Sunday, July 29, 2012

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The time has come for politics to raise its ugly head again.  Presidential (and other) elections are about to get down and dirtier than my feet after a day of choppin' cotton. (Yes, I did when I was young.)
    Who to vote for? What a question. I have long since had my fill of socialist rule, along with Big Brother. Reagan was the last one I could support, but he was an expensive date. I find it sad to say that the best we have had in my lifetime were a general, a California politician and a "not a crook". It is my feeling that the country is now lost and headed for a third or even fourth world status, degenerating further than man has the capacity to imagine into a fractured and fragmented society. 
    Who is to blame? Get real, there is no blame, just mankind following its "natural" pathology. The only way to fix this descent is by actually doing as the founders envisioned and applying it across the board. I seriously doubt any of our current so called "leaders" have a clue what I mean and my explanation would only be received as "blah, blah, blah"by most of them and completely ignored by the rest.
     Well fellow Americans, if you must blame someone, blame yourself. We the people foolishly believed politicians and for the life of me I can't figure out why. This is the consistent end of our behavior. No governmental decree really "freed" anyone. The emancipation proclamation allegedly put an end to legal slavery but the slavery of before it remains with us today. People are still bought and sold all over the world under the various cloaks of debt and need. People who are on the federal/state "welfare" system are in reality now slaves of the government regardless of race, creed, or colour. 
     For many years now it is obvious to me that the allegedly democratic party has been on a socialist path while the allegedly representative party is doggedly on an industrialist megapower path. Both of these political parties have no interest in propagating freedom in the world because there is no money in it unless they can create another world wide war. By the time islamist garner enough power and unity start one, these two parties will have diluted and and diminished our capacity for self preservation sufficiently to make us an easy mark and the world will fall into chaos of the dark ages once again. 
     There are no layman terms by which I could explain the math to you but 2043 still has the highest probability for the unification and self destruction of both islam and the former USA. Anarchy is coming in about 30 years or so. Microsoft will contribute to its own demise in the computing world, Linux will rise and fall, google will fail spectacularly and the "greed" of the west will fracture all of the unified power structures from coast to coast. 
     As the man said: "Hold on to your hats boys. We're goin' for a RIDE!!!"    

Sunday, July 15, 2012

April's wedding

Drove Moma over to Carrollton for April's wedding. Beautiful  (naturally) bride, handsome husband, very nice ceremony. We wish you Joy in the Lord and each other.

Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Though the sun goeth down, the beauty of God  goeth forth to be seen of mortal man, if he will but look and see.