Friday, August 20, 2010

Life in the fast lane means you have to duck the pigs in flight.

Large print for the vision impaired writer.

I just wonder how I ever survived being around me when I was "young". I remember 'Brut' and I remember how much I'd wear. To all of you who were around me, I apologized for the offense to your sinuses and allergies. A boy just walked by me at the mall and I thought the 7th fleet might be in. Eu de french whore. (at least, that is what we used to call it, no offense meant to the French whores who might be viewing). Maybe my sense of smell is getting more touchy as I get older. I can tell you this though; I'd rather smell your sweat.
C'est La Vie

Saturday, August 14, 2010

I am often called to follow, less often to lead.

I'm cool with that. Leadership is something best given to those who do not seek to lead. When one seeks to lead they often have no real clue as to what is needed of the leader and operate from preconceived notions that are most often forced upon them by others. The greatest leaders have always seen a need and truly had the talent and tools to lead. They often have no idea of being the leader, just see the need, then are pushed into the position of leader by circumstances beyond their control. They find they are capable of bearing the load and can wear the mantle of leadership well. Look at our representation in Washington. They are the perfect example of people who do not have the talent and seek to lead. They are capable salespeople who could sell a Frigidaire to an Eskimo on an ice flow. And they never ask if they should. The math still gives the country till 2043, but I really wonder now. With our current leadership it seems to me I am in a basket heading south (way south, not to the pole, the other south) Figure it out if you can, if not, then enjoy the ride because you are right here with me.

Oh for leadership not lost ....

Sunday, August 08, 2010

Should I move to Funkytown??

Or should I stick to lyp synch.

I do sound better that way.

But that isn't the point of singing, is it? Singing is a release of the inner self. The expending of energy that is purposed for our own inner reasons. Do we sing to praise our selves or higher beings (or the highest of beings, Yaweh, God, The Almighty, I AM). Think carefully before you say. You never know who is listening.

So if you hear me singing, wonder.