Sunday, November 21, 2010

Lemon Tree Very Pretty

Mine is. Fifty lbs worth of pretty. I have yet to squeeze them, but I think I may have enough juice for the 4th. Of course a little more never goes awry. (Now there is a word you seldom see in political print.)

Sunday, November 14, 2010

What are we going to do??

Political uprising in America?? The Tea Party? (by the way,tp, I hate your mail in the teabag campaign. Those envelopes do not handle passing through machines very well and your teabags wind up scattered throughout the postal machines I have to work on.)

So what else is new? Get this folks. From simple observation and coherent thought: This president is no better than the last, nor the one before, nor the one before that, nor etc. He is simple the one we foolishly elected. Why, because people fail to grasp the basic design of our country and what we truly need to move forward in a beneficial way for all. Republicans don't get it. Democrats don't get it. Libertarian don't get it. Communist don't get it. Fact of the matter is, no organized group of any significance really gets what America is supposed to be about. Our laws are now overly burdensome, inarticulately and ignorantly written in such a manner that only self-serving egotistical people can "translate" them for ordinary people. It is so bad now that the people who write the laws can't understand their own legislation without interpretors.

I find a simple solution in throwing out everything after the Bill of Rights. Hand the amendments. What the Bill of Rights says should be equally applied across the board to all people. Bearing arms is the best way to defend the country. Holding people, and especially politicians, accountable for their actions gives the best chance for justice. Leave the word and concept of "race" out of it, it doesn't matter.

As for religion, face it, this country was founded by and for Christians to show a better way to be Christian. (Mainly to europe as an agnostic teacher once said.) That way calls for loving your neighbor (biblical sense, not hollywood's perverted sense). (Not for "knowing" your neighbor (biblical sense).) It is why the (now) forbidden ten commandments was used as the basis for the primary basic laws by which the government should be run. I really don't care what Islam, Buddhism, or any other ism teaches. I believe God is right and we don't understand. We learn a bit more each day if we try. If you really examine the teachings if scripture, you find that Christianity is the only religion that allows for the existence of other religions. It teaches that they are wrong, or incomplete, true, because they fail to properly address the Creator. But nowhere does it call for us to violently attack. It does call for us to be separate, but not to separate so much that we cannot reach the sinner if they wish to seek God.

Does the teachings of what we call "The New Testament" call for us to be violent: no. Does it call for us to allow violence: again, no. But it does acknowledge that there is violence in us all and we should be aware of it and seek a better path. It does tell us to "hate the sin" but it also tells us to "love the sinner," a difficult distinction to make I grant you. As long as we live imperfect lives (which is always) there will be violence and we who serve may find ourselves the harbinger of violence and death. It is not the best choice every, but sometimes it seems the only viable choice we see. That is our human nature and at it's best we see people who willingly lay down their lives for others, at it's worst we see people throwing others into death's pathway to save themselves.

America's best hope is to be the former type. Does this mean fight the world's wars? I don't think so, but it does mean we should be the example and lead the way to peace, not peace at any cost, but the peace that is founded in the teachings of Jesus of Nazareth. I wish that I could make the drug traffickers and slavers feel the pain they deal in, the egomaniacs that rule so many countries now feel the awful despair they cause, not to punish them, but to make them see the Way. Then maybe we could live together for a while without trying to kill each other.

I doubt we can, but maybe....

Just a few random thoughts.

Friday, November 05, 2010

It got below 60

At which point I tend to slow down mentally and physically. You should have seen how that came out of my fingers the first time. Cousin Aaron is heading to St. Jude's soon for his radiation treatment and is I think looking more forward to being done with it than going. I know I would be. I visited a bit this AM and he is looking fine (down girls) and ready to go. So all you prayer warriors out there get busy. It's a series of treatments and schooling is going to continue while there. So pray for endurance, no headaches, and especially for healing. Also keep Woody & Melissa (sorry if I spelled it wrong, but I am cold) in your prayers as well as having a child (even if he is more young man than child) who is ill is not an easy thing to bear. And don't forget Breck and Margie either.

Ya'll get ready, winter is here........

It got below 60

At which point I tend to slow down mentally and physically. You should have seen how that came out of my fingers the first time.