Monday, December 28, 2020

Starting A New Cycle

Starting A New Cycle

There was a time when people sought to demean a certain group of people by calling them “Jesus Freaks”. If the group was indeed followers of Christ, there was no insult there, just truth. A freak is someone different than the perceived “norm”. The world is full of this disregard for the feelings of others but I want to look at this particular one. 

“What will people think when they label me a Jesus Freak?

What will people do when they find out it’s true?” 

From the tune Jesus Freak by dcTalk

I find that many people will be fine bearing the label. Others yield to the human desire to respond negatively and reject the name as an insult. The thing to remember is that we are called to be separate from the world. We are called to reject worldly values for heavenly values and to share and apply those values to our life every single day.

Was it Simon and Garfunkle who said “Teach your children well.”? There were a few other suggestions and explanations that I will not repeat here. (Just a side thought here: I’d just about bet that English teachers everywhere are cringing, maybe even crying, due to the poor sentence construction and punctuation that is flowing through my fingers. I am really sorry but it is the only way I can pry the thoughts loose from my brain. Feel free to correct any overbearing or egregious errors in the comments.  Apologies Marylin.) 

If we fail to pass the true teachings of Jesus we will face judgement and receive justice, not a comforting thought to me. This is why we should apply daily His teachings as they are the only way to properly discern what we need to do and how. 

Do not forget that a “white lie” is still a lie. Find a better and more constructive way to deliver your message. If someone makes a mistake baking a cake, in example: switching sugar and salt in the recipe, tell them that. Don’t say “This is horrible, are you trying to poison me?” Say something like “ It seems you may have mistaken the salt for sugar and sugar for salt. It is a more common error than you might think. Just use a little more caution with ingredients that look alike.” If you are not as wordy as some, just keep your comments to yourself unless asked. Then say that the taste seemed off or something simple that does not lay blame with no support for the person. This is part of our job description as a christian, even if you are not a Jesus Freak.

Regardless, the blame game is a tool of the devil, not of The Lord. One thing I have learned from “Air Disasters” on the Smithsonian Channel is that all error seems to be the result of different actions many of which are not apparent and some are never discovered. The recurring question is where does the chain start and I think if you FULLY trace back to the beginning of the error you will wind up in a garden and at the Tree of Knowledge. Yes you can find immediate causes, such as missing screws on a panel or a screwdriver in an engine compartment but it will always trace back to a human decision that is erroneous in one respect or another. 

Such is the fate of humanity, but for the christian this fact is one we accept and we also accept that Jesus provided a way for us to correct this aspect of “human nature.” Yes, it may bore you or insult you or be completely disregarded by you but Jesus provided a way we can be forgiven by the Creator for messing up His perfect design. Some reject outright this means of making things right because they think it does not serve them, but the truth is that it is the only thing that does serve them, and those who follow Jesus know this. So if you wish, reject Jesus. He says it is your choice. But as Jesus and God are the ultimate judges you will face in the end and they know everything you or I have done from birth to death, they will decide if you receive justice — or mercy.

I am a Jesus Freak and it took me many years to begin to understand.

I am a Jesus Freak and in those many years I have learned many things.

I am a Jesus Freak and you have no power over me to insult me.

I am a Jesus Freak and I have no doubt about Jesus ruling.

I am a Jesus Freak and I am very happy about it.

CC {the not a poet}  


Saturday, October 03, 2020

Saturday Night is alright 👍

Just so you know, not all of the worms of the earth are created to be equal in ability. But all have a fear factor attached. 

Thursday, September 03, 2020

Finally! I found a new post button.

 Why Georgia? Why not Mississippi? Who decides on font names? Random questions that arise in my mind at times. What ever happened to imagination in advertising? Most of the ads on tv are appallingly moronic except for State Farm and some of the Gieco. Maybe a couple of others aren't too awful. Talking toenails? Talking feet? Where did Speedy go? Does anyone call Roto-Rooter anymore? 

Pretty much sums up the country now. No imagination, no God, no respect for each other or self. At least, so it seems if you listen to the tube. Fact of the matter is I don't care about your colour, race or religion or your way of life. It does matter to God, though and if you need to talk about that I am good with that. Be happy to talk about Jesus, salvation, holy living and all that stuff. As far as I am concerned, as Jerry once sang "Are you kind?" Deadheads can translate that for you if you don't understand. Of course, you may have trouble with their explanation too. Some of them may have fried their minds as they aged. Notice I didn't say grew up. Still haven't myself and have no plans to do that to myself. Have many years of experience behind me but I try to keep that youthful wide eyed vision of life that allows us to appreciate the wonder that God put into the world when He built it.

Can you tell that sometimes my mind scatters to the four winds? Yes, sometimes I am all over the map, so to speak. Parallel processing is nothing new, wasn't new in the 60's either. I do a lot of math in my head, not the regular (real) math. Not the this is that so do something else with your best guess. Vector, tangents, cotangents, sine, cosine, all is buried somewhere deep in the grey matter and process in the background. Speeds both relative and actual combine with mass and momentum continuously while driving cars, trucks, or mowers. Yup, all in the mind, and I don't mind a bit. 

What I do mind is when people take advantage of others, especially on purpose. Don't lie to me. I do not appreciate it. It will cause me to not take you seriously in anything. Those who are rioting are generating negativity and the disregard for other peoples property, way of making a living, and total disregard for the rights of others show that you do not have a higher calling, but a baser one. You become servants of the lost one. Word of warning, you may very well wind up with justice, indeed. Such is the promise of The Living, Loving, Truthful, All-powerful, and Supremely Just God of creation. Everyone will give an account, some to receive justice and some to receive mercy. Guess which side I will be on. I hope you are there with me, under the blood of the sinless one, Jesus of Nazareth, the Son of God who is the Word of God and the greatest blessing to this degenerate world.

I am tired now. May God bless you and keep  you and Thank You God for the linemen and all those who are working through the hurricane damage and debris. Be safe people!

Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Why doesn't the "new" blogger gave a simple, obvious button for a new post? aka: Ramble On

Just wondering. Seems like a no-brainer to me, but then again, I am an ignorant white boy from the south. As I have no control over the past, do not bother to ask for an apology. I'm sorry that you may be offended, but that is your problem. Why would you give someone that kind of power over yourself? I have ancestry that knew slavery both as slave and owner and if you look into your past far enough you will find the same thing holds true for most people. I have studied history from the records of the victors and from the records of those around the victors and done my own analysis of things. On this continent alone tribe after tribe migrated over preceding tribes from Canada to South America. Northern europeans have visited this continent since before Christ with very few attempts to "colonize" but many times just for the sake of survival. Although there is little evidence to support it at this time, I am certain Phoenicians have touch our shores many times while riding the greater atlantic currents. Given the nature of currently understood histories of those who have lived here in the past I have doubts that there was much available in the ways of trade except maybe furs and fish, both of which were available in the "Far East" along with much else. In other words, it wasn't worth the trip. And slavery predates the "discovery" of America by several millennium and was practiced in this area by the many different tribes. Since the beginning of recorded history slaves were taken by conquering tribes and worked to death, sold or absorbed all across the globe. Commercial slavery continues to this day, although not as openly as it was in the past. Sex slaves get most of the "press" in these days but it is not alone. Old fashion work them to death slavery is abundant throughout europe, asia, and africa. If you look to this continent carefully enough you will find it here as well. As with many socialist governments you find a new form of slavery called "dependent on government" that is prevalent here and abroad. The day is coming soon when things will get so bad that the government will be happy to supply all your needs and wants and will tell you what you need and want. Look then for the call to freedom to ring out again and a resulting anarchy will explode and life will become harder than most today have the capacity to grasp. Me, I am not worried by all this stuff because I am just passing through and will soon be gone, singing the new song and having dinner with Jesus and the rest.

As I've said before, if you are offended by what I say, you are giving me power over you and I quite frankly don't want it. Keep in mind this little fact: in the end you will receive justice. If that doesn't scare you, you are unaware of truth.

Monday, May 25, 2020

The race is on and ......

Well whattayaknow. 
The 4th is still on. 
Remember, in this divisive times, 
we are family. 

Before you read the rest of this be warned: my mind has a tendency to get lost in thought. Also I try to use my "big-boy" words even when what I feel like saying is definitely more "Navy" in character. 

The political pundits are punting full time now so there will be division in all of the country. I have to say that I haven't seen a democrat in the news that I felt I could support since Lindy Boggs, nor a republican that I could trust either. 

These are mistakes that continually recur so let me call them to your attention. Politicians continually demean and devalue the role the military plays in this countries existence. Yes, it is vital and if you look at our history, the Navy/Marine Corp has suffered since the Revolution as has the Army.  At the end of every period of conflict, a time of devaluing and abandonment by those elected to congress. And Congress failed to grasp the need for a worldwide presence ( only one fully operational warship) which lead to the war of 1812 and the Navy suffered because it had inadequate vessels and insufficient personnel. The war with Mexico revealed again that same mindset as did the (not very) Civil War. Again and again: Spanish war, WW1, WW2, Korean, Viet Nam always the same. National security cost" too much", so the funding gets cut and the nation pays in blood for the shortsightedness of our "leaders". This has yet to improve over the last 3 mid-east and afghan wars that continue. 

I know there are people in this country who can see past their noses, most of whom do not desire to get involved at the trough of WDC. Therein lies our greatest issues. People who seek power very seldom seek it for the benefit of all. Usually their own agenda is their primary concern. This is why we have so many lingering issues in the country. Division of the masses leads to easier control of the segments and that is the objective of so many of the politicians we have for consideration in the upcoming elections. I foresee anarchy and then I see the fragmentation of America into a collection of 4th world countries and I do see the very strong possibility of it happening before I reach 90.

Some people think I have something against lawyers because I don't want to see any of them get elected to congress. For the most part that is the way I feel.  But that doesn't mean I feel ALL lawyers are evil bags of bovine byproduct. I know several, true that most are kin, are upstanding citizens and really good people. But there are quite a few that make me feel like I need to take a shower with Dawn dishsoap if I so much as see them on tv. I think lawyer ads should go the same way of cigarette commercials. (most of the time)  

What I feel is the need for those who represent us to actually have an idea of the average person's life. The life of the physical laborer is nothing like the life of an office worker because there is a distinction of mindset that comes into play. The things that are valued are sometimes shared but there are differences of valuing as well. Working out in the weather is something I can relate to, as many years of Naval service and a couple of years carrying mail taught me. The life of a farmer is not the life of the corporate CEO. Of the two I value the farmer more simply because he is providing food (in many cases) and when anarchy comes food is a very good thing. Someone who works inside all the time and whose work is a paper/communication kind of thing cannot really understand what life is like for someone who chops cotton or detassles corn (neither of which I see any more.) 

One reason I have never sought office is my mind wanders down many trails of thought often getting lost in that netherworld of randomness called daydreaming. Also my tolerance for stupid would not let me be in the same room with many of our current "leadership" in the house and senate and the white house. Seems to me the tail is wagging the dog most of the time nowadays.  All the media is interested in presenting is a bunch of childish bullies yelling at each other or occasionally maybe a worldwide disaster. (That is, if they can blame someone for it.)

As far as term limits go, yeah, I am for limiting everyone elected to two terms, even the few competent one. We do not need empire builders. We do not need to limit ourselves to two parties. What we need now is to flush the  washington toilet out and clean it thoroughly. Then we send some teachers, nurses, ups drivers, small business people, and other people who normally work for a living to represent us. Those who represent us should go back to receiving a per diem pay and no salary. As far as health care goes, buy your own, bring your own, or apply for medicaid (only valid while in office). Each position (senator/representative) should have one permanently assigned secretary and all "lobbyist" should be banned from the city limits. Far to many people have become filthy rich preying on the government and the people bleeding us dry when they should have been trying to balance the budget. 

As for the current state of the country I blame Trump, Obama,Clinton and Bush2 for the majority of our issues. Oh yeah, and also the House and Senate for the last few decades as well. The constitution I affirmed to defend includes enemies within as well as outside of the country and I am on the verge of calling for a confrontation of all defenders to read and heed that document and hold these (apologies to the avian community) vultures accountable.

As of the moment I see no one for whom I want to vote for, but Trump does seem the more likely to make progress away from socialism. For those who wish to have that type of government I recommend you consider moving to Australia/New Zealand, Canada, England in that order. Otherwise pick anywhere else that doesn't have a totalitarian dictator and good luck to ya. 


Tuesday, May 05, 2020

And the race is on and here comes pride up the back stretch

Pride indeed.
Goes before a fall.
Makes others question your priorities
Hidie Hole for your failings.
The MOST used mask in the country.
Guaranteed to give you a headache.

Am I prideful? I guess I am about some things, not so much others. And some things I seldom think about. Appearance; If I am dressed in clean clothes and exposing nothing that would get me arrested, I'm good. I can dress up some but it isn't all that critical to me. I have been comfortable talking to the rich and powerful and if they look down on me or view me as something less, it is their loss, not mine. Now I'm not gonna lie, clothes can make the man and I have known some people who would rather be caught dead than be caught in shabby or dirty clothes. Some of them from vanity and some of them from upbringing. And everyone should accept that their appearance is the choice they make to be presented to the world and if shabby chic is your choice, you have no right to expect acceptance from any other style of dress as you meet people. Grunge and goth do not fit in the crowd of jeans and t shirt nor the Armani crowd. Tuxedos, forget it. The only reason I would wear one would be for a special occasion for someone whom I feel is very important to me. Otherwise the best you can expect is a JC Penny suit. And that is becoming more and more a rare situation. But enough of me.

We haven't had a truly "in touch with nature " president since Teddy. Nor are we likely to have one anytime soon and that is a shame. Right now our "global warming" and our 'no it ain't" sides are positioning themselves around money and I do not detect any REAL concern for the planet. Just prideful cocks strutting around the hen house. Your current "progressive" energy ideas, windmills and solar farms both use lubricants from "big oil" and both slaughter birds daily. Wind turbine blades whack them out of the air and concentrating solar radiation burns them to death. How is this conscionable? We have become a nation of witless wonders. Science as a whole fails to ask the correct questions over and over. It is not can we do this, the real question is SHOULD we do this. This also applies to economics, engineering, and governing. With every decision it should be a given to determine what the cost is and how shall it be paid. If it is a bad proposition, stop it now. Our current state and national "leadership" is no better or worse than the last, just different.   

Well, after two or three power outages and a failed save I guess I'll redo the "I ran out of thoughts on this and am still blank" ending I tried to post.

Prepare now because there is only 23 more shopping years till anarchy erupts full force. The odds are 6 to 5 on it beating Yellowstone.

Wednesday, February 05, 2020

In the aftermath

First off I apologize for this post, not because you may be offended but because I am having trouble expressing my feelings with accuracy nor am I very succinct. Personally I feel the past 3 and present POTUSes have performed far below par for a world leader. Yet we have accepted mediocrity as the normal course of things. That is on us all. We should do better. So here in it's unedited glory is my werld vue:

Well after all the waste of money and time does anyone believe any of the politicos out of dc? If you do, verify your facts from something besides the press (biased), faceplant-book {unable to discern fact and fiction}, or the many other fact-less rumor mills [water-cooler gossip] who get it right about once in a trillion times because someone made a typo. Remember that even a broken clock gets the time exactly right twice a day. Yes, el Presidente' is an overgrown extremely rich child, but at least he is attempting to get business going better and has had some success in that. Look at the same factors for each of your favorite "leaders" of the past 3 or 4 "leaders" we have endured (gnp, crime, personal income, taxation, etc.) and compare apples to apples and oranges to oranges. If you are going to compare grapefruit to satsumas don't even talk to me. I say I win because I don't eat grapefruit and I love satsumas.  Compare the "elected ones" who are supposed to be representing the people of today with those who were elected in the past. Today's crowd remind me so much of Kruchev banging his shoe way back before most of today's people were even conceived. Childish display in anyone over the age of 4 indicates to me that someone hasn't grown up any.

Well, that came out poorly. I am frustrated by the insistence that there are only two sides. The people who want to take control of the country now are not worthy of any control. It is worse than the 50's commy scare and all of the constitutional rights that were violated and  have gone uncorrected. The alleged (in my humble and correct perception) "Patriot Act" took away much of the little freedom that was left after WW2. It made abuse of power legitimate in many undeserved situations. It did add a lot of fodder for the limited talented writers of today's "entertainment", although there are still a few writers who are exceptionally talented.  

I don't have a religion, it is a way of life. I do identify with Jesus of Nazareth and His Father and Spirit. But I know that I am not God. Like the president, speaker of the house and whatever the head of the senate is now, I am not perfect, nor will I ever be in this life. I will be in the next life if God says so. I prefer that people listen to the wisdom of The Christ and don't sling verse and chapter around like that is important. I don't mind chapter and verse, mind you, if we are going to look them up and rationally discuss what we find. If you wish to discuss politics or religion I prefer we do it one on one and not as a public spectacle. I abhor noise for the sake of hearing one's own voice ( or guitar and such) or the sake of the noise. Do I get fired up? Told you already, I'm not perfect and yes, it is not hard to push my buttons. Ask my kids or the guys from the post office. But my kids are still kickin' and my buds from the post office are retired or about to and all of us still have all our limbs as of the last I have heard.

How much I truly understand is something you will not get out of me unless I feel like you can handle it and to start with, you probably can't. I understand much of the physical world and some of the spiritual, but algebra still gives me trouble. Physics, Astrophysics, Geology, earth sciences sure, but chemistry is a weak point. The "advanced" maths I get to a degree, but most of that work is in my sub-consience. I am not to be confused with a mathmatician. 

Blown up things? Not recently, nor have I burned down anything that wasn't supposed to be. Overall I tend to be mellow unless you have something derogatory to say about the Father/Son/Spirit or my family or my state or my country. And if you don't appreciate The Monkees, keep it to yourself. I fully support the second amendment because the purpose of it is to put our own government on notice with the side benefit of discouraging the attacking of this country. Do I feel temptation? After the past several weeks of dc inefficiency I certainly do. But I will make my feelings known at the polls. Failing there I will take my computer (modern-day pen) and express fully my dissatisfaction with this country's people for making inappropriate choices.

Monday, January 20, 2020

Later Monday Aft.

Some of you may be wise enough to tell, but for those innocents out there much of the previous blog was edited because I speak fluent Navy and it takes a while to re-express some of my feelings in less ignorant words. Sometimes my passion gets in the way of my coherent expressive desire and can easily lead to miscommunication. If you are offended, sorry (that you don't understand me, not sorry about what I have said).

Monday Afternoon

Politics and mudslinging hasn't stopped yet and I expect it to continue for years on end. My mind remains unchanged because that kind of stuff has never had any value to me as it emphasizes the negatives of the other side and does nothing to put forth useful, fully considered, ideas to carry us into the future. If you want to yell about the past, and want me to listen, show me your reasons (not your whinny baby   STUFF) based on what you determine from historical occurrences in this country. 

This is not europe. Europe has no lessons to teach us and if you think they do, LOOK at european history. If you think it is good, move. This country threw off the idea of inherited privilege (kings and queens if you don't get it) as well as government centered ideas. The basic idea was a want to be free from the control of the few and to think for ourselves. Of course, even back then the people of european descent brought their own way of life and displaced the people already here, whom had previously displaced those who were here before them. Instead of truly being of independent thought they brought their own prejudices with them and the old ways were harder to displace than my ancestors believed. And still the situation of today is no different than it was. 

What I am saying, should anyone care, is that if you want to run for office, tell me what your honest goals are are going to be, not how bad your opponent is as a person. How are you going to address the true issues of the day are much more important than your opinion of your opponent's perceived defects. Why should we and how are we, the taxpayers, are going to pay for your vision. No, this boy will not support a national tax of any percentage on goods that exempts any company of any industry from them, unless the law already gives them an exemption (non-profits, in example). And if it does not disassemble the IRS I would fully support a nation wide movement of removal of all elected and appointed officials and a return to government based on the original document that established this country with the understanding that "people" is inclusive, not exclusive.

 I also believe that our borders should be buffered with an area for people who wish to immigrate and would give them an opportunity to do so legally. I feel drug testing and an investigation of applicants would be justified and prudent as well. To me immigration is honorable, invasion is not. Do it legally, I support your decision. Invade, I have no problem with you being shot down like a dog.

I have read and studied history in many ways, not for a grade, but to improve my own understanding of what has happened before and why so much of history continually repeats itself. Looking at this country's naval history you can easily see what I mean. The first navy formed was not equipped to defend a drainage ditch, much less a coast. Then after the revolution it was downsized so far as to have only a few towable targets before having to be rebuilt almost immediately for the war of 1812. Then again and again after each war the same circus in visionless congress after visionless congress, soldiers sailors suffer the same fate, being forgotten and left to shift for themselves. It seems we have had and have now no group of leaders capable of seeing more than a day or so ahead nor do we have any leaders capable of admitting they have made an error. I include all "parties" in this, make no mistake.  No one is willing to lean from their own mistakes, much less from the mistakes of others. (on a side note, this is a lesson my father gave me early in life and like most I was slow in the understanding of it: You do not have to personally make all the mistakes. You can learn from the mistakes of others.)

So this I say, meaning derision for action but not disrespecting the person, POTUS, stop twitting every little and especially big things without a real fact check. House speaker, just shut up. No one wants to hear you beating that dead horse. To the Muslim world, sorry, I reject your religion as that of another false prophet. You don't like it, get over yourself, you feel the same about mine. Biggest difference I see is that I will not stop you from worshiping Shaitan (my view), but you intentionally kill followers of Christ because they reject you. Definitely not an "American" value. I know not all of my kinfolk will agree with my viewpoint, but that will not diminish my love for them.

 Look in a mirror and if you are happy with what you see, don't inflict it on me. I look in my mirror and I like what I see, sometimes, other times not so much. But I will not insist you share my viewpoint either way. But if you are looking in my mirror then you'd best watch out because I don't have any clothes on and if you aren't my wife you can expect a black eye at the least. If you are my wife then I will discuss no further and none of you need know what happens next. It will not be posted.

Tuesday, January 07, 2020

Possum Grapes

I was just wondering if someone out there might know where I could procure some Possum Grape vines?? Not sure if there are any left in Cocodrie Bayou and I'd like some for making jelly.