Friday, August 24, 2007

What would happen if we were all the same

What would happen if we were all the same? If you were me or I were you? Would you like Bach and I like the Spice girls?

Isn't that a depressing thought.

Thursday, August 02, 2007


Not the song. I'm talkin' weather. I'm old. It's what we do. get over it.

The political season is heating up again. Our elected officials continue to do what they've always done. (serve themselves, in case you forgot or haven't noticed) I'll bet if E.W.E. could run for Governor from prison, he'd get elected. The watered down tax break that passed in the legislature was vetoed by our current gov and the #@$@%$!# elected ones don't seem to want to get back together to over-ride the veto. This represents only one thing. Politicians who only want to collect benefits for themselves, and who really don't care about the people or the future. Ask yourself this; When was the last time our elected representatives considered their actions with regards to the future of the state or country? Sadly the answer is for the state never, for the country sometime prior to 1800 (the year, not 6pm). There is a call for all of the upcoming elections to not vote for anyone who has held office prior to now. Kick out the incumbents. Vote against (something I really have trouble supporting, this) those who are being forced out of the house seat or senate seat by term limits and are continuing to run for a seat in the other house. (What I mean is I have trouble voting against people. I'd rather vote FOR someone) If you are anything like me, then you know that there is no one out there who is willing to run for office that you can fully support. No one out there really represents my views on taxes, abortion, religion, education, equal opportunity, or pick your subject. I believe smaller government is better than bigger government. I know (because I can read, something I picked up in grammar school) that history backs my view as being correct. Historically the bigger the government gets, the more oppressive it gets. Look at Rome. Look at our country now. Guess what, no government created and run by man has ever lasted. Nor will it, because we cannot control ourselves adequately. Even in the land of the free we will eventually fail because of mankind's greed for power (more so than money) and the burning desire to control.

Global warming = mankind on earth. Not pollution, not greenhouse gases, not evil governments. Simply because we are here. Global warming and cooling (yes, scientist: warming and cooling are provable) will exist no matter what we do. The rate of change may vary (slightly) but both will occur until total stabilization occurs. Get over it. You and I are not that important in the process.

As far as religion goes, Islam follows a false prophet, Buddhism follows a man, and from what I can see, most who call themselves Christians don't really follow the teachings of the Christ. Read the books and you will find that most people follow what they want to believe more than what their chosen "leader/god/teacher" actually taught. Of all of the religions I have come in contact with, only one give a promise consistent with the teaching of how to live. I'll let you try to figure that out.

But enough for one night.