Saturday, May 07, 2016

Momma through the years. I guess you can blame me for SOME of the gray hairs.....

Of course, she had help. Grandma (Daddy's Momma), Dee (Momma's Mom), Aunt Jo, and Aunt Cherry all had a big influence when I was young. Then later there were other mothers that I "adopted" over the years and around the country. Aunt Al took me in when I was last on sea duty. Mom (aka Shirley Buckman) holds a special place in my heart and mind for he unconditional love she shared with me. Sister Pearl was a steadying influence after I retired. There were many other "Moms" through the years that gave me a lift through a kind word or three, mothers to many of my friends and so on. God has been exceptionally kind to me through these many ladies of faith and I want to give all of them and especially Him praise and thanks for the love you have shared with me.