Tuesday, January 05, 2021

The wisdom of an olde chinese guy

 No, not talking fortune cookies, talking wars. Like this current political one. 

Sun Tzu indicates that trying to run different operations in the same manner is not intelligent. That is what I see in the history of leadership in this country from the beginning. By not selecting leaders who are competent in leadership positions we have a country that is less than 23 years away from total anarchy. That calculation is dependent on power being balanced and not skewed in one direction. 

What we need is a leader who knows when to fight and when not to fight. One who can see the value of  those who are wealthy or poor. Who unifies the people by giving them common cause for progress. But especially one who knows when to speak and when to keep silent. Our last 5 presidents have failed miserably and no matter the outcome of this last election I see no possibility for improvement, just the failing collapse of a dream that now is gone. I am now waiting for that massive failure to hit and when this country fractures, I will help to rebuild Louisiana as best as I can.

On the medical front this latest flu bug has about reached its peak and should get there before April, barring the stupidity of man. Hopefully after that it will subside as the others have until some politician gets to be friendly with our enemies again and a newer mutation is developed. You do realizes that in three more steps the uncontrollable mutation will emerge and there will be only a remnant of humanity left to greet the Lord on His return.   

Am I the only one who is willing to ask the cost of this nation's downfall? Our downfall will not be just an American failure but world-wide catastrophe. We are frighteningly like the German people of the early Hitler times. I see uncontrollable inflation knocking at the door. I see a time where people call for the government to solve our problems when that is not supposed to be the function of government. 

Calling for a leader to correct the situation is exactly what happened in the '30s and it seems to be approaching again, and the results will be the same. We have an abundant supply of megalomaniacs in out two main parties as well as most of the minority parties. The opportunity for the charismatic pontificate to assume the leadership role that will break the country apart and plunge the whole world into chaos is less than 15 years from now. There is no moral leadership in the District now and it has been on a decline since long before my lifetime. 

WHO will count the cost and how shall it be put on us to pay. You know our leadership will not pay that cost. But in the end, we will all pay for their stupidity, unless we do something soon to prevent what is to come. What can we do? It seems to me that a radical uprising in support of the Constitution is a must. Accountability of the country's budgeting  is far past due. Our tendency to support other nations before we have taken care of our own MUST be controlled and we must do something radical with our own support systems. If we don't have the money we cannot give money away. Nor can we lend money we don't have or spend money we don't have. 

Since this country now wishes to put God out of it, God may very well leave it to it's own devices, until judgement day comes. Assyrians, Babylonians, Grecian, Roman, Ottoman, all of these empires fell under judgement and there are only remnants left from them. We are heading the same way. 



I support term limits.

I support putting congress on the SS system.

I support returning congress to its original payment system or limiting their pay to the national average income. Also should there be a desire that they should receive any sort of raise it should be presented to the people for approval and not to themselves.