Monday, December 28, 2009

Last post of the year

Christmas is past and a ton of videos await my attention. I hope to have a couple of days to enjoy, but we shall see. I'm not going to review the past year, because it is the past.Nor will I wonder about the future as it hasn't happened yet. Just leaves the present, which I open with relish and ketchup.

Happy Christmas and Merry New Yeah Ya'll.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Happy Beethoven's Birthday Ya'll

For those not in the know, or otherwise ignorant of the day, December 16th is the day that Beethoven's birthday is observed by those who care. We know that it may not be accurate, but we don't care. It is as good a day as any. So put on Fur Elise and drink a glass of Dr. Pepper for me and Ludwig

Happy Beethoven's Birthday Ya'll

For those not in the know, or otherwise ignorant of the day

Sunday, December 13, 2009


OOPs. I was off a year. Uncle Steve was only 95, about to turn 96. Memory ain't what it used to be.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

A fond farewell

The time has come to bid farewell to Uncle Steve. For those of you who knew him, he has passed from this life to the next this month and his funeral will be Saturday, December 12th at St. Timothy's ( on Horseshoe Drive). He lived several years past Aunt Leona, which really I didn't expect. He would have made his 97th birthday next month also. For me, I will miss him. I didn't visit every day, but every visit was a good one in these past few years. His spirit of independence ( or hardheadedness, which ever you prefer) was deeply appreciated by me and is one I hope to emulate in about 40 years or so. (According to some, I am well on my way to perfecting the trait.) Of course there are surprises as the kids go through the stuff collected over the past three quarters of a century. Some things remembered are currently unlocated and some records going back to the war years turn up.

As the Navy says, Uncle Steve, "Fair winds and Following seas." Enter your rest peacefully and know that your kids and grandkids do love you still, just as their love for Aunt Leona continues.

And mine as well.

Monday, December 07, 2009


snow in december. fine. except I'm in louisiana. this isn't january. what's up with that?

and it is still below 60.

pictures @
snow in december. fine. except I'm in louisiana. this isn't january. what's up with that?

and it is still below 60.

Thursday, December 03, 2009

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve is coming. It is December 24th. So when we have our annual Christmas Eve Communion Service, It will take place on the 24th. Yes, I am poking fun at you. At me too.

Just so ya'll will know, it will be at 6PM and anyone who wishes to come will be welcome, even if his name is Obama. Or Bush, or even if it is Jimmy and his brother. (No Billy Beer though. It is church.) The service is usually about a half hour with some singing, a short message/meditation, Communion and a candlelight Prayer circle. There are usually about 50 people present. Sometimes more and sometimes less. The more people that sing though, the better it sounds. And you don't have to be good either. Just look at me. I won't say just listen to me because you might leave. I am not trained in the art of singing. Something about talent being useful.

If anybody bumps into the governor, tell him also. We generally allow anyone in (unarmed that is.)

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Is it Time? Are we there yet?

Should we be looking for that left turn at Albuquerque? I think we might be a little late.We are too far east and a left turn puts us in Chavez country.But what does it matter? Socialism will eventually collapse on itself when the elitist put too much distance between themselves and the masses and communism will follow the same course. The republic will fall when the liberalist reign supreme and as the country goes into socialism the new slavery will take hold. We end up with the anarchy and then the rebellion will lead us to a time when comes the voice of freedom and death howling against the evils of the world. Until that time God's children will suffer, unless of course the appointed time arrives. Personally I hope the time will come before 2043, but no one knows for sure. We can only say the time is near (to God) and when it does arrive, everyone will know, but not everyone will be ready.

The biggest question is; Are You Ready?

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Does it really pay?

Please Please don't punish me now, Do it later....

Politician; Not public servant. I've seen good men go to jail for doing the right thing, I've seen the bad go free. What I haven't seen from the courts is a sense of fairness or the intestinal fortitude to put what is right first. Jefferson should go to jail now. You've been convicted of the crime (one of many you've not been convicted for} now do the time. Write your book while you sit in your federal location. Believe me when I tell you, you are not that important a person. [And in truth you should have the company of many others who suck the life out of the once great country.]

For me, I say the levee system should be removed. Flattened. If you build a house in the lowlands, expect to go for a long swim each spring. That is the only way the coastlines of America can be rebuilt and the only way habitat can be preserved or expanded. There is a reason it was called the "Lower 9th ward" and no one should be building houses in such an area. And Morgan City should be on the mouth of the Mississippi / Atchafalaya rivers. Take out the dam and let the swamps be refreshed each year. That would expose the many hidden drains dumping illegally into the river between Baton Rouge and New Orleans.

As for terrorist, I'm tired of the term. That criminal in Ft. Hood should be tried for murder however many times he killed. Then shot, hung, fried for his actions. The idiots who planned and caused the execution of the hijacking of the planes that flew into the towers should be tried for hijacking and however many counts of murder they committed. If you consider Islam a "religion of peace" you need to check it's history. Maybe it started out that way but if it did, man has perverted it beyond imagination. It is now a call to arms to gain control of the world and is a bigger threat than communism ever was. Religion is just the excuse for committing the atrocities to gain control. Not the first time it has happened and it won't be the last.

I still say anarchy is coming about 2043.

Be prepared or be eaten.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Having seen high seas in the north Atlantic and having passed through the edge of a hurricane in a "gator navy" (round bottom) boat I know the fear you find when the Gales of November might show early. I still tear up every time I hear Gordon Lightfoot sing about the wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald. Today is the anniversary of the sinking and questions remain unanswered and can only be answered with conjecture. For that uncertainty I pray for the strength and comfort of the families.

And I still hear the call of the sea.

Monday, November 02, 2009


We are eating at Moma's. For those who know, yep we are. Hope to see ya'll there.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Danger is upon us and the Saints come from behind.

What happend to mail when it is not properly sealed. Remember, all mail generally gets machine handled before it is handled by postal workers.

Life takes many funny (as in peculiar, not Ha Ha) turns. My head has finally stopped hurting so much. Might be due to the prescriptions that I take now. I hate having to rely on medication for anything. It's like depending on the government. No matter how much it helps you now, there is always a cost later. And since that has been the case for over a century now, the debt is out of control. As long as there is a debt, there is no such thing as a "surplus" of funds. The state needs to learn that as much as the Feds need to learn it. I wish everyone would live that way, me included.

And you should realize, if it takes a book to create a new law, the new law is a bad idea. Health care by the government? Bad, bad, bad idea. The government can't run itself as it is. They have a mediocre record with veterans health care (after the promise of lifetime care) and the current health care (medicare/medicaid) is replete with fraud and deceit. I hope all of my representatives in DC "just say no!" but it isn't something I would bet on. We need to go back to less government and less governmental intrusion into our private lives. (And MORE personal accountability) {{Especially personal accountability}}

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

oh well, I forgot the title

These things happen. The true test of character is in what you do afterward. And I have it on competent(??) authority that I am one. Grandpas are like that. Time you politicos listened to someone besides lawyers.

Saturday, October 03, 2009

New Kids On The Block.

Grandkids numbers eight and nine are here. Grace Kelly Hoyt and Brashtin Beaux Thiels and Moms (Kelly & Lisa) are doing fine. Check the Facebook pages for pics.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

The Rain in Spain falls mainly in the plains.

But we can hope the sun will shine here. Hope our representatives listen and truly represent the will of the people. Hope the will of the people unifies in the call for reduction of government, not enlargement.

Hope for the extremely unlikely and nearly downright impossible.

That is why they call it "hope".

And a big ole "HI" to Hope Wemple. Hope you have a nice day.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

First it was dry, now it is wet. Louisiana

Just a quick question for you. When was the last time the government took over something and made it work better than it worked before?

The Answer: 1776 - 1792

That is correct. They took over governing the country from a despot (who in my humble opinion was a bit cracked) and devised the only government in the world based on the 10 commandments and a touch of history (Roman for the uninitiated) and came up with a way for independent people to live together.

We are no longer a nation of the independent looking for our own better way. Unfortunately the dependent peoples of the world came, some from every country out there. Now we are rapidly becoming a dependent nation doomed to failure because the government has chosen to ignore the wisdom of old for the stupidity of the new. Such is life. When anarchy comes there may be a chance for those who remember to carve out a new country of hope based on the laws of wisdom but I cannot foresee where or when exactly. I fear that I shall live to see the anarchy but not the reawakening of independence. A famous American once said "Give me liberty or give me death." and in that statement is the difference between slavery (governmental slaver, which is our current course) and freedom.

Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness is now a thing of the past. (Till anarchy passes)

To all you politicians: a vote for government run medical stuff is a vote against me. The government has the responsibility to those who have served it in the armed services, as promised upon enlistment, but not to the general public.... I will remember.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Florida sunshine, liquid and not falls on all

You really don't get what that means do you? Oh well, you can't educate the don't knows if they don't realize the necessity of accepting or redirecting change. Or recognizing that when a politician uses the word change, they don't refer to a natural process but to the manipulation of the masses to suite their own ends. And by the by, it isn't for your benefit at all. Not for mine either, come to that. Socialist health care, governmental health care, whatever you want to call it, will cost you your freedom. Maybe not totally in this generation, but down the line that change will come. Anarchy then revolution. Which one way will you go?

Maybe Charlie Daniels was on to something........

Friday, July 24, 2009

When things go south

For me it means I'm in Lakeland. It also means I passed a ton of yard sales and such. I didn't stop. {believe it or not}

Thursday, July 02, 2009

Start your engines

Just a random thought that occurred to me. That happens with alarming regularity. Have you noticed the not-so-subtle erosion of rights that America is experiencing? I am now a terrorist in the eyes of the alleged government. Why, you ask. Because I have military training. I believe homosexuality as it is called these days, is a sin in the eyes of the Creator, which means no heaven for them if they are not willing to yield to God. The government views me as homophobic and intolerant. Intolerant maybe , but I am not afraid of the homosexual. I just believe that it is both sinful to have "same sex" sex as well as illogical. Because you fail to grasp the difference between a christian and a fundamentalist does not mean that I am wrong. I know I am not wrong. I am a plain old christian. I do not wish to rule the world nor do I wish to tell others what to choose. But I do want everyone to know that all choices have consequences and choices that involve God should take His views into consideration. I am willing to stand up to the consequences of believing God knows what He is doing and I will deal with whatever comes my way from that basic belief. I know it sounds cliche' but I accept and practice the "love the sinner but hate the sin" view. At least I try to, but it is difficult to love someone that blows up children in the name of a false prophet or from a faulty view of God. While killing in general is wrong to me, there are times where the actions of individuals and groups generate a necessity for such actions. Suicide is wrong but it is ok if you jump on a grenade to save your fellow man. God has the capacity to understand each and every motive of our heart and I think the true motive of our heart is something we seldom give much thought. If we did understand our own motives I think we would be terrified of what we sometimes think. Don't you think so??

To all you english teachers out there, my apologies. I have a huge sinus headache and no grammar checker for this program.

Peace ya'll

Sunday, June 21, 2009

For fortune look not lest ye find it

The weather is hot. I mean hot. Hot hot hot.......

Looks like life, politics, and the 4th are going to be hot too.

Be There!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Except I'm in TExas at the moment

Hot is a good word for it. triple digit temps and shade is at a premium. I've been thinking about the current nominee (at least I think it is) and there is no way anyone who thinks a justice needs to set policy is not someone I want to put in a position to empower themselves. We already have enough of that in congress. I'm starting to think that lawyers should be barred from the judicial system and congress. Kinda like putting the cat in charge of the canaries. Oh well, the country is going to die soon since it has forgotten the God who made it possible.

So o o o .....

before we go, does anyone remember any tales from the last generation. If you can remember any or even memories of the 4th or other visit, how about sending me some. I know fishing with Grandpa or Aunt Jo or Daddy was educational although maybe not in a state approved or accredited way. Also cooking with Aunt Sue was something else sometimes. And if anyone might have a copy of some of her short stories, send me a copy. I'd like to get them to Terry Sue if possible.

Peace, Long life and prosperity

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day Ya'll

Mother's Day is here!
(Doesn't mean drink Lots of Bier)

and be nice to each other 2.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Wet, Wild and Harry

Well, as far as weather goes, wet anyway. Flood watch/warning for over by Glenmora. slick roads. etc.What a day. But nearly time for bed.


Think about it.......

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Being ignorant can sometimes serve you well, but not if you don't know it.

I never know if anyone reads my blog. Good thing I can deal with my own ignorance. Being aware of it means you can choose not to be a slave to it. There are unfortunately those who are ignorant and aren't aware of it.
In fact some think they are smarter than Mensa minds but are so ignorant you wonder how they manage to breath. Some think they can lead but only lead to trouble as their vision is clouded by a self-indulgent, self-glorifying, self-elevating visions of personal achievement while they forget about the rest of us.
Such leadership invariably lead to more burden on the people they are supposed to serve at higher cost than anyone (but the wise) can imagine. There are so many people around today that constantly amaze me because they manage to breathe unassisted. But don't ask them to do a simple task like folding their clothes. It might overload their mind. Have the government do it for them and everything will be "ok".

The only thing the founders of America failed in was their recognition of all men meaning all men. Not just white men and not just property owners (although that was not incorrect for the time as only property owners could supply the government with funding.) But all men who could share the vision of the "City on the Hill". The Example of freedom, not for the purpose of ruling, but for the purpose of working together to build a better place where all had the chance to WORK for a living and not be dependent on a government for sustenance. We need to be independent of governmental influence with the government having primarily a concern for the public well being and protection.

Did you know that the enlistment oath for all the services calls for the defence of the constitution from enemies within as well as without? It did and still does and will be until the liberals realize that they are included in the list of "within".

Friday, March 06, 2009

Exestentialiism misspelt

Irrelevance of title: yes it is.

Which is the genius, Pinky or the Brain? We all have our thoughts on it. Most people fail to realize that "genius" is a situationally relevant term. The savant that can do math but can't tie his shoes is useless if you are trapped on an island and need to trap game isn't he? The greatest testing genius of our time might be a whiz at chess, but could he feed himself unattended? I am a genius. I know it. But that doesn't make me capable of solving the world's problems. (Actually the solution is obvious to me, but the world hasn't wanted to listen for two millenium so I guess they aren't going to change now.) I know my capabilities have not been fully explored, nor do I wish to at the moment. My sinuses hurt.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Things just keep getting stranger and stranger

Then again, things always have been strange for me. Being aware of so many things that intereact and having others not understand the obvious just bugs me. Makes me want to go back to bed and start over. But how useless that will be unless I sleep for a hundred years or so.
Chaos math is real by the way. It is a simplified understanding of the complex nature of interactive analysis and projection. Statistics are only true when ALL the variables are known, understood and applied. Even the simplest of things, think butterfly flapping wings in Brazil, interact with things that are equally simple yet the entirety of the interaction is mostly hidden. Yes, it may have caused a cyclone in India, but it also may have prevented an eruption of Vesuvius. No computer conceived by man has shown a capability of understanding or analyzing the full scope of the interactions of the universe within itself.

My real question is this: Do we rely on technology or do we rely on the technician? The politician or our self? The man or the Creator. Only One has the truth. I leave it to you to figure out who.

I already am aware.

(for The Gravy)

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Possum Hollow Pundits

There is actually nothing on the Dead Pelican website about Possum Hollow. Maybe it will stay that way. But if you want to see how the politicing in La is going, give it a shot. And yes, sometimes I make up the words but you can usually gather the meaning rather quickly.

Sometimes I wonder why people think they can get away with anything. I could not when I was a kid. My kids thought they could, but seldom did they unless we just felt it was not worth the squabble. And even then they found out later that we knew and they just forgot that we knew. I grew up without an expectation of privacy (three brothers and two cousins) and I never figured I could get away with anything because Moma always knew what was going on. Daddy did too, but he would let us make the mistake then tell us. I must say that correction from Moma was expected, but when Daddy got into the correction game, it hurt inside more than outside.

Currently I'm waiting for my Valentine present. They were out so I had to order on line. Waiting for delivery is something else.

I love you world, but you are a pain in the rear at times. Closest I've ever felt to God I think.

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

I don't remember that being part of the plan.

I just figured out that I'M old. When did that happen? My son is over 30. 7 grandkids. More on the way?? Maybe?

Oh well. Life happens.

Chance for peace in the mid-east: Maybe the same as for Chris Collingsworth picking the winner in the super bowl thing? Nah. Nowhere near that good. Peace will come to the mid-east when there is no more atmosphere for people to breathe. Is it possible? Yes it is. Is it probable? Yes it will be some day. Will it be done by negotiation or armed conflict. Nope. Only when the second coming arrives. Till then, pray for less hostility. I think that is the best we can hope for.

Have you read Cheryl's book yet? I found it interesting to see things from a different perspective. I guess it makes a difference if you know the players, but anyone studying psychology or psychiatry could find some interesting things in it. I got the hardback version from for under $22 with shipping and all. Check her blog for a picture of Uncle Possum with his two rabbit hounds.

You know, nothing seems sillier to me than a white boy (or black one for that matter) trying to look cool(?) by "busting a sag" or whatever they call it now. It gets my vote for worst fashion(?) trend ever.

And I wore bell bottoms for years -courtesy of Uncle Sam you know.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Princess Dairy

Actually, those were just words that came out of my head. If you might wish to write the book, feel free.

The weather is changing again, naturally. What do you expect in Louisiana? But boy does it make my bones know it now. Cheryl's book is available now at Amazon and Authorhouse. It's an interesting read so far, especially as it is family history. Had a couple of surprises in it for me as well. So be prepared.

The election is over. New guy in charge, ect. Actually Obama doesn't bother me as much as the ultra left congressional fau-paux that we have destroyed the country with. There is hope for the country though. God can use anything man does and turn it to good. Sometimes we can't see where He is going with it, I can assure you, He will get there.

Where we go tomorrow, who knows?

Walk with God and have no fear.

Sunday, January 04, 2009

It's Wet Out There

For those who haven't been out for a while, It is wet out there. Not an inch of rain yet, but it has been wet all day and will be all night it looks like. Louisiana Snow. Who knows??

The biggest problem I see in the world is that there is no concept of family left in the world. Kids today especially have not been taught from their earliest days that family s important.The socialism that is rising in power is substituting itself for the parental role and society is blindly accepting this false proposition as ok because true family value has been shunted aside as an outdated idea. Funny how it was good enough for three millenia, but is no good anymore. Sorry guys, but you are soon to be dead wrong. The direction you are taking invariably leads to dictatorship, then anarchy, then restoration of common sense for a generation or two. Oh well, in the end God wins so there!!! As a kid might say.

Everyone who knows me knows that I am still a kid and I mean it.

Cheryl's book appears to be getting close to publication, so all you cousins out there need to order one. If the clan buys one per family unit, it should make the bestseller list for a week anyway. Good luck Cuz.

And you Hoyt's out there need to get me the recipes to me soon................