



Cosmic Charley

Double Nickles

It scares many people, and it should. Go faster, hit a tree, you probably die. Hang around that many years and you get AARPed

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

April's coming soon and I hit the limit

Speed that is. 55. Double Nickles. whatever you want to call it. Lemon pie. Cake (except coconut varieties) You get the idea. Anyway, just thought you should know.

April's coming soon and I hit the limit

Speed that is. 55

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Something's wrong with the math

There is something definitely wrong with the math. The time I don't have to be at work sprints by while the time I spend at work drags like it's towing lead balloons. Here almost a month has gone by and it seems like just yesterday I last blogged. Far out.

Louisiana fighting corruption? Sounds unbelievable to me. Oh Well, stranger things have happened. Personally, I don't see it, but let's give it a chance.

On the current election, the el-presidente' one, your choices are all depressing. Two thirds chance we go socialist withing 10 years and one chance in three it will take 12 years. The country of the founding fathers is almost lost. The damage done by Roosevelt is finally taking it's toll.

I know many view him as a hero, but his government bailout programs were the start of the socialist path that leads us to the brink of world servitude and has given the false prophet's followers the opportunity to attack and win. The hydra has many heads and cutting off one gains little. The false nature of its heart should be the real target and it is the only way to truly defeat such a monster. Truth will in the end win out, but at what cost? The number of lives lost to this false teaching is already great and will grow to astronomical numbers before the fall. The current president and the fed and whomever are setting us up for a major fall because, as in '29 we have not maintained stable economics and have become dependent on the stock markets around the world. In order for us to maintain stability we need a major correction in the stock market (a small crash if you will) in order to prevent the crash and burn we will have within the next few years. I can only give it 5 years at the most.

Good thing my happiness isn't tied to the stock market or the world.

Thanks God

Y'all visit and see what Cheryl is up to.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

It's Saturday morning and the Greaser Show rules.....

Just thought you should know.

Meanwhile: Raven has been awarded the Uncle Possum scholarship (see the news room) and Mediterranean chicken is not my favorite, but will do if you're hungry. It's a fat finger morning so if something is off a bit, check the letters around the word.

The big question is who to vote for. Word of warning, if you vote on everything but the presidential race, your vote may be thrown out as incomplete. It's happened here before. I wasn't allowed to vote in the primary (if that is what it is) because of the now closed primary system. There wasn't anyone I particularly cared to vote for, but I had no opportunity anyway. Bummer.

People, this election is about damage control. The real question is how do we prevent more damage to our constitutional and inalienable rights? With anarchy approaching, we need to prepare ourselves for the worst and pray for the best. Learn to properly use weapons including guns, knives, swords, bows and arrows, and especially rocks (how long before the government requires us to register our rocks?) It may sound funny, but is is so real it gets scary. Our founding father's vision is now being pushed aside and socialism approaches.

The recent rash of school shootings points out to me that people are no longer willing to accept responsibility for their action, the example being set in our highest elected officials. Marriage vows have been mocked by infidelity at the presidential level. Directing the country has been re-directed to not the good of the nation, but personal aspirations. I wonder if those people who, like Clinton, choose to disregard their vows every really consider to whom the vow was made? Likely not as they have shown the Creator no respect otherwise. And when judgment is faced and they find out that their intent is at the core of their judgment, what can they say? It isn't their parents fault, it isn't the fault of society or upbringing, it isn't of their spouse. If there is fault it is solely their's and they will have to own it. I pity them in that judgment.

And another thing: no weapon has ever killed of it's own accord. From rock to gun to laser guided bomb, every weapon ever built was built to be a tool and it is the hand of the user that determines the usage of the tool. No psychotic break, no misguided teaching, nothing determines the usage of a tool except the hand of the person that wields the tool. We choose to do good or evil and if you aren't willing to accept the personal responsibility of what you choose to do, you are not worthy as a human being. You choose to be disposable. You choose to be trash that needs to be disposed in the garbage bin. Sad, but true. In the final judgment this is the guiding truth you must face and the Judge will know the truth before you try to lie about what you did. Nor will the judge accept you lame excuse because you mother didn't get you a pony, buy you a car. It isn't your fathers fault because he wouldn't let you spend the night at that "friend"'s house, where you planned to have another "friend" sleep over with you.

Don't trust your "prophet," truly examine his word. (and I mean even the Messiah's words)
Don't trust you preacher/priest/rabbi, truly examine his teaching.
Don't trust your own judgment, weight it against that which is proven to be true.

Evolution is a myth, created by people with imagination, not insight.
Adaptation happens.

I've got to call Louis. A whole hour of the Greaser Show and no John Fred. That just won't do.

and Lollipops.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Oh! What a relief it is.

But I don't think we have enough Alka-Seltzer in the country for this round. I got the e-Mail with the dog the other day and I do find it poetic, but scary. Hillary in the oval office means more tax and waste and bankruptcy for the country, the socialization of the north american continent. Some have tried to say that socialism is not nazism, and I agree with that point somewhat, however, was it not socialism that enabled Mussolini and Hitler to rise to power and give us socio-fascism? In case you don't remember, yes, it was.

When government is given too much power it is inevitable that a "leader" in government will step up and assume the power and not relinquish it, all for the "good" of the country. Look to our own hemisphere at the little countries in the south half. How may of them went "communist" and are led by dictators, not leaders. How much socialism has invaded us already?

The best thing is that we know it is not permanent. God will judge and when He sees the disregard for the Creator, things will change. Did for Rome. Did for Spain. Did for England. Will for us.

If you think Obama or McCain will help the country fare any better, just remember, a rose by any other name still has thorns.

If you want a king . . . Jesus!
If you want a dictator. . . you get Satan in the end.
If you paid any attention, Jesus won on the cross, from the tomb,and from God's right hand.

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Poli-Ticks ain't the only storm

I just recently found out that a cousin of mine (first cousin once removed I think is how it goes, maybe second cousin, whatever) was in the middle of the tornadoes in Tennessee. Sam's fine physically but her dorm room and virtually everything else is gone. Bathtubs and prayers are always handy aren't they cuz.

Now back to the poli storm. As Charlie Brown would say: "Good Grief!" Looks like all the choices have gone liberal. Oh well. the Rushter and Handyman have to give it up now and work on congressional races. I hope they have fun.

Of the choices left, I'm at a blank. Like some not so recent Louisiana Gubernatorial races we are left with voting against instead of for. Depressing for conservative minded people who don't support a free ride or surrendering to foreign pressures.

Are the Ticks listening? I doubt it.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

2k8 reprise

Let me clarify for you something that may be muddy as the bayou: 2008 didn't just arrive, it blundered in with evil intent. Billy Bob jr finally won an election but she had to have help. The politicking going on makes for a muddy start to the year and the flood waters are rising. Did you realize the math will shift anarchy as much as 83% and at least 22%. How depressing. It is a shame when we have to vote against someone because there is no one to vote for.

Like tehy said wehn it was Duke and Edwards

Vote for teh crook, it's important.

Poli = many
tic = bloodsucking bug with diseases

VOTE PEOPLE or we are all doomed.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008


Well, 2008 has arrived and I am stuck here and I want to be there. Sorry Babe, looks like this year is going to, well, you know. Anyway. Let me start off by saying that I love the Lord and Rose Marie. (also a few hundred other people including mothers, brothers, sisters, friends and enemies alike. I'm learning that from God.) The New Year has started and guess what? It looks just like the old year. Oh well, whatever come will come and whatever has gone, left

By the way, it is way below 60 here now.