Sunday, November 17, 2013

Veteran's Day has come and gone. So have many wars. Men, women, and children have lived and died in them but here in this country we have a day set aside for those that serve and another day especially for those who died in that service called Memorial Day. Of my father's brothers, the only one I know of who was wounded in World War II was Uncle Jody. Daddy had his experience in the north Pacific but lived to tell the tale. For me, I experienced nothing but peacetime service but several cousins fought in Viet Nam suffering injury both physical and mental. The next generation (my son) is currently serving in the Army and in his short time he has experienced much of war in foreign lands.  War has never been a good solution, but there is little choice many times because it only takes one to wage war but all to have peace. This is something history has proven to us many times, yet we still forget. Thus is the doom of all countries and the world. We will repeat the cycles of history till Christ returns never having done better than our furthest ancestors. Yet the opportunity for each of us as individuals to do what is right is still there. We can still follow in the footsteps of Enoch or better yet, Jesus. If we all choose to walk the path of the Messiah one step at a time maybe there is yet hope for more than a faithful remnant. Serve God above self and see where it leads you. The path is more than enlightened, it is fully revealed in the end.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

 This is probably a cactus.

 Whatever it is it makes a pretty flower that blooms at night.

 This is not the flower. This is a very cold DragonFly in a sassafras tree....

 This is the flower in bloom.

And this.

God has a sense of Humor.
  And I love it.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The columns at the top of my blog are the same ones here - in. The column all the way on the right as you look at them from the bayou fell to natures forces combined with time. The one next to fell to a moment of inattention on the part of man. Something I think we all ahould be able to relate to as I know of no one who hasn't experience a moment or two. This kind of damage is irrepairable due to the nature of the construction of the columns. Hand made bricks from local plantations probably fired in a kiln on Walnut Grove. Modern day bricks are made of different stuff and do not mix well with century and a half old bricks. Those of us familiar with them know that they will eventually all fall down but we see no reason to hurry the process, nor are we skilled in preservation practices. I am content to let nature have its course and walk cautiously around similar things. I'll have more to say on it later, but it is bedtime and I have to work tomorrow. First Christian Church is alive still and we wish to keep history alive as well.

To the Gravy I say Yo bro, you right on. Write as the Spirit guides and work to please God. If mankind don't get it, it is on them, not you.To GB I say, I'll stick to tobasco. 10K is plenty warm enough.

And to my 9 grandaughters I say "Good night sweathearts, good night." And lastly I say to my two grandsons, go to bed and go to sleep. You have school tomorrow.

Love to all the rest in the world and the ships at sea..

Sunday, September 01, 2013

Surfing with the alien. The answer to many questions.

Surfing With The Alien. Nice piece of  guitar work by Joe Satriani.

Surfing with the aliens; not the same thing.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Bugs bug me. Always have and probably always will. At least, until the worms get me. It's not a major concern with me though. I think God's plan is the best and I get a new body in that. I hope you do as well.

Other bugs cause me to desire to inflict duress upon programmers who mess with my site. If you was a real programmer you'd develop improvements under the appropriate free licenses and not be such a dweeb.

Yes, you did see me use the word "dweeb".

and you, dufus, are one.

In case you haven't guessed, some twit injected an advertizement bug into one of my older machines. XP is rapidly becoming an open target. Wait for the next version of windows if you must stay with  the olde crowd or go ahead and fruit up or get a real system with the penguin.

Shine on Lord.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

I find that God is the ultimate artist.

Glad the Lord lets me get shots like these.
   Night sky that is as pretty as my wife's blue eyes!

Today my head is feeling kinda funny, funny peculiar, not funny ha ha. Just watched "Brain Twisters" and "The Head", both movies of little renown and deservedly so I think. Won't go into detail except to say that Hollywood will put anything out if they think they can make a buck. And I mean most anything... youch.

When a movie makes "Attack of the Killer Tomatoes" look like a well thought out plot I wind up being at a loss for words.

So good night Gracie

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Thursday night and reruns flow endlessly.....
battle the bugs, six legged or tronic.
Fit the fight
but don't make me ----

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Just a note to say "Thank You" to the many veterans who have passed on.

 Like Christmas, your service may have been reduced to an occasion for "businesses" to have a sale.
 But there are more than you think who remember, if not first hand, then passed down to the next generation.
 Your sacrifice is remembered and precious to those of us who served, but were not called to offer that ultimate gift.
 "Greater love" indeed, as The "Good Book" says:
 You gave that others may have. The best we can do is honor you now and emulate you when we are called and give that gift freely that freedom might live on.
Thank You.
From the deepest of my heart:
The Louisiana Bayou Rat

Sunday, May 05, 2013

Where in the world is Waldo now?

Simply put, I have not a clue. I do not know. I mean really, is it any concern of mine? Is he carrying a personalized nuclear device he plans to set off in the middle of the swamp? Not being in a target city I do not concern myself with the actions of others unless there is a credible threat to the existence of the world. And if he should mess with the swamps, I will let the alligators feed free.

Diabetes continues to be a learning process embroiled with myth and misinformation. Aside from the sugar drops I am feeling no unusual indications of a problems. There have been only a couple of occasions that my blood sugar went over 200 and aside from my meter telling me, I had no indication. When it ventures below 80 I do start to get that "tired" feeling that precedes energy depletion, but not always. And so I continue my adventure into "borgdom" trusting the machines to be accurate.

Meanwhile I have a door to install...............

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Dead man walkin' . I know what it looks like now. I saw myself in a mirror the other day when my blood sugar was over 1,100. Now it is staying between 90 - 130 most of the time. Talk about a change in life. Now I have to think about everything I eat and that can cover a lot of territory. I am fortunate in that carrots are a favourite of mine along with most other vegetables and no one will ever confuse me with a vegetarian because I eat cow, fish, pig and most other critters if prepared right. Fish or fowl is fine with me but I am moving more towards grilled than fried. Still trying to figure out how to grill an egg though. Keeps falling through the cracks and on the fire. Guess they will still be in the pan. No tellin' what will be next so keep your health in a good state folks, 'cause the alternative can be painful.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

I noticed that the guvner is chatting up doing away with state income tax and I wonder why anyone would listen. Do away with income, not going to happen. He will relocate the taxes to something else. Can this state get by without that income? Nnope, no way for Louisiana politicians to get by with less income. So you can expect more and higher taxes to come. How about this thought, less tax breaks for companies or at least shorter tax breaks.I'm not a fan of federal money at all. But they are worse. They will trade money for control all the time because it is our own money they are giving back with numerous and onerous strings attached. Please remember that "fairness" to the feds means fair for them and at your expense. You have no "fair" from them, they want it as a one way street. Just remember, if the politicians lips are moving, it is going to cost you because the truth will not come out otherwise. (and even then, do like my daddy said, take it with a grain of salt.)

Although I think now he might up the dosage.

Bonnie says yep!

Thursday, February 28, 2013

I love the beach. Not just the beach though. I love the where the land meets the sea. Why I have no idea. But there you have it. PCB has a good beach. I like St. Augustine as well. Ft. Lauderdale has good water but the beach is only ok. Andros Island on the other hand is loaded with great water and an uncrowded beach, at least when I was there last. Black beach up on Iceland is fascinating to observe, but swimming, I think not. Totally black sand and indigo blue water.  Gotta love that Gulf Stream. 

What I see in it is God's own peace, power, and presence. And when you see the sun setting or rising there you know that man can only touch what God can create. 

Monday, February 25, 2013

Just a few shots of a soggy weekend in PCB. I think we have had 3 -4 inches so far. I am hoping for a break in the weather in the morning. Driving in torrential rains is not high on my list of fun things to do. It has for the most part been restful if nothing else. Hoping to do this again when the weather is better though


Sunday, February 24, 2013

Shorts and a jacket. Not a bad combination really. Got sand in my shoes and wet up to my knees and it feels good. Kinda mixed feelings because I am feeling for a friend who lost a son. About all I can do is talk to God and ask for His Spirit to be with the family. There simply isn't anything else to say or do, just feel and pray. 
 The love of my life here. Wouldn't even speak to me the first time we met. That has changed. So have I over the years. I have learned to listen with more than my ears and to not speak to everything that is spoken. In His Word God speaks of a peace that passes understanding, something I hadn't really understood till my kids started repeating the same mistakes I made. Glad to see that on rare occasion they choose wisely instead of making my mistakes all over again.Now I get it better and understand my lack of understanding. So no worries, mate. 
No worries indeed. 

Peace, Love, and Lollipops.
It is a normal day on the beach. Not foggy, north-northeast wind blowing and waiting for the stationary front to change directions and bring more rain. I feel a sense of contentment even in the midst of the changes in life I am dealing with. The words of a song keep coming back to me:

Thank You, Lord, for thinkin' 'bout me.

'Nuff said.