Saturday, February 23, 2008

It's Saturday morning and the Greaser Show rules.....

Just thought you should know.

Meanwhile: Raven has been awarded the Uncle Possum scholarship (see the news room) and Mediterranean chicken is not my favorite, but will do if you're hungry. It's a fat finger morning so if something is off a bit, check the letters around the word.

The big question is who to vote for. Word of warning, if you vote on everything but the presidential race, your vote may be thrown out as incomplete. It's happened here before. I wasn't allowed to vote in the primary (if that is what it is) because of the now closed primary system. There wasn't anyone I particularly cared to vote for, but I had no opportunity anyway. Bummer.

People, this election is about damage control. The real question is how do we prevent more damage to our constitutional and inalienable rights? With anarchy approaching, we need to prepare ourselves for the worst and pray for the best. Learn to properly use weapons including guns, knives, swords, bows and arrows, and especially rocks (how long before the government requires us to register our rocks?) It may sound funny, but is is so real it gets scary. Our founding father's vision is now being pushed aside and socialism approaches.

The recent rash of school shootings points out to me that people are no longer willing to accept responsibility for their action, the example being set in our highest elected officials. Marriage vows have been mocked by infidelity at the presidential level. Directing the country has been re-directed to not the good of the nation, but personal aspirations. I wonder if those people who, like Clinton, choose to disregard their vows every really consider to whom the vow was made? Likely not as they have shown the Creator no respect otherwise. And when judgment is faced and they find out that their intent is at the core of their judgment, what can they say? It isn't their parents fault, it isn't the fault of society or upbringing, it isn't of their spouse. If there is fault it is solely their's and they will have to own it. I pity them in that judgment.

And another thing: no weapon has ever killed of it's own accord. From rock to gun to laser guided bomb, every weapon ever built was built to be a tool and it is the hand of the user that determines the usage of the tool. No psychotic break, no misguided teaching, nothing determines the usage of a tool except the hand of the person that wields the tool. We choose to do good or evil and if you aren't willing to accept the personal responsibility of what you choose to do, you are not worthy as a human being. You choose to be disposable. You choose to be trash that needs to be disposed in the garbage bin. Sad, but true. In the final judgment this is the guiding truth you must face and the Judge will know the truth before you try to lie about what you did. Nor will the judge accept you lame excuse because you mother didn't get you a pony, buy you a car. It isn't your fathers fault because he wouldn't let you spend the night at that "friend"'s house, where you planned to have another "friend" sleep over with you.

Don't trust your "prophet," truly examine his word. (and I mean even the Messiah's words)
Don't trust you preacher/priest/rabbi, truly examine his teaching.
Don't trust your own judgment, weight it against that which is proven to be true.

Evolution is a myth, created by people with imagination, not insight.
Adaptation happens.

I've got to call Louis. A whole hour of the Greaser Show and no John Fred. That just won't do.

and Lollipops.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Oh! What a relief it is.

But I don't think we have enough Alka-Seltzer in the country for this round. I got the e-Mail with the dog the other day and I do find it poetic, but scary. Hillary in the oval office means more tax and waste and bankruptcy for the country, the socialization of the north american continent. Some have tried to say that socialism is not nazism, and I agree with that point somewhat, however, was it not socialism that enabled Mussolini and Hitler to rise to power and give us socio-fascism? In case you don't remember, yes, it was.

When government is given too much power it is inevitable that a "leader" in government will step up and assume the power and not relinquish it, all for the "good" of the country. Look to our own hemisphere at the little countries in the south half. How may of them went "communist" and are led by dictators, not leaders. How much socialism has invaded us already?

The best thing is that we know it is not permanent. God will judge and when He sees the disregard for the Creator, things will change. Did for Rome. Did for Spain. Did for England. Will for us.

If you think Obama or McCain will help the country fare any better, just remember, a rose by any other name still has thorns.

If you want a king . . . Jesus!
If you want a dictator. . . you get Satan in the end.
If you paid any attention, Jesus won on the cross, from the tomb,and from God's right hand.

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Poli-Ticks ain't the only storm

I just recently found out that a cousin of mine (first cousin once removed I think is how it goes, maybe second cousin, whatever) was in the middle of the tornadoes in Tennessee. Sam's fine physically but her dorm room and virtually everything else is gone. Bathtubs and prayers are always handy aren't they cuz.

Now back to the poli storm. As Charlie Brown would say: "Good Grief!" Looks like all the choices have gone liberal. Oh well. the Rushter and Handyman have to give it up now and work on congressional races. I hope they have fun.

Of the choices left, I'm at a blank. Like some not so recent Louisiana Gubernatorial races we are left with voting against instead of for. Depressing for conservative minded people who don't support a free ride or surrendering to foreign pressures.

Are the Ticks listening? I doubt it.