Sunday, March 22, 2009

Being ignorant can sometimes serve you well, but not if you don't know it.

I never know if anyone reads my blog. Good thing I can deal with my own ignorance. Being aware of it means you can choose not to be a slave to it. There are unfortunately those who are ignorant and aren't aware of it.
In fact some think they are smarter than Mensa minds but are so ignorant you wonder how they manage to breath. Some think they can lead but only lead to trouble as their vision is clouded by a self-indulgent, self-glorifying, self-elevating visions of personal achievement while they forget about the rest of us.
Such leadership invariably lead to more burden on the people they are supposed to serve at higher cost than anyone (but the wise) can imagine. There are so many people around today that constantly amaze me because they manage to breathe unassisted. But don't ask them to do a simple task like folding their clothes. It might overload their mind. Have the government do it for them and everything will be "ok".

The only thing the founders of America failed in was their recognition of all men meaning all men. Not just white men and not just property owners (although that was not incorrect for the time as only property owners could supply the government with funding.) But all men who could share the vision of the "City on the Hill". The Example of freedom, not for the purpose of ruling, but for the purpose of working together to build a better place where all had the chance to WORK for a living and not be dependent on a government for sustenance. We need to be independent of governmental influence with the government having primarily a concern for the public well being and protection.

Did you know that the enlistment oath for all the services calls for the defence of the constitution from enemies within as well as without? It did and still does and will be until the liberals realize that they are included in the list of "within".

Friday, March 06, 2009

Exestentialiism misspelt

Irrelevance of title: yes it is.

Which is the genius, Pinky or the Brain? We all have our thoughts on it. Most people fail to realize that "genius" is a situationally relevant term. The savant that can do math but can't tie his shoes is useless if you are trapped on an island and need to trap game isn't he? The greatest testing genius of our time might be a whiz at chess, but could he feed himself unattended? I am a genius. I know it. But that doesn't make me capable of solving the world's problems. (Actually the solution is obvious to me, but the world hasn't wanted to listen for two millenium so I guess they aren't going to change now.) I know my capabilities have not been fully explored, nor do I wish to at the moment. My sinuses hurt.