Sunday, June 21, 2009

For fortune look not lest ye find it

The weather is hot. I mean hot. Hot hot hot.......

Looks like life, politics, and the 4th are going to be hot too.

Be There!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Except I'm in TExas at the moment

Hot is a good word for it. triple digit temps and shade is at a premium. I've been thinking about the current nominee (at least I think it is) and there is no way anyone who thinks a justice needs to set policy is not someone I want to put in a position to empower themselves. We already have enough of that in congress. I'm starting to think that lawyers should be barred from the judicial system and congress. Kinda like putting the cat in charge of the canaries. Oh well, the country is going to die soon since it has forgotten the God who made it possible.

So o o o .....

before we go, does anyone remember any tales from the last generation. If you can remember any or even memories of the 4th or other visit, how about sending me some. I know fishing with Grandpa or Aunt Jo or Daddy was educational although maybe not in a state approved or accredited way. Also cooking with Aunt Sue was something else sometimes. And if anyone might have a copy of some of her short stories, send me a copy. I'd like to get them to Terry Sue if possible.

Peace, Long life and prosperity