Thursday, February 28, 2013

I love the beach. Not just the beach though. I love the where the land meets the sea. Why I have no idea. But there you have it. PCB has a good beach. I like St. Augustine as well. Ft. Lauderdale has good water but the beach is only ok. Andros Island on the other hand is loaded with great water and an uncrowded beach, at least when I was there last. Black beach up on Iceland is fascinating to observe, but swimming, I think not. Totally black sand and indigo blue water.  Gotta love that Gulf Stream. 

What I see in it is God's own peace, power, and presence. And when you see the sun setting or rising there you know that man can only touch what God can create. 

Monday, February 25, 2013

Just a few shots of a soggy weekend in PCB. I think we have had 3 -4 inches so far. I am hoping for a break in the weather in the morning. Driving in torrential rains is not high on my list of fun things to do. It has for the most part been restful if nothing else. Hoping to do this again when the weather is better though


Sunday, February 24, 2013

Shorts and a jacket. Not a bad combination really. Got sand in my shoes and wet up to my knees and it feels good. Kinda mixed feelings because I am feeling for a friend who lost a son. About all I can do is talk to God and ask for His Spirit to be with the family. There simply isn't anything else to say or do, just feel and pray. 
 The love of my life here. Wouldn't even speak to me the first time we met. That has changed. So have I over the years. I have learned to listen with more than my ears and to not speak to everything that is spoken. In His Word God speaks of a peace that passes understanding, something I hadn't really understood till my kids started repeating the same mistakes I made. Glad to see that on rare occasion they choose wisely instead of making my mistakes all over again.Now I get it better and understand my lack of understanding. So no worries, mate. 
No worries indeed. 

Peace, Love, and Lollipops.
It is a normal day on the beach. Not foggy, north-northeast wind blowing and waiting for the stationary front to change directions and bring more rain. I feel a sense of contentment even in the midst of the changes in life I am dealing with. The words of a song keep coming back to me:

Thank You, Lord, for thinkin' 'bout me.

'Nuff said.