Sunday, May 27, 2007

and on and on and on and on

Pink Floyd
Sonny and Cher (or Vanilla Fudge, if you heard the album- not available on CD)
john lennon
Jan and Dean (do you know the history here??)

The soundtrack isn't available anywhere else but the swamplands. Ya gotta visit to see.

Saturday 8-noon The Greaser show (KLIL 92.1) (free plug for Lewis)(or is it Louis) bad memory

other groups to know

John Fred and His Playboy Band
The Uniques
Cookie and the Cupcakes (yes, for real)
The Boogie Kings
The Swing Kings
GG Shin
Bo Diddly
BB King
Albert King
the list goes on and on and on.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Like the song says

Welcome, to the machine.

Seems we always find ourselves serving some mindless entity, such as the government, the job, the whatever that wants a piece of us without giving anything more than the barest minimum that they can get away with.

The beat goes on....

Aren't you glad God isn't limited by that kind of thinking. A mindful entity that gave us hope, life, the important things in life that we cannot get by without. I missed a bar b q yesterday because I had to work last night. Sometimes it's just not worth it.

All you bloodthirsty bystanders, would you to find your seat....

The time is coming and is less than 50 years away when this country will face anarchy. What will the people do? is the question of the century (not the buick). Personally I feel we'd best prepare for the worst because the hurricanes have shown us that that is what we'll get. (Sorry Houston, our problem became your problem)

No religion too.

If you believe Islam to be a religion of peace, then study your history again. It is old school Islam that is on the rise, not the modern "user friendly" version. Modern Islam is an affront to the old ways (which called for the conversion or eradication of Christians (and Buddhist, and Taoist, and Midgaard and any other religion that it encounters). Communism (whether Chinese, Russian, Cuban, or the South/Central American) will be faced with it also. When we refer to "World Peace", remember that for some it is the peace of the grave that they wish us to have.

Won't come back from deadman's curve.....

Last bit of advice for today, drive the bug, it's faster across the street than the vette and it gets better gas mileage.

ps.. can you name the songs?
see next blog

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Who are the hungry? What are they hungry for??

Sometimes you gotta wonder. What were they thinking? It seems that Dallas has made feeding the homeless illegal. I know that can't be totally true. That means no soup kitchens (helped how many people get though the depression?) No "Manna Houses" as run by Catholic Dioceses. Surely they are restricting only the unnecessary feeding of non-essential people on the street. Of course that would mean they have to define feeding and street and people and possibly even "the" again.

I have to believe George Washington and Thomas Jefferson (as well as all of the signers of the declaration) would have trouble with governments that make taking care of people illegal. Only totalitarian governments go to this level of extremity. And this is a reflection, not of the will of the people, but a perverse will of a government that is placing itself on the path of jeopardy.Look at the history of the world. How many revolutions were started by the full and content? How many by starving peasants? Do the math.... Feed the hungry, clothe the naked. Require all politician and other recipients of the public fund to be accountable for their actions and decisions.

Or let the people starve. Word of caution: what goes around comes around. You didn't hear it here first, that bit of wisdom has been quoted for millennium. And do we listen???????"??